Chapter 112: So Soft, The Wedding Dress


Translator: LynneSuzuran

Now then, after we finished our light chat, we moved on to the main subject. First of all, various cloth samples were taken out as we could compare them, while Ryuuka-san was thinking about the design, I guess.

“Madame, Miss. What about this cloth?”

As he said that, Ryuuka-san took out a white cloth that looked slightly bluish. When I tried to touch it, it was very smooth, and there was a special weaving that depended on the light condition to be seen, as flower patterns could rise to the surface at times. Hee…

“Its texture is nice.”
“Oh my. Depending on how the light shines on it, we can see the pattern, right?”
“As expected of Madame, you managed to see through it. It used the silk produced in the Kushima territory, which was specifically made to use for formal occasions.”
“Kushima? Ah, if it’s Kushima-san, then I’ve met him during my debut party.”[1. This is just a nice to know and a reminder… If Seiren talks to outsiders, she will usually use “Watashi” or the neutral version of pronoun rather than using “Ore”—her usual way of addressing herself, which is usually used by males. Just felt like I should note this here.]

At Ryuuka-san’s words as she answered Kaa-san, I recalled the fat uncle that exuded the vibe of a merchant that I once met before. Speaking of which, the dress that I wore at that time was also made out of his territory’s silk, didn’t he say that?
I see, the silk goods were from Kushima-san’s, huh? To think it’d be used for wedding dresses, well that’d be surely expensive… obviously, right? I reflexively looked at Kaa-san’s face. Uh, she smiled and it felt like it’d be all right.

“Oh my, Seiren. You don’t have to mind about the price. Since it’s something for your fine day, I do not plan on limiting its budget.”

Oh well, since it was the marriage of a feudal lord’s daughter, it was totally understandable that my family would fork out money for me. But well… At the end of the day, it would be a dress that I’d only use once, right?

“This child was raised even more wisely than me. Perhaps she thought that she doesn’t want to spend too much money just for herself. Especially on something that can only be used once like a wedding dress.”
“Well, she was raised splendidly, and she was even better than a prodigal son who only knew to play around. Please be proud of her, Madame.”

Ah- yup, Kaa-san read through my mind. Was that to be expected of a parent and a child? Ryuuka-san also nodded in agreement, but let’s just put that aside, I think.

“Miss, the price paid for this cloth will properly return to the people who weaved this silk and the people who raised the silkworms. Some portion of the designer fee paid to me will also be given to the seamstresses who help me out. That’s why, it’s okay.”

Is that so?
The cloth is expensive because there are reasons behind it. It is the type whose yarn is difficult to get, and the weaving is also unique. Well, if that’s the case, then naturally the money should also be enough to pay the people who made the hard-to-get yarn, and the people who were experts at the unique weaving.
It’s quite a pity for something this expensively produced to not be used so often, though. Or rather, this cloth was originally made for wedding dresses, wasn’t it? If that was the case…

“Therefore, please don’t mind it.”
“…Ah, yes. That… Then, please do.”

Hmm well, since we’re rich, we have to use our money like this, oh well, it’s not my personal money, tough. But well, for this kind of thing, I could only bow my head quietly. Good gracious, what will become of me from now on?

As for the design, to be honest, I completely didn’t understand a thing, so I left all the decision-making to them. As she was looking at me, Ryuuka-san was fluently sketching.

“What do you think of this?”

Based on the rough sketch she showed me, wasn’t this an off-shoulder design? It was a design that exposed the tips of my shoulders. The dress’ shirttail was quite long, well, that was quite natural, right?
The upper half of the body was relatively refined, meanwhile the skirt part had more ornaments, and this design felt pleasing to the eyes. Nah, I don’t have any fashion sense, though.
Also, the veil was softly flowing from the tiara or the accessory that was attached on the head. Yup, this might be good.

“Oh my, Seiren, you seem to like it, right?”
“Eh? Ah, is it showing on my face?”
“Yes, perfectly. Isn’t it, Ryuuka?”
“Yeah. I’m glad that you seem to like it to this extent.”

I opened my eyes wide at those two’s words. I felt like it couldn’t be helped that Kaa-san and Ryuuka-san said those sentences happily. Or rather, what kind of face am I making right now?
Eh? Ryuuka-san is a dress designer, right? If that’s the case, what should we do about the tiara or the accessories?
As I was thinking of it, I wasn’t sure if Kaa-san could read through my mind or not, but Kaa-san then said this with her still smiling face.

“In addition, we’ll be requesting the accessories from Coda. Would that be good?”
“Eh, we will have Coda-san make the accessories again?”

Coda-san. He was the son of the one who made my baby ring, and he was also the one who made the pendant chain to the ring that I usually carried around with me until now. I completely remembered his rough hands, yup.

“Yeah. The things he made were of good omen, I’m sure they will make Seiren happy.”
“Well, is that so?”
“That’s right. It’s also thanks to the baby ring that Coda’s predecessor made that Seiren is now able to safely marry.”

Well, that was certainly the case, right? Thanks to the small ring that was hanging on my chest even right now, my identity was able to get verified, and that was how I managed to live like this.
…Ah. I’m also wearing the bigger ring too, right?

“Ah. This ring was also something that Coda-san made. Could it be used as a reference?”

When I showed my hand quickly, Ryuuka-san said, “Well, I’ll have a look at it,” and took my hand and looked at the ring closely. After turning over my palm and looking at it at a point-blank range, she seemed to be satisfied and nodded as she let go of my hand.

“It seems that he had done such a fine work, huh? If it’s like that, then I won’t have any objection as well.”
“Then, it’s important to arrange a meeting together, right? I will write a letter of introduction to Coda. I wonder if it will be fine if you were to bring it with you?”
“By all means, please do.”
“Yeah. Takae, give me a paper and pen.”
“Yes, Madame.”

Kaa-san was extremely tactful, huh? I also have to work hard just like this after I go to Taiga-san’s place, huh? Taiga-san also has various work to do outside, so I also have to work hard to manage the things inside the residence.

“Miss, I also wish that you’ll be able to spend your time in happiness from now on.”
“Of course, right, Seiren?”
“…Thank you very much. I will do my best and be happy.”

I quietly received Ryuuka-san and Kaa-san’s words. No, I mean, how difficult could it be to just receive them? Right?
There have been various things up until now, but from here onwards, I will do my best. So that I can be happy.

In no time, Kaa-san finished writing the letter of introduction and Ryuuka-san left the room as she brought that letter with her. After that, Kaa-san also wrote a letter to Coda-san. Of course, the content would be about what kind of person would be coming and for what reason.

“Okay, it’s done. Takae, can you please send this? It’s fine to use the same day delivery, too.”
“I understand. I will be heading off, then.”

Takae-san received the envelope with a nervous face, then she left the room. Kaa-san who sent her off then heaved a slight sigh. As she held the cup of the tea that Takae-san brewed, Kaa-san showed a slightly pondering face.

“Takae has been working here for so long, too… I wish she could relax a bit.”
“Up until now, Kaya-san was here, right?”
“That’s right. But there is nothing we can do about someone who’s no longer here.”

Kaa-san sighed, but this time it was a big sigh. After that, she took a sip of her tea before looking at my direction, and showed a little bit lonely smile. Aah yup, there will only be a few times more for her to be able to drink tea together with me like this, right?

“It will be fine. Kaya is also doing her best at her new place, so you have to do your best, too.”

For the time being, I only nodded and drank the tea. Ah, it was slightly sweeter than Kaya-san’s tea, but this way might also be delicious, too.



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