Chapter 124: Sparkling, Trying on Jewelries


Translator: LynneSuzuran

Soon, it would be the season where the Cheria tree’s buds would begin to soften.
Since we would soon arrive at that season, the preparation for my wedding had also advanced quite a lot, and today, Coda-san would come to show me the accessories for my wedding dress. I was told to try them on once, and to check if there was anything that needed modification or not.

“Thanks for waiting, Miss Seiren.”
“Whoa, pretty…”

When he showed me the jewelries in Kaa-san’s room, I could only say that they were sparkling and were very pretty.
Even after I had turned into a female, I wasn’t that interested in gaudy accessories, and I thought that I might not be able to judge the accessories any better than Saryuu. After going to Shikino residence later, I had to be careful so that I won’t be deceived by any imitation.[1. Just in case the meaning isn’t so clear—Seiren would be the wife of the feudal lord, so she’d have to take responsibility of buying jewelries herself (she can’t rely on her mother anymore), so she has to be careful not to buy an imitation instead.] Well, let’s put aside the thing about my judgment. Coda-san brought me tiara, a necklace—or rather, perhaps it was more suitable to call it as a choker, and also earrings. The wedding ring was different from them, or rather, it seemed that Taiga-san would be ordering the wedding ring. Well, it was something he’d give me.
However, this choker was mounted with lots of jewels with the form of golden vines. If this were to be combined with the dress, it might be able to fill the area around my chest. If I could just lower my amulet pendant, then that’d be fine.

“I assumed that you’d be wearing the ring that was given to you when you were born, so I’ve made it so that it won’t be strange if they were combined.”

Whoa, did he just read my mind? Or rather, Coda-san, you really remembered everything when we met in last spring. That was why, you made it like this.

“Ah, yes. I think that I want to wear the ring, too. Thank you very much, Coda-san.”
“No problem. It’s natural that you’d want to wear your precious amulet during your big moment.”

Whoa-, shall I ask Coda-san for the jewelries even after I get married? To think that he’d even went as far as to consider that, I was really happy.
Even if one had to face their client for business, as expected it’d be good to be this considerate of them. Yup.
There was also one other thing that I was thinking about.

“What about the hair clip? I heard that you had one that was given by Taiga-sama.”
“Ah, I’m wearing it right now. Can this be used?”
“Ooh, I see. I think it will be all right.”

With that, I could wear the hair ornament that Taiga-san gave to me on the appointed day as well. Ya-y!
Then, in order to check everything as we planned before, I first tried putting the tiara on my head. I then looked into the mirror very carefully. Whoa, as expected, it was a bit heavy. Also, it felt like it slightly pressed too hard against my head? This would definitely get fixed, though, so yeah.
The mirror reflected my relatively nervous face. Well, this was my first time wearing something this flashy. I wonder… did this suit me? I wasn’t so sure of it, but Kaa-san praised me, “Oh my, you’re cute, Seiren,” without any restraint.

“As expected of Miss Seiren. I was the one who made it so this might sound not good to say, but it really suits you.”

Well, Coda-san also said so. It could be just a business talk, but… but, as expected, I felt happy being praised like this. Yup.

“Hahaha, thank you. Still, most of them have already got the correct measurement.”
“That is because I have already gotten the measurement data from Ryuuka-dono. Ah, please excuse me a bit.”

Immediately after that, next to my stiff head, Coda-san took out some kind of a device and tampered with it restlessly. Ah, could it be that it would be used to check out any peculiar thing?

“Sorry for my rudeness. As expected, we couldn’t really do the detailed modification unless you tried it on once like this.”
“I see.”

The same thing happened when I tried on the dress, but as for the dress, it would be fine as long as they made it in accordance to my measurement, but it had also be done perfectly. I also intended to do my best in advertising the dress and the jewelries.
The choker was a bit loose, but that was OK since this way, it won’t suffocate me. The earrings were slightly painful around the area of insertion, so I had it loosened a bit. The adjustment would be made another day after he returned to his workshop, then it needed to be checked again. Really, this kind of thing took quite a long time, huh?
After that, I also tried on the other accessories, and after that was done, Coda-san took out several documents from within another briefcase that he brought and handed it over here.

