Chapter 106: Tidying Up, The Entrance Hall


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Along with the sensation of something escaping from my body, I sank down to the floor at that place. As I sat there dented, I placed both hands on the ground on my back. Ah-, I felt my whole body was heavy.

“F-for some reason, I feel tired…”
[That’s obvious. Darling and I borrowed your body before, after all.] [Thanks for your hard work, Honey, Seiren.] [Mn, thanks for your hard work too, Darling.] [Don’t mention it, it’s all for the sake of my adorable Honey and descendant, after all.]

Ah, Mikoto-san’s voice came from in front of me. When I lifted my face, she was looking into my face along with Koyata-san. I see, it was Mikoto-san that slipped out of my body earlier, huh?
No, really, I had no other way than to describe my body’s heaviness as such. Perhaps due to using the muscles that I hadn’t used for a while, I became very tired. Also, I wonder if it had something to do with these couple set of my ancestors who were flirting right in front of my eyes? Perhaps.
…Taiga-san and I, I wonder if the others viewed us as such? Whoa…

“Are you all right, Seiren-sama?”
“Yes, I’m fine. I only felt very tired, after all.”

In response to Alica-san who rushed over to me with a stiff face, I could somehow show her a smile. In this case, she might think that it was a bitter smile towards my ancestors who were flirting, but it wasn’t that much difference, so it was fine.
Anyway, that wasn’t such type of smile. And I might also not be so helpful, but…

“Apart from that, please check the other people. I’m not sure of what had happened, but it would be bad if they were hurt, right?”
“Understood. Minoa, Oriza!”
“Yes, ye-s, I understa-nd!”

Uhm well, they will just do that even without my order, though. Really, I could only do nothing other than to lend Mikoto-san my body.


As I was thinking about it, I heard the sound of someone running down from upstairs. In addition, there seemed to be several people.
As I looked up in a fluster, there were a group of people that went down the stairs as if they were rolling from the stairs.

“Seiren, are you all right?! …Ah…”

They were Tou-san and Yuzuruha-san with Kaa-san leading them, and in addition, there were also the maids and servants who were working upstairs. I see, since it was safe, the blockade was untied. I’m glad… eh, Tou-san, why did you suddenly prostrate yourself?[1. If you’re more familiar with the term, Seiren’s father is doing a dogeza here.]

“Koyata-sama! Please excuse my rudeness for not knowing that Koyata-sama had come here!”
[Aah, yes, don’t mind it, Mondo. My honey said that the situation was a little bit difficult, so I only came here to help her out.]

In response to my father who was bowing his head deeply, Koyata-san answered while waving his hand around that seemed to tell if everything was fine.
Was it okay for Tou-san to prostrate himself on the floor? Nah, I was also sitting down on the floor, though.
Or rather, was Koyata-san supposed to be an amazing ancestor? That possibility existed as Tou-san went as far as prostrating himself like this. Nah, other than the fact that he married Mikoto-san, though.

[I’m even more worried about Seiren. She worked quite hard today.] “Thank you very much for your generous words. Seiren, thank goodness you’re safe-!”

Yup, I’m perfectly fine, so please loosen your hug, Tou-san.
…It was also thanks to Tou-san and the others that I was able to remain safe. The ring that they gave me became some sort of a protective charm, after all.
That was why, after I lightly circled my arms to my father’s back, I tried to show him a smile. This time, I wonder did I manage to properly smile?

“I’m fine since Tou-san and the others also protected me. There’s no need to worry.”
“Really? Are you not hurt?”
“Really. Look.”

I extended my hand to show it to Tou-san who inquired with a face that seemed like he was about to cry at any time. Then, Kaa-san who was there next to him cut into the conversation.

“Wait, Dear. Can you leave some part for me, too?”
“What are you saying? It’s not like Seiren will decrease, right?”
“Well, it will be worrying if she is decreasing, though. But that’s not it.”

Don’t you suddenly start your matrimonial quarrel. Moreover, I was the cause of it.
In this case, there is only one way to bring this to a close, huh? Yup.

“Kaa-san too, I’m fine, so…”
“Ooh… Seiren, really, thank goodness!”

