Chapter 101: Noisily, Civil War in The Mansion


Translator: LynneSuzuran


Suddenly, my body became heavier. It wasn’t because Kanna-san’s weight increased, and it wasn’t because she increased her strength in pinning me down, to. It was because my own body became heavier.
Ah- this is bad, my surroundings turned pitch black. Even Kanna-san who was in front of me disappeared, and in exchange, Saryuu was there. What’s up with that?

[The ancestor who was protecting you—she’s currently fighting with my parasitic plant. However, as long as I only scatter this much of my presence, I won’t be discovered.] “…N-, nn!!”

Someone who took the form of Saryuu declared that as he continued to pin my mouth down, with the same pose as Kanna-san.
I see, Mikoto-san was focused on the tree, huh? I wonder if Tou-san and Kaa-san are safe? Damn it.
As I glared while thinking about it, the guy who possessed Saryuu nodded amusingly as if they possessed telepathy.

[Be at ease. Our target right from the very beginning is you alone, As for the ancestor, we put the trap so that she won’t be of a hindrance to us.]

Ah, I’m glad that they are okay—wait, I’m not all right at all!
Saryuu too, it’s bad if he stays this way. Maki-san, Kanna-san, and Tokino-san, too.
And then Minoa-san, Oriza-san, I’m not sure how their condition is, but don’t lose, I’m begging you. Mikoto-san, too.
…Or rather, Jigen-san, Kuon-sensei, what are you doing-? Aah, I can only rely on others, huh?

[As for the Shiiya mansion, thanks to the magic wall, it has become an impregnable fort. Furthermore, as long as we can dominate the inside of it, it will become a very strong fort for us as well.]

…Damn it, that’s why they’re targeting me, huh?
After all, I’m still a pure young woman who lives inside the mansion without any power, and the only one who doesn’t possess the evil spirit warding mark.

[It seems that this youngster’s body is quite hard to use. However, if it’s your body, we’ll be able to adapt to it without any trouble.] “Nn, guh, muuh!”

It’s obvious that it will be difficult for them to use Saryuu’s body, since he already possessed the evil spirit warding mark. Aah damn it, why did things turn this way? What are you doing with someone else’s little brother, damn it?!

[Now then, let’s pour in our spirits into your body through mouth-to-mouth feeding. It seems to be your first too, so let’s savor it a lot.] “Nn, muh… Stop it, bastard!”

Oh well, since it’s mouth-to-mouth feeding, obviously the hand that was pushing my mouth was kept apart. For the time being, I continued to roar about, but this guy calmly grabbed my face as if they were wrapping it up.
Ah, this is bad, my head turned blank at the same time as his approaching face. If things stay like this, then it’s seriously bad. …Aah, enough, I wonder if it’s not good already?
…Sorry, Taiga-san.

There was a sound like the wind cutting.
Suddenly, my dimming consciousness was brought back. Ah, the brightness of my room also returned. I could tell that there was a sound like something was being beaten. Perhaps it was the sound of Minoa-san hitting Tokino-san, or vice versa.
Even Kanna-san’s figure who was in front of me returned. Her body stiffened as if she was frozen, though… but I could tell that I was free from Saryuu’s grab at my foot.


Since the weight on my body got lighter, I tried to force myself to turn over. Suddenly, it seemed that I moved poorly and it caused Kanna-san to get pulled by me, and we stupidly fell. Kanna-san stopped moving as she fell on me.
Then, someone’s arms casually lifted that Kanna-san. After that, they reached out their hand at me… eh?

“Are you all right, Seiren-sama?”
“Eh? Ah, yes.”

The person who called out to my name was certainly the same person as the one who lent me a hand, but I was confused for a moment as to why this person could be here. Well, well, let’s stand up now, shall we?

“Originally, I don’t want to show my face here, but I’m here under Mikoto-sama’s orders.”

