Chapter 114: Numerous, A Wife’s Job


Translator: LynneSuzuran

For the time being, I’d ask Taiga-san for the things I’d need at the Shikino-san’s, and continue my study. There was only a little more time until spring.
At the same time as that, I decided to learn sewing. Nah, there would be the maids who could even do the detailed task of patching up stuff, though. However, they were already normally busy with their ordinary tasks.
As I talked about it, Alica-san who was behind me nodded.

“Seiren-sama, you’re originally good at sewing, too, right?”
“Sewing… eh, ah, are you talking about my amulet pouch?”

Alica-san was well-informed of it. The amulet pouch was currently inside the drawer together with my uniform and sneakers. I intended to bring them over when I go to Taiga-san’s place later.

“I also know a bit of how to patch up the socks, but…”
“Oh my, oh my. Seiren, you could even do something right that too, huh?”
“Yes, I can do it.”

Despite Kaa-san smiling happily, I could only show a bitter smile. Nah, I mean, there was a reason behind why I could sew so well. Right?
In the other world, I was raised in the institution as an orphan. New socks were things that were given for the younger brothers or younger sisters.
That was why, I properly patched up the socks if there were small holes in it. Before long, the orphanage director noticed it and bought me new socks, though. He also said that the socks recently became cheaper.

“If that’s the case, then you can basically do it, I guess?”
“I wonder about it? It was something I learned by myself, so I think I might as well learn it properly.”

No, really, I wanted to properly do it. The socks would also stretch, right? And if the sewn spot couldn’t stretch really well, in the end it would get torn again.
U-mu, as I was pondering over it, Takae-san cut into the conversation by saying, “Uhm…” I felt that she was being quite timid.

“If that’s the case, how about asking Kuon-sensei? It seems that she patches up Jigen-sensei’s clothes quite well.”
“Eh, didn’t she repair it by using magic?”
“Kuon said that it didn’t get torn that badly, so…”

Ah, so that’s the case. Jigen-san’s clothes were properly sewn using a needle and thread, huh? For some reason, I felt relieved upon hearing that.
Nah, I mean, he managed to quickly repair the entrance hall. Wouldn’t he quickly fix the torn or loose clothes that way, too?

“I don’t quite understand it, but Jigen-sensei said that such was the way in life.”

Takae-san answered with a face that seemed to tell us she didn’t quite get it herself. Well, if Jigen-san said that, then that must be the case. The clothes were repaired by sewing, right?
One question has been solved. Now then.

“Yosh. Then, let’s try asking Kuon-sensei as for the sewing lesson… Besides that, I wonder if there’s anything else I can do? I think that it will definitely be a problem for me to not do anything, and only staying at home.”

I asked Kaa-san.
In this world, I’m probably still not yet a very useful person. That’s why, at least, I want to be a little bit useful for Taiga-san.

“Besides it, huh…? It would be to learn the necessary things as much as possible…”
“Well, I think that socializing with the guests will be enough, but as for the things you can do indoor…”

Kaa-san and Takae-san were thinking about it relatively easygoing. Nah, I was certainly planning on working hard to learn the necessary things, though. However, is there really nothing else I can learn before I go?
Then, Takae-san clapped her hands as if she remembered something.

“That’s right. What about knitting? Wool is the special product of the Shikino territory, after all.”

Ah, speaking of which, I’ve heard of it. The secret fund that Touka-san raised was said to be from the amount that was raised from the price of the manufactured goods made of some fine-quality wools.
I see, that might indeed be a good idea. Using the wool produced locally, I could knit the wools.

“Knitting, is it? Things such as muffler, right?”
“Besides it, you can also make some gloves or lap blanket. The feudal lords would work until late at night sometimes, so making them in order to prevent their bodies from getting cold and then giving the finished items might be a good idea?”

Takae-san was quite well-informed of it, huh? Could it be that she had lived over there at some time? Or rather, did she observe that from being by my mother’s side?
Nonetheless, I’ve done sewing before, but I was inexperienced at all in knitting. Eh, you can do it well only with some sticks and knitting wools? Unbelievable… but I was told so.

“Ah, but I’ve never knitted anything before. I’ve seen people knitting before, though… I wonder if I will be all right?”
“I think you will be all right as long as you learn the basic of knitting.”

I was relieved since Takae-san had a comparatively soft expression compared to Kaya-san. Nah, it’s not like Kaya-san’s tense air was bad, though.
Then, with her face still slightly smiling, Takae-san turned her face towards Kaa-san.

“Forgive me for being presumptuous, Madame. But could you teach Seiren-sama how to knit?”
“Kaa-san, you can knit?”

Whoa, it’s my first time hearing it.
Kaa-san who became the center of everyone’s attention darted her eyes about as she looked around restlessly. After that, her face turned bright red. Oh my, could it be that it was supposed to be a confidential matter?

“Eh, yeah, well, more or less so. That, I don’t really show it to anyone else, so…”
“She has made a bedcover by herself before.”
“Whoa, that’s amazing!”

I wasn’t so surprised by the fact that she could knit, but I was surprised at the thing she made. Bedcover, huh?
No, the single bed that was also often seen in the other world was already quite big, though, but here, the bed could have been way bigger than the bed I used to sleep. Just how long and how hard did she knit for a cover of something that big?
However, upon hearing Kaa-san’s continuing words, my chest felt a little bit pained. After all…

“Truthfully, I thought that I wanted to knit many things for you. However, just right after you were born in the spring, you immediately disappeared. That was how I missed the chance to do so.”

Kaa-san whispered while seeming lonely as she cast her eyes downward, looking a little bit troubled. Aah, I see. Knitted things should be used from autumn until winter, right? Therefore, Kaa-san couldn’t knit anything for me who disappeared during the spring.
However, I was currently right in front of her. Then, perhaps she had pulled herself together, as Kaa-san raised her face and turned towards me. With her fist clenched, she leaned the upper half of her body forward.

“That’s right, what about knitting a lap blanket together, Seiren?”
“Eh, is that okay?”
“If you might as well do it, wouldn’t it be better for you to have an example right beside you? In addition, I also want to try knitting together with my daughter at least once.”

Yes, that’s right.
For my mother, I am her only daughter, and if I were to be raised in this mansion for all my life, we would certainly have knitted together many times over, right?
However, even if I was about to leave from this residence very soon, we haven’t done it even once.
There’s no way we can let this chance get away. Nah, it’s not something that serious, though.

“U-understood. Kaa-san, please teach me.”
“Yes, of course.”

The things that I had to do had increased now, but if I might as well do it, I ought to do it with all I’ve got. Taiga-san, wait for me, I will definitely become a worthy bride for you.


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