With that being said, this time it was Kaa-san’s turn to hug me. Aah really, I can understand Tou-san and Kaa-san’s worries, though. But really, I’m fine after all.

But anyway, during when my parents and I were hugging without reading the atmosphere, Alica-san and the others were collecting and examining the conditions of the collapsed servants. Because Kuon-sensei quickly prepared arrangements for the medical treatment, the treatment only laster for a short while before it was finished.
Speaking of which, magicians also take the role of the doctors, huh? Nah, there are also other doctors in existence here, though.
It seemed that for us, we’d consult it with Jigen-san and Kuon-sensei first, then based on the result, we’d call a medical specialist. If it was only a slight injury, we could manage with just medicine or something like that. …Which reminds me, I haven’t troubled a proper doctor here yet, huh? It was good to be this healthy, though, I guess.
Well, let’s just leave that aside.

“Cough. As for the servants, their injuries don’t require medical treatment from the physician in particular.”
“Well, then that’s glad. Please give them the proper treatment, then.”
“Of course.”

I took a breath as I felt relieved upon hearing Kuon-sensei and Kaa-san’s conversation. I see, even if the enemy was as showy as that, there was no one who suffered from any serious injury, that was good, really.
Ah, this is bad. I suddenly remembered the thing about Saryuu and the others. They were still tied up in my room, weren’t they?

“I remembered. Alica-san, bring Kaya-san and go to my room. Saryuu and the others were still locked up there.”
“Yes. U-understood.”
“Oh my, is that so? Kaya, everything is fine now, so please go. Please take care of Saryuu.”
“…Yes, Madame.”

In response to my and Kaa-san’s orders, the two of them ran up the stairs in a hurry. The evil spirit had also vanished, so I thought that the maids and the others’ cosciousness would also return. If their consciousness hadn’t returned, well, Jigen-san and Kuon-sensei would manage somehow.
…Let’s just postpone the matter about Kaya-san seemingly want to resign. Kaya-san had also said it with her own mouth, but there were still lots of things to do now.

“Yuzuruha. Please hurry and clean up the hall along with the other servants who are safe and sound. Tomorrow, redo the decoration again.”

In accordance to Tou-san’s order, Yuzuruha-san began to clean up the entrance hall. Thanks to Kuon-sensei and the others’ light barrier, the ornaments and the tree’s branches were mostly scattered about but well, it seemed that they’d be able to manage somehow or another. It was a wonderful magic… hmm?

“…Eh? Speaking of which, weren’t we supposed to not be able to use magic inside the mansion?”
“That is because, just around this kind of season, no matter what, the barrier was slightly weakening. It seemed like a natural thing since we borrowed the power of the God of Sun to use magic, though.”
“That’s why, I could cast that barrier-.”

I somehow managed to understand it from Kaa-san and Oriza-san’s explanation. If that was the case, then it was inevitable even if it was Jigen-san, too, right?
Well, as the result of various situations piling up, the evil spirit issue happened. Whoa, with that being the case, wasn’t I really in a hard situation just now, someway or another? I have to properly express my gratitude towards the people who helped me.

“Ooh, it was also over here?”

Around the time the medical treatment for the injured was settled, the entrance door was silently opened. The one who unexpectedly showed up was Jigen-san.
Koyata-san who saw that face then inquired as he was joyfully laughing.

[Oh, Jigen-dono? Was it also over outside?] “Of course. Not to mention that the mansion and the garden weren’t damaged in the least.”
[Yeah, thanks. I thought that if it was Jigen-dono, then he could definitely do it even though it was just before the End of the Year’s Festival.]

Oioi, did this Grandpa also do something? Or rather, could it be…?

“…Were there the evil spirit’s reinforcements outside?”
[Mhm. Since our hands were also full with the matters inside, we left it to Jigen.] “Hohoho. It was inevitable that the barrier weakened, but if it was only to clean up the incoming pests, then this grandpa can even do that.”

…He said it quite easily, but the reinforcements sent around this time might be of great capabilities, though?
I haven’t really seen it first-hand, but this person is truly amazing, huh?

[A truly strong person does not only brag about his own power. Darling, too, right?] [Oh no, Honey, though I can do anything as long as it’s for your sake, you know?]

…For the time being, let’s leave these ancestors alone, yup.


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