“After this, we will be arranging the trousseau that would be brought from here. For the precious metals, we have prepared a list over here.”
“Oh my, it’s good to be so prepared. Seiren, have a look at it.”
“…Ah, yes.”

As expected, there existed trousseau.
Or rather, there was no way we would bring in something as big as a dresser, right? For the time being, let’s see the list, but since this was something Coda-san brought, so the things written in the list were earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and also accessory cases.
…Table clocks were also written here. If it were the other world, the jewelry stores and the watch stores were relatively close to each other or lined up together, so in short, the same thing also happened here? Ah, I had never entered those stores, though. I only saw the stores from outside.

“So, what will be included in the list of the trousseau?”
“Don’t worry, Seiren. At most, there will be new accessories or quilts, also the list of the maids that are coming along with you and their luggage. Almost all of the other things have been prepared by the other party over there, and we’ve finished discussing about it.”
“Ah, that’s goo… Hm?”

I wanted to say that it was good, but I then noticed something strange. Nah, it might be only me who thought of it as strange.
So the maids were also treated as trousseau?

“The maids and their luggage are treated as trousseau on paper, but when you think about it, that might be right.”
“The servants who have been working for quite a long time can be considered as indispensable beings for their masters. Seiren is very close to Alica and the others, and if that’s the case, wouldn’t you be helped if they continue to work for you just like that?”
“That is certainly true… In my case, a lot of thing has happened.”

Right-? As expected, there’s no way I can let the bean spills about how I was formerly a man to Saya-san and the others.
Alica-san and the others already knew about it, so it would be the most suitable scenario for them to follow me.

“A lot, huh?”
“That’s right. Seiren had been away from this residence for quite a long time, hadn’t she? That’s why, she has some difficulties adjusting in terms of etiquette and the likes. She has been taught about such things ever since returning home, but she hasn’t gotten much opportunity to implement it in actuality.”

To the public, it was as Kaa-san said. Although she didn’t say the crucial detail of it, there was nothing wrong in how she put it.

“It’s better for us to just honestly ask when we don’t understand something. I think that it’s better than hiding about it.”
“Ooh, that’s a good thing to bear in mind.”

When I spoke of my opinion honestly, Coda-san was strangely impressed by it as he nodded a few times. After that, with a slightly suppressed voice, he told us frankly.

“It’s not something I can say loudly, but sometimes there are people who turn a blind eye on what they don’t know and raise their voices in anger. As some of them are our good customers, we’re quite troubled.”
“We just have to… deal with them patiently, right, with those kinds of people?”
“Yes. Although they should be able to realize their own ignorance as long as they learn about it…”

Who-a-! Those kinds of guys existed, huh?
The type of person who thinks that everything will be solved as long as they complain loudly. Facing this kind of people is quite difficult, huh?
The servants have to learn to associate well even with those kind of people, huh? It must be hard for them, really.
…I might also have to deal with such kind of people in the future. Although it might be for Taiga-san’s sake, I wonder if I’d be able to persevere? Nah, if I don’t, it will be bad, probably.
Well, it was about time soon as we talked about such kind of thing. Coda-san couldn’t afford to stay in our residence all day, and as expected, it seemed that he’d go straight back today. After he stood up and held his baggage, he lightly bowed and smiled as if he was a little bit troubled.

“Aah, please do keep my previous story as a secret.”
“We understand. Still, it seems hard for you, Coda.”
“Hahaha, well, this is my job, after all. Well then, please excuse me.”
“Thank you very much. Really, thanks for all your hard work.”
“Don’t mention it. Well then.”

As I saw off Coda-san’s back as he bowed down and walked away from the door that Takae-san opened with unsteady steps, for some reason I felt a little bit of sorrow.
After this, there will be that. The reality that I had to face.


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