Chapter 103: Blasting Off, Civil War in the Mansion


Translator: LynneSuzuran

[…Fu, Seiren. There’s no need to rush.] “Mikoto-san?”

As my name was called, I turned towards her direction. Mikoto-san was still lying on the ground as she was, but she showed a fearless smile. It was as if we were still winning.
Nah, perhaps she believed that it was the case. After all…

[The ones who are in hurry are those guys. At any rate, they don’t have much time.] “Time?”

After all, she said that. From her tightly grasped fists, light began to overflow again, repairing the wall.
By time, the Week of the End of the Year… it was only the day after tomorrow, huh? Strictly speaking, at 00.00 late at night tomorrow, the week will change. I don’t know if there’s any time difference between regions here just like how it was in the other world, though.

[Tomorrow… the preparations of the festival will come to a close. Once that happens, the evil spirits will also get weakened…]

Aah, is it because everyone will be very lively in preparing the festival, just like how we decorated the entrance hall today?
Nah, I can somehow understand it. For festivals, surprisingly, the tension will also rise even during the preparations that come just before it.
Could it be that the tension can deal some damage to the evil spirits, too? That’s why, rather than tomorrow, they chose to be riotous today, just like this.

“That’s why, before the festival begins even further, you’re planning to possess us, huh? With that, you can secure the victory beforehand.”
“That’s right…!”

Kaya-san nodded at my thought and buzzed her whip. Whoa, it splendidly hit the star ornament that came flying midway, shooting it down. Her dynamic vision is pretty good, isn’t it?

“Good grief… I shall recognize your guts, but you should just pull back and calmly disappear, okay?”
“Or rather, there will be no mercy because you have bullied Seiren-sama-!”

Kuon-sensei somehow managed to get up, then this time, she created the wall together with Oriza-san. As soon as I heard the sound of something colliding, the branches snapped.
…Ah, I see. That wall was made in order to minimize the damage to the mansion, wasn’t it? For me to just notice it now, as expected, am I that slow?
Then, inside the wall, there were Alica-san and Kaya-san. They skillfully slipped through the swinging branches, dropping the branches one by one. Aah, even though it could extend the branches that originally grew in it, it seemed like it couldn’t regenerate it.

“I also shouldered the responsibility as an indirect accomplice. I must fully return the favor.”
“I’m just a low peasant, but… you bastard is even below that!”

…Whoa. Kaya-san was extremely angry. I mean, the overflowing aura from her back was just like her wording. Or rather, that whip didn’t seem like there was any kind of blade attached to it, but it still managed to quickly chop up the branches.
In contrast, Alica-san’s weapon was a tonfa, so she splendidly smashed the branches up. …you were this strong, huh, Alica-san? I was safe thanks to it.
Anyway, there was another person who was mixed inside the wall. Well, it might be obvious, but it was Minoa-san. She dodged various things that rolled over at her feet, attacked with her hard kick, and moved around. I knew very well how she would often boast her strength, but when I looked at her like this, her movements were also nimble.
I was protected by amazing people. This was all thanks to my parents who wanted to protect me who finally returned after disappearing when I was still a baby.

I myself can’t do anything.
I even bothered the ancestor.

[Don’t worry about it, Seiren. We’re going to win this match, after all.] [Kakaka! The spirit who left everything to humans and couldn’t restore herself was boasting right now?] [No, no, for you to be boasting despite no help will come… you’re the one who’s pitiful. Hohoho.]

I got the feeling that Mikoto-san and the evil spirit’s quarrel started to shift to be mainly a quarrel of words, but it might just be my imagination, I guess? Well, even when Mikoto-san couldn’t stand up, she could still create the wall, and that seemed to be the best she could do. Meanwhile, the maids also tried to do their best by fighting the evil spirit.
Ah-, perhaps I could also do something in some way or another.


Suddenly, my right hand became heavier for some reason. Or rather, eh, why was it lifted up on its own accord?

[I’ll be borrowing this for a little while, okay, my cute descendant?] “Yes?”

Oi, who was that voice just now? It wasn’t Mikoto-san, nor was it the evil spirit. It was a voice that I never heard in the first place.
However, this uncle clearly said ‘descendant’, huh? I could clearly tell that.
While I was thinking about what was happening, my body entered the stance to deliver a straight hit with my right hand on its own accord. Even the center of my body was moving on its own, too, just what is this-?!