With her usual maid uniform that was lacking an apron and the headband, Kaya-san who helped me to stand up quickly kneeled in front of me. The thing that was in her hand was a short whip usually used to hit the horse’s buttocks. The sound of wind cutting that I heard earlier, could it be this?
Aah no, I don’t mind it though, but did she not hold back at all? Saryuu who collapsed at my foot with the pose of reversed 大 letter, could it be that he was done by that whip?[1. 大: the kanji of big. By the reverse, perhaps the position of the head was in the bottom rather than the top XD] Then, I could hear a dull and muffled sound coming from beside me. When I turned around in a fluster, there was another person who was in her maid uniform without wearing the apron, and apparently, she sent Maki-san flying. Oriza-san was staring at that maid blankly.
Minoa-san seemed to be rolling Tokino-san on the futon, but as expected, she had the face that seemed to say, “Uh-m…”[2. Futon is a quilted Japanese-styled mattress usually laid out on the floor. Or you can say, Japanese-styled bed.]

“I’ve said this several times, but I don’t really like this kind of method. Seiren-sama, I’m glad that you’re all right.”

The one who turned around with her fluttering braids was none other than Alica-san. The thing that she grasped in both of her hands wasn’t a long rod, it was something similar to a tonfa. That was the thing that Saya-san used before.
Eh, even so, weren’t Kaya-san and Alica-san still under medical care in Jigen-san’s house? I heard that they were very depressed, but I wonder if they’re already all right? Like, mentally.

“P-please stand up. You two, are you all right?”
“Sorry for making you worried, Seiren-sama. My treatment was quite fast, so it’s all right.”
“Me too, I’ve got the certificate of being all right.”

At my question, Alica-san replied, and Kanna-san who just stood up continued and nodded. I see, so they were all right, huh? That’s good… Or rather, Kaya-san was nimbly tying up Saryuu. Ahh, was it because he just did something so terrible?
…The one who was attacked was me, though. Have a good look at the reality, Shiiya Seiren.

“Mikoto-sama is at the entrance hall together with Kuon-sensei. I was told that the tree brought from the gardener store was the main cause of this evening’s incident, and that it was the core of the ill will. The one that manipulated Saryuu-sama was also that ill will.”
“Ah, earlier, someone who possessed Saryuu also said something similar. So that was what the ‘parasitic plant’ meant.”

I quickly understood Kaya-san’s explanation. Aah, as expected, it was that tree, huh? Saryuu and his maids carried it, so something happened during that time, huh? I wonder if it was something similar to the contact magic that Touka-san put on me?
Anyway, Kuon-sensei was handling the thing here, huh? Then, what about Jigen-san?

“…U, uhnn…”

Oh my, what a weird voice… wait, sorry, that’s Saryuu’s voice. I wonder if he also noticed how he was stirring restlessly?

“…Ah, eh, Ane-sama? Kaya and Alica, too?”

Ou, it seemed that he was back to his original self.
Saryuu looked around the room and tilted his head at the somehow increasing members. Later on, he noticed that he was all wrapped around.

“Wait, what’s this-?!”
“…I’m sorry, Saryuu-sama. Since you were under the same condition as Alica and I and attacked Seiren-sama, I restrained you as an urgent measure.”

Kaya-san frankly explained everything to Saryuu who couldn’t comprehend why he was in this situation. At those words, Saryuu who thought for a little bit seemed to finally understand things.

“Eh, attacking Ane-sama…………Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Yup, maybe Saryu remembered what he did when he was manipulated. If both of his hands were free, he’d be holding his head while laying on the floor. Since his hands weren’t free and his body was tied up, he only wriggled on the floor, though.
During that moment, Oriza-san and Minoa-san were tossing Maki-san and Tokino-san who were rolled up together to the bedroom. When they returned and saw Saryuu who was dazed, they got cold sweat. Well, that can’t be helped, huh?

“Saryuu-sama, what’s the matter?”
“No, it seems that after his soberness returned, he remembered what he did just right before.”
“…Deep condolences.”

Minoa-san let out a big sigh. Well, well.
…Wait. Speaking of which, Kaya-san and Alica-san were the ones who came here. I wonder if Mikoto-san was still fighting downstairs?

