Chapter 117: Narrowly, Various Problems


Translator: LynneSuzuran

Another two days had passed ever since then.
There was no message from Tou-san at all, so he should still be all right.
I felt like the atmosphere inside the house got colder a bit, but since Kaa-san still worked hard as always, I also tried to keep my composure. I should have done it well. Perhaps.
Anyway, since it seemed like my real feelings would leak out if I was absentminded, I continued to knit with all I’ve got. Knitting, knitting, sometimes drinking tea, then back to knitting again.
The yarn ball that I got from Kaa-san wasn’t that big, so I finished knitting it relatively quick. My very first knitting, or so it could be said.

“…It’s terrible, huh?”
“Well, it’s your first time, after all.”
“I know, right?”

Oriza-san and Alica-san, thank you for your easy-to-understand thoughts. Nah, at any rate, I also thought so.
That being the case, the 1-meter muffler that seemed to be like a prototype model was… well, it turned out quite terrible.
The starting part was quite tightly packed, and it was at the level where it could even be used to wash the dishes if it were made of acrylic.
Midway, there was one hole at a place that was quite eye-catching. Perhaps it was around knitting this part that I was thinking about Tou-san who was traveling outside.
Then, the finishing part’s stitching style was uniformly soft, and it was this part that I finally could say proudly that I was knitting properly.

“Well, it seems that you’ve understood how much power you could put when you were doing the finishing part, so you’ll be able to knit more properly next time, right?”
“That’s right. I will untie this once, then I will do it over from the beginning again.”
“Please do your best-, Seiren-sama!”
“Yes, I will do my best.”

Nah, I mean, I can’t do anything else than this when I was waiting for Tou-san, right? Kaa-san was in the control of the residence even in this kind of situation. How amazing!
…I guess I’d have to be able to do it too, right? After all, Taiga-san was also a feudal lord, just like Tou-san. The same problem is definitely going to arise in the future, from now on.
I wonder if I’ll be able to do it?

It couldn’t be helped that I ended up thinking about various things. Anyway, I pulled the knitting needle out and I began to untie the woollen yarn. Oriza-san quickly took the end of the yarn and started to spin it into a ball.
…Ah, I wonder why, but I felt like Oriza-san seemed so playful when she was rolling the ball of yarns in front of me like this. …Are you a cat?
It seems that there are cats in this world too, but speaking of which, I have never seen them. It seems like they are typically kept to chase the rats, though. Could it be that the cats here might not be kept as pets since there were no rats? Un, I don’t know.

“Seiren-sama, the tea’s ready.”
“Ah, thank you. Oriza-san, let’s continue later, shall we?”
“Ah, ye-s~!”

Since Alica-san had carried a tea set inside, let’s take a break for a moment! Today’s tea was a milk tea, and it was slightly sweet. The tea snack was also a small cake, so it was full of sweet things today. I’m going to get fat!

“I think that you’ll be able to feel more relaxed if you eat sweet things.”
“Yeah. Thank you for looking after me like this.”
“It’s our duty to take care of Seiren-sama, after all.”

As I smiled back at Alica-san’s smile as she seemed to be embarrassed, I silently tasted the tea and the small cake. Yup, I might get fat like this, but sweet things are good. I also loved sweet things even when I was still a man, but ever since I came here, I felt like my fondness of sweet things only increased even more. …I wonder if my physique is really going to be all right like this? Nah, this also concerns the wedding dress.

“…I love sweet things, but I wonder if I’ll get fatter soon?”
“Don’t worry about it. You can just take some exercises to make up for the sweets you put in your body, right?”
“Yeah well, that seems to be the case, but…”
“As soon as Master returns, Kuon-sensei said that we would be resuming the dance lessons. Would that be all right?”

Ah, then that will save me the trouble.
Nah, I wish I could still do that even when Tou-san was away from home, though. But for now, I should read the atmosphere and restrain myself. I still had things such as knitting practice or well, the knitting practice turned into something like an intensive training period, though.
…I think that once Tou-san returns, I’ll be able to calm down. Not only me, but perhaps this applies most to Kaa-san.
As I was pondering about it, suddenly there was a knocking sound.

“Seiren-sama, are you there?”

Whoa, I heard a voice from outside. Wait, that voice, it was Yuzuruha-san.
How rare… Usually, he’d be waiting until someone opens the door.

“Yuzuruha-san? Alica-san, let him come in.”

When I had Alica-san open the door in a hurry, Yuzuruha-san lightly bowed before coming inside quickly. Eh, is there something quite urgent?
Eh, could it be…

“A letter from Jigen-dono has been received, and it was sent through a quick delivery. It was said that Master and the garrison managed to sweep up the Big Red Bear.”

That’s nice!
Nah well, it was certainly an urgent matter, but ahh, I see.
As I felt relieved, that feeling was quickly gone when I heard Yuzuruha-san’s next words.

“Yes. However, Master was slightly injured, so he might return home a bit later.”
“Injured? But even so, he’s all right, isn’t he?”
“Please be rest assured about his safety. It would be bad if one were to lie about such a matter, after all.”

Nah, I mean, it often happens, right? We were told to be rest assured since everything was all right, but in actuality… that kind of pattern.
Since Jigen-san was there with him, I think things won’t turn that way, but still, it wasn’t a reason to have a premature joy at this point.

“Yes. Then, I will believe in that news.”

So, I decided to be docile and nod. If I were told that this was just a lie, then I’d definitely be enraged. Nah, it’s not like I could do a big deal with this female body, though.

“Yes. Then, I will excuse myself.”

Perhaps Yuzuruha-san sensed the mood, as he only conveyed the important matter before bowing his head and quickly leaving the room. Kaa-san should have been informed first before me, so perhaps he was going to go and convey this to Saryuu.
After seeing the door closed, I looked at my maids’ faces.

“…He’s going to be all right, isn’t he?”
“Nn, really-! Seiren-sama, you’re worrying too much.”

Oriza-san smiled as she clapped my shoulders. I was becoming too familiar with it, but such was Oriza-san’s style. Yup, that’s right.

“That’s right. Or rather, how could Master still get injured even with Jigen-sensei following him?! Just what was Jigen-sensei doing?!”

Meanwhile, Alica-san was getting angry for a different reason. Nah, no matter how much of an amazing magician he might be, I think that there was still no way for him to be able to cover anything and everything. Nah, I mean it.


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