[Yes, then, punch!] “Nn, gah!”

Along with the voice that omitted an immense aura, my body was pulled backwards as my right arm was noticeably pushed out. At the same time, the wind that surrounded my clasped fist or the shock wave—that kind of thing—was generated and passed through the wall smoothly, directly launching it to the tree where the evil spirit dwelled. *Bonk*, as the sound was heard, on the tree’s trunk, there was a crater—maybe this phrase was quite weird, but… such a scar was created there.

[W-what was that just now?! Young lass, you bastard!] “It’s not me!!”

No, it was understandable for the evil spirit to get surprised, but even I was also surprised. Look, everyone was also surprised and was looking at my direction, right?
Or rather, hey, the person responsible for it! Don’t just use someone’s arm to your own convenience, show yourself, too-!

[That’s right-. It’s not this descendant, it’s me-.]

Then, the only person whose voice contained no air of tension, the person responsible of what just happened—showed their figure in front of us.
At a glance, he seemed to be an uncle around 40 years of age, I guess. I felt that the comfortable clothes he wore was really similar to Tou-san, but in comparison to Tou-san, uh-m, that-, how to say it-, he was more like a countryman or… no, sorry, I didn’t voice it out, so please forgive me.
That uncle slowly looked over the room, and lastly he turned his gaze at Mikoto-san. Right at that moment, his expression that was completely devoid of air of tension quickly crumbled.
He immediately kneeled, taking the other party’s hand to help her stand up and said a few words.

[Sorry to have you waiting, Honey.] [Ooh, my darling, Koyata! I’ve been waiting for you!] “Buh!”

No, no, wait.
In this situation where the air of tension was at its max, what’s with that ‘Honey’ and ‘Darling’, my ancestors? It was fine with this uncle, but why did Mikoto-san also show a lovey-dovey face? They already hugged each other and began to act lovey-dovey, too.
Or rather, that Koyata-san, he just borrowed my fist, right? By addressing me as ‘descendant’, does it mean that he’s also my ancestor? I wonder how long has this ‘ancestorship’ continued in the Shiiya family up until now?

[What are you gushing out for, Seiren?] “Ah, no, sorry.”
[It can’t be helped, Honey, our age difference is quite far, after all.] [However, this girl’s husband-to-be is 10 years older than her. It’s not that much different from me and darling.]

No, perhaps that’s not what you should be commenting. Hey, look, the maids and also the evil spirit—they’re all looking here blankly, aren’t they?
…And, among all of them, the one whose consciousness returned the fastest was—in some way, it was expected—the evil spirit. It wasn’t so good for us.

[Y-you bastards, you dare ignore us…] [What a nuisance! Don’t disturb our husband and wife’s relationship, this small fry!] [Hee, you caused my cute Mikoto to be this worn-out. You must atone for that sin by disappearing-!]

Mikoto-san’s anger was more powerful than the evil spirit’s anger. Then, even more than that, Koyata-san expressed his clear anger despite his tone not changing at all. He’s definitely the type of person you don’t want to make enemy of, yup.
From the right palm that Koyata-san lightly stretched out, a light stronger than Mikoto-san’s was released. It wasn’t a wall, but it was something sharp-pointed that felt similar to a sword or a needle. It then pierced the evil spirit’s tree as if it was the most natural thing to do, and its movement stopped.
After waving his right hand, Koyata-san looked at me unblinkingly. Uh-m, ah-, yup.

[Aah, if I’m not mistaken, you’re Mondo’s daughter, Seiren, right? Yup yup, I’m glad that you were raised to be an adorable child.] “…Uh-m, please let me confirm things. In short, you’re Mikoto-san’s husband who’s 15 years older than her, right?”
[Yup, I’m the husband who pushed himself to marry her. I’m Shiiya Koyata, pleased to meet you.]

…Ah, he was Tou-san’s ancestor. I don’t really understand well, but it’s no doubt.
Or rather, I thought that Mikoto-san was the one who was pushing herself one-sidedly to marry him, but were they mutually head-over-heels in love from the start? Then, since their relationship was opposed, Mikoto-san tried to push herself, huh?

I wonder why, but I felt like the evil spirits who came to target me were truly pitiful. I thought that they came to target a very difficult house.



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