Chapter 123: Flustered, Knowledge on Marriage


Translator: LynneSuzuran

Even though I thought about it for a whole night, I remained unsettled when it concerned about that kind of thing. Nah, though I was told to not think about things like that. But even without having to think about it thoroughly, it was an important matter, right? Having an heir is quite important especially for a feudal lord’s family.

Therefore, I decided to consult this matter to Kaa-san. There was no other suitable person I could ask about this, after all-.


“Oh my. You had no experience about this kind of thing at all?”


With the first thing that she said after hearing my story, Kaa-san managed to hit me hard. No, no, wait, wait, Shiiya Maya, you’re a feudal lord’s wife, right? I wonder if it’s all right to be this frank?


“Kaa-san also knows so well that I don’t get to experience anything ever since I became a woman. Besides, I also didn’t have any experience when I was still a man.”

“Well, I’m sorry. Speaking of which, you still haven’t even kissed, right, Seiren?”



No one is going to blame me for hiding my face at the girly cushion full of frills, right? My make-up was slightly rubbed off because of it, but well, it was Kaa-san’s fault to begin with, okay?

Nah, really, just give me a break-. More or less, I have some knowledge regarding that, but I have no practical experience at all. Good grief.

…Practical experience?


“…Uhm, that-, you won’t tell me that I need to learn about night business, right?”

“It will be fine for you to let your husband work hard for that kind of thing. Having to nurture your child inside your womb and giving birth to them will be a very hard work, so as for the preliminary step, just let the man work hard at it.”



When I tried asking her nervously, Kaa-san replied with a very handsome answer. Or rather, I wonder if this was fine for this world?

Actually, she didn’t mention anything about raising the child after giving birth to them, maybe that was the so-called the rich had their own ways. We could hire a wet nurse to raise the children.


“Uhm… Kaa-san too, with that kind of way, uhm, had me…”

“Yeah, it took quite a bit of time, though. That’s why, there’s no need for you to be in a hurry, too.”



Hohoho, as Kaa-san laughed and looked into my eyes, I thought that I might have discovered an unexpected side of hers.

How should I put it? Isn’t Kaa-san way too courageous? Or rather, do we have to be able to put on airs like this in order to become a feudal lord’s wife?

…I understand that we’re going to need courage here. If something were to happen to the feudal lord, making decisions would be the wife’s duty, so if the wife didn’t have any courage to control the household firmly, it won’t be good.

But well, as for this speech and conduct, that, uhm, wouldn’t it be too frank in a different way?


“As long as you know which parts will be involved, then you will just do well for the rest. If you try to look at it in a way, humans are also animals, after all.”

“I-I can’t deny it, though. You have a very amazing speaking style, Kaa-san.”

“But isn’t it a fact?”


Well, let’s just laugh happily. Am I really a daughter of this mother? Even up until now, I still question that time to time.

Nah well, it’s true that I know which parts are going to be involved and how it will be done, but what I am unable to comprehend is how it will play out in the end. But I wonder how about it?


“Well, the question is whether Taiga-dono has a knowledge regarding that matter, right? I think that it’s probably going to be all right.”



Lastly, Kaa-san dropped such a large bomb. No, no, no, no.



When I returned to my room, Alica-san was the one who made the tea today. …Eh, it’s hot chocolate!


“Seiren-sama, you seem to be slightly tired, so I think that it’s better for you to have hot chocolate. I have also put quite a lot of sugar.”

“Yes, thank you. I actually like this.”


Ha-, I’m saved! As I thought so, I put the cup into my mouth. Ah, it’s really sweet. Nah well, yesterday it was also like that, but today I was also tired, or rather, I was thinking about something that I ended up getting tired.


“But, Seiren-sama-. As expected, we couldn’t be asking Taiga-sama whether he had knowledge regarding night business or not, right?”

“That’s right. Kaa-san said that it might be fine, though.”


Hmm, our faces turned complicated. Or rather, I wonder why Kaa-san said that it was going to be all right?


“I-if that’s the case, then I think it’s most likely that Taiga-sama has taken lessons in such kind of knowledge.”


The one who answered the question was Alica-san whose face was bright red. That might be right, as I was thinking about it, I tried to wait for her next words.


“Since he was a person who was born as the heir of the family head, having children would be one of the most important issue. Therefore, he should have received education in that kind of matter to some extent once he turned into an adult. That, Saryuu-sama would also receive that kind of education soon, I think.”

“I-is that so?”


Ah, I had a close sample if it was about the heir of a feudal lord. …Be that as it may, it was also wrong for me to ask that kind of thing to my younger brother. Or rather, when I thought about it, I was attacked by him at the end of the year, right? That was Saryuu who was possessed though, so more or less it didn’t count.

Anyhow, I see. They took lessons in that kind of thing, huh?


“Then, I can be relieved… right?”

“I wonder about the practical experience, though-.”


After I became slightly relieved upon hearing Alica-san’s words, Oriza-san then inserted her comment.

I-in this case, practical experience is… in other words… that sort of a thing, right?

Now then, I wonder how about Taiga-san? Even if I think about it, to be honest, I don’t know.


“…You mean, Taiga-san’s side, huh-?”

“Though I must say that for someone at his age to not have any practical experience is, as expected, it’s slightly…”


“A-as expected that he has none, too, I think…”


For the time being, no matter how you put it, he also hadn’t done it, so the opinions of the three of us matched. Nah I mean, Taiga-san was at that age, and it was totally unexpected for him to have me as his first woman, right? But I didn’t think that person would be so unpopular to the extent that he fell in love as soon as he saw me, who finally returned here as a woman after living as a man for 18 years.


“…Yosh, let’s stop thinking about it. Perhaps it will just work out in a way or another.”


Well, such was my conclusion. I might be an idiot for thinking about such an unnecessary things for a long time.

I’ll trust in Kaa-san’s words, or rather, pass the duty of it, and once the time comes, I think that we will be able to manage somehow, maybe.


“P-please do your best, Seiren-sama.”

“Ah, but please don’t overdo it, okay?”


Those two’s encouraging words, was it only my imagination that I heard them being voiced a little bit stiffly?


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