Chapter 105: It’s Finished, Civil War in the Mansion


Translator: LynneSuzuran

From the tree that was collapsed, a black haze rose and surfaced. It was even thicker and darker than the one who came out of Kaya-san before.
Perhaps this was the evil spirit’s real form. The perpretator who rummaged the mansion. Whether this evil spirit was a human or not, at this moment, it wasn’t really important.
Then, the evil spirit, who could no longer use the body of the tree, jumped and aimed at Kuon-sensei.

[The magician over there! Lend me your bodyyyyyyy!] “I refuse. Also, I’m not a magician, I’m a private tutor!”

“Fun!” Kuon-sensei laughed scornfully, raising the star ornament that she picked up in front of her eyes. At that moment, the inside of the star was radiating, and it felt as if there was a LED lamp crammed inside the star.

[Gyaa!] “However, the surname Kasai I have isn’t just for a show.”

This time, she showed a complacent smile and lightly fixed the position of her glasses. Getting a direct hit from the star’s light, the black haze was blown away from beside Kuon-sensei’s back as if it was hit by a strong wind as it retreated. Aah, so even if it could repel the evil spirit, it couldn’t really erase the evil spirit, huh?
The evil spirit’s haze that was rejected by Kuon-sensei then aimed for Oriza-san next. No matter what, it didn’t directly aim for me, well, Mikoto-san was inside of me now, though.

[Little runt! Give me your body!] “Don’t call me ‘little’!”

Oriza-san perfectly denied the evil spirit’s words as she raised a wall of light. Well, that was to be expected.
The evil spirit, who vigorously rushed off to her, crashed directly to the wall of light. When he slipped back, it looked so comical in some way that the haze was seen as something moist that slipped off from the surface of a glass, but it couldn’t be helped, though what the hell are you doing, evil spirit?

“Mikoto-san, the evil spirit is quite persistent, huh?”
[Otherwise, he won’t come again after being attacked again and again.] “Well, that seems to be the case.”

Nah, I didn’t intend to just confirm it. Or rather, Mikoto-san, what are you doing by gathering the chenille yarn?
It was my body, but for now, Mikoto-san was taking command of it, though.

[Wouldn’t it be troublesome if he continued to move around only for us to beat him down? Then, let’s bind him.] “Ah-.”

When I looked closely, Kaya-san and Alica-san were also holding the chenille yarn. Could it be that the chenille yarn was used as a decoration in preparation for times like this?

[Nn-, it was originally a barrier so that the evil spirits won’t be able to enter inside, though.]

I could somehow understand it after Koyata-san explained. It was something like a rope used as a talisman against evil, or the police’s yellow tape. Nah, the second example might be wrong, huh?

“Then, who are you planning to enter next? Kaya-san? Alica? Or could it be this me?”
“Unfortunately, you’re going to be rejected by everyone.”

The thing that Minoa-san held with both of her hands was—as expected—the chenille yarn that was cut off and fell down. From its length, it seemed to be fetched from the stairs’ handrail.
Minoa-san then made it fly as she rotated it around the surroundings. Uh-m, it felt as if I was watching the performance of someone whipping ribbon in some rhythmic sports.
Seizing both ends of the chenille yarn surrounding the evil spirit’s haze, Minoa-san pulled it forcefully. Ooh, despite the fact that the evil spirit shouldn’t have any substance, he was tied quite tightly, that evil spirit.

[Gyaa! What, how could this insignificant thing…?!] “If you have a physical body, then it will be like that. However, isn’t it effective against you who have no body, too?”
“For you see, I imbued with my magic.”

Continuing the sour-looking Minoa-san’s words was Kuon-sensei who smiled with her whole face. I see, that chenille yarn, Kuon-sensei was the one who picked it up and handed it over to Minoa-san.
Hahaha. Sensei, though she was smiling, her eyes didn’t reflect it at all, it seemed that she was also very angry.
Nah, that was also true for me and Mikoto-san who was inside me.

[There, it would be nice for you to accept your punishment from us, too.] [Gyaa!]

Mikoto-san entwined the chenille yarn she threw on top of Minoa-san’s yarn. As it was tightened even further, though I couldn’t see the evil spirit’s expression, he seemed to be wriggling in pain. Perhaps, it might even be struggling, though.

“On top of it, add my portion, too.”
“Here, have my portion, too.”
[Stop! Stop it, you bastards!!]

Alica-san and Kaya-san threw chenille yarns in succession. It could be seen that the chenille yarns that tied up the evil spirit as if it was natural was glistening. …I wonder why, but the moving Christmas tree seemed extremely grotesque. No, this here wasn’t a Christmas tree, though.

[Go on. Honey, and then, Seiren.]

While I was thinking about it, Koyata-san said so while pushing my—or rather—Mikoto-san’s back. The ending would be made by my own hands, huh?
However, Koyata-san still called her ‘honey’ even in this kind of situation, eh? Well, that’s fine, though.

[Let’s go, Seiren.] “Yes, Mikoto-san.”

Either way, perhaps the two of us nodded at the same time, as we kicked on the floor. I wasn’t sure if I was running on my own or if Mikoto-san was the one who was running, but for some reason, my feet felt light.
We arrived right in front of the evil spirit in no time, and then we clenched our fist full of force and raised it overhead.

[The-re!] “I will return everything you’ve done so faaaaaarrr!”

The fist which was swung down with all of our power accurately hit the black haze’s central part as it was wriggling around in the chenille yarn. I could only say that this was all thanks to Mikoto-san.
Despite the enemy being only a haze, we could firmly hit it. It felt as if I hit a cushion or quilt, or something like that. Thanks to that, I didn’t hit the floor although there was a carpet laid out there.

[F-fool… Fool, fool, fool, this is so fooliiiish!]

You are the one who’s foolish, damn it!

[You’re the one who’s foolish! Now disappear without leaving any trace, you pest!]

Mikoto-san voiced out what I was thinking as she poured the magical power that ran through my arm to the haze. My fist became hotter, and I could also tell that the heat was also transmitted to that haze.
The evil spirit that was exposed to the heat was unwrapped and turned into something like powder surrounding the arm that I thrusted. At least, that was how I sensed it. As I looked at it with my eyes, I could only see it as such.

[Agagagagaga… Damn you, damn… D-dam…] [That’s good, for you to disappear without even leaving any single fragment of soul.]

I wonder if Koyata-san’s cold voice managed to reach the haze that was disappearing?


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