“Even so, I understand it real well. I can also say that I’m really saved since you two came here.”
“Unfortunately, Alica and I had received the influence from the evil spirits once. Perhaps due to it, we could tell if there was the evil spirit’s presence.”
“And then, we hastened our visit as soon as we received a command from Mikoto-sama to protect Seiren-sama.”

Kaya-san smiled bitterly, and then Alica-san answered while smiling as if she was slightly troubled. Minoa-san and Oriza-san, too, perhaps sensing that there was something in those two’s words, they didn’t say anything in particular.
…I see. And then, they came running here knowing that I was in trouble. Even Mikoto-san also wished for a reinforcement. Or rather, didn’t she say that she was calling for a reinforcement?

“…T-thank you. I was really saved.”
“You don’t have to thank us.”

Anyway, I expressed my gratitude. However, Kaya-san’s answer was so curt, aah it was really Kaya-san. I was somewhat relieved by it, though.
…Speaking of relieved, I remembered. Tou-san and Kaa-san were supposed to be on the third floor.

“Ah, that’s right. Tou-san and Kaa-san, I wonder if they’re all right?”
“The floor level where Master and Madame reside can be blocked by Kasai’s magic as long as either one of them gives the permission. It’s likely that Master has given his permission.”

So they’re able to block just the third floor, huh? Blocking it with magic, I wonder if it’s like, uh-m, the so-called magic wall? Or rather, Kasai, which means either one of Jigen-san or Kuon-sensei will do, right?
I don’t really understand it, but does it mean that the evil spirits can’t go upstairs? If that’s the case, then that’s good, though, but why?

“When conditions such as the Shiiya’s house about to be ruined, we’d be able to take that measure. In the old time, the downfall of the feudal lord’s house was what brought about the territory’s chaos or ruin.”
“…I see. That’s right, it’s certainly like that.”

The old time. It seemed that this country was relatively peaceful since Leo-san’s ancestor became the king and gathered several feudal lords. I studied this world’s history and knew that much. However, there are still many things that I have yet to know.
Leaving that aside, surely it was quite difficult before, and that was why the feudal lord tried to protect his house with all of their might, and it seemed that there were various mechanisms and regulations made because of it.

“This time, it seemed like things almost turned that way… Damn it.”

If I fell, perhaps after that, this mansion would become the evil spirits’ residence. It seemed that the evil spirits would be all right once they entered the mansion. However, even if things become like that, Tou-san and Kaa-san would just be fine, as the floor level where they are would be blocked.
Even if Saryuu and I were to be defeated, they still have something they need to protect. As for the heir, they will eventually be able to manage that in the end, someway or another.

“Until the situation is settled, we can’t undo the blockade. That’s why, Seiren-sama and Saryuu-sama, too, please be patient.”
“I’m fine. I attacked Ane-sama after all, so this can’t be helped.”

At Kaya-san’s words, Saryuu unexpectedly nodded very easily. …This sister complex side of him was being taken advantage of, huh, ah- I’m upset.
Anyway, Saryuu still displayed that sister complex really well.

“But, what about Ane-sama? The one the evil spirits target is Ane-sama, right? If something were to happen, wouldn’t it be especially bad for her?”
“We will protect you.”

However, Kaya-san answered, cutting Saryuu’s words. She said it in a strong tone that I’ve never heard up until now.
Perhaps due to it, everyone’s eyes including mine were headed towards Kaya-san. Amidst our gazes, she closed her eyes again.

“Alica and Saryuu-sama were taken advantages of due to their favorability of Seiren-sama. However, they took advantage of the little malice I harbored, and I was a fool for that. I—who harbored such feelings towards my master’s family—I don’t think that I can be forgiven just by doing this kind of work.”
“…Eh, that’s…”
“I will do this and it will be my last service to the Shiiya family.”

Kaya-san who opened her eyelids said that as she extended the whip right in front of her chest with a snap.



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