Chapter 113: Various Matters, A Wife’s Job


Translator: LynneSuzuran

That marked the end of our conversation about the dress, but it was also decided that the measurements taking would be done in another day. Nah, it would be a task that took one day to complete since we would want to do it finely. The accessory measurements would be done together with it, so we would be measuring my weight and also my finger’s size, and so on. …Whoa, that would surely take time.
After listening to that talk, I got tired and returned to my room. Nah, I’m happy and looking forward to it as I will be able to go to Taiga-san’s place, but a lot of things come with that, too.

“Speaking of which, once I go over there, I have to do the same work as what Kaa-san has been doing, right? I wonder if I’ll be all right…”
“Yeah. Since you’re going to be the wife of a feudal lord, there will definitely be a lot of work to do.”

Once I voiced my honest opnion, Oriza-san bitterly smiled as she prepared the tea before dinner time. Today’s tea snacks would be cookies with nuts in them. The food was delicious and made me feel nostalgic of the ones I ate in the other world.
Over there, Alica-san returned as she brought over an envelope. As she handed it over to me, I saw the familiar neat writing.

“Seiren-sama, a letter from Taiga-sama has arrived.”

I received it upfront and broke the seal. Inside the letter, in summary there were words inquiring of my situation and also the marriage ceremony programme that was handed down per generation in the Shikino family. For the time being, I looked at the writing paper as my face turned bright red, as I was scanning the marriage ceremony programme.

“Basically, I would be showing up there, so it’s something similar to my debute party, right?”

After scanning over the rough list, I was relieved. Well, the point is to make a vow as a husband and wife in front of the God of Sun, and then holding a wedding reception with nearby feudal lords as the invitees. Nah well, even the things such as cutting the wedding cake and entertainment were also told here, so I was a little bit troubled.
I will have Alica-san and Oriza-san take a look at the list. Nah, I suppose since they will come along and follow me there, they will also become my assistants during the marriage ceremony.

“Well, that’s the way it is. Seiren-sama, you’ve gotten better at dancing, right?”
“Wait a second, will I have to dance in my wedding dress?”
“Aah, no, at that time, you will properly change your dress, so…”

Nah, Oriza-san, indeed I also danced at my debut party, but… Or rather, dancing was a settled matter in this case, huh?

“As your servant, I was told of this matter and let me say it—to be honest, dancing in a wedding dress will have the veil get in your way. In addition, the skirt’s hem will end up cleaning the floors…”

Ou, Alica-san really put things bluntly. But I guess that’s right? My feet were also not that fluent even when I had to dance in normal dresses.
Or rather, when I tried to think of it, wasn’t it a matter of course? Nah, I’m not so sure since I never had any experience of it, though.

“Ah-, I’m glad. Certainly that’s the case, thanks for explaining it clearly to me.”
“No, I was only retelling the facts that I was told about.”
“Nah. Even if that was the case, I was happy that you clearly told me about it.”
“…Yes. I will also pay more attention to my manner of speaking from now on.”

Yup. I was really helped a lot by the maids ever since I came to this world. I was really happy as they advised me of the things I didn’t know.

“Everyone knows this, but I’m still quite unfamiliar with this world. That’s why, I’m really helped if you can advise me from time to time.”
“Once we tell you something, Seiren-sama will quickly memorize it-. We were also very grateful for it.”
“Yup. That’s why, I will also try my best to study, but from now on, please take care of me, too.”
“No, we also look forward to working with you, Seiren-sama.”
“Yeah, we’re looking forward to working with you-.”

I was much indebted to Alica-san and Oriza-san, and also Minoa-san who was not present today. That was why, I ought to properly convey my gratitude.

Now then.
In a sense, the biggest problem would be [the work that Kaa-san has been doing]. Since I didn’t go to Kaa-san’s room that often, to be honest, I don’t really know much of what she has been doing for the Shiiya family.
That was why, I tried to directly ask Kaa-san of it. For the time being, I got her permission during dinner, and I visited her room right after that.

“That’s why, I don’t really know what I should be doing at Taiga-san’s place, and I want you to teach me about it.”
“Well, well. That’s right, I don’t really do my work in front of Seiren.”

Kaa-san listened to my question as she was smiling. Then, she taught me about what she had been doing.

“I wonder if it’s all right for me to say that I’m supervising the situation inside the house? Of course, the kitchen will be cooking for the meals, and the servants will do the clean up. However, I also have to consider the family’s preference in accordance to the season, and there are also times when I have certain time or place I want to clean up. The one to order those things will be me.”
“In addition, for example in the case of a disaster occurred somewhere in the territory. Obviously, the husband would arrange for the rescue management and post-treatment, but if the wife also were to go to that place and help up with the rehabilitation, it would surely raise the people’s morale. Well, we’re mostly only decorating, though.”
“Ah-. I’ve also heard about things like that in the other world.”

Which reminds me, there was the story about how a flood occurred in the territory of Shikino, and the rehabilitation was quite difficult to do. That’s right, I also have to go there and work hard in order to help everyone there, right? Even if I’ll only decorate things, as long as I can be of any use…
Anyway, after thinking for quite a while, Kaa-san continued her words. After all, my destination was already decided, too.

“Well, Saya knows well of the circumstances in the territory of Shikino, so it will be quicker for you to ask her.”
“That seems to be the case. …Up until now, has Saya-san been taking care of the Shikino family’s house?”
“Such was the case since the previous madame passed away. There’s a clear division on how the head of the family will manage the things on the surface, while the wife will take care of the things inside the residence. It’s also a matter of course over here.”

I see, I see. Kaa-san, I’ve been enlightened.
…I wonder if I will be able to be of any use? I don’t quite have the self-confidence…

“It’s going to be all right, Seiren. I also have never done things like that before I married into the Shiiya family. In those days, I also had the head of the servants and the chief maid teach me of my task, and then I was finally able to do it.”
“Uu. I-I will try my best.”
“Right, right.”

As Kaa-san nodded, she looked straightforwardly at me. With an earnest and gentle gaze.

“The most crucial thing is—Seiren—in order to be able to properly do the task you ought to do, you mustn’t repeat the mistake you have done once. Once you do so, you will be all right. If it’s you, I’m sure you’ll be able to do it, as you’re my daughter.”

Kaa-san put her hands on both of my shoulders as she said it reassuringly. I was stiffened for a moment, but after that, I slowly nodded.

“Yes. As Kaa-san’s daughter, I will work hard. I will try to do my best, also for the sake of Taiga-san who accepted me for who I am.”
“Yes, yes, that’s a good determination. Aah, well, as expected of Seiren.”

Eh, Kaa-san, you’re hugging me right now? Yup, but since it was a warm hug just like when we first met, I was happy. She trusted me and also encouraged me.
That was why, I obediently relaxed my body, then leaned on my mother.



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