Chapter 127: Foolishly, Lovers’ Conversation


Translator: LynneSuzuran

After breakfast, I decided to talk a bit with Taiga-san in my room. We haven’t had that much opportunity to have a nice talk, after all. My partner is the feudal lord, so it can’t be helped, though.

“I’m sorry. I have to depart from here just before noon, since I have lots of work to do.”
“Whoa, is that so?”

After taking a sip of the tea in my room, Taiga-san suddenly said that. My answer was something that arbitrarily came out of my mouth.
Nah, I don’t feel embarrassed at all. Since it’s Taiga-san I’m talking with.

“So, did you overdo yourself by coming here? I’m sorry, it’s because of me…”
“No. As long as I can see Seiren’s face, it will be a good time spent for me.”

In response to his words that he said while smiling, my face got hot as usual. This person, perhaps he unconsciously spouted out such kind of words, right? What would happen if his words were misunderstood by anyone else other than me? Darn it.

“…You shouldn’t overwork Genjirou too much, okay? Eh, I feel like I’ve said that before.”
“Yeah, I feel like you’ve told me that before. I will pay more attention to it, then.”

Really? Even if you scratched your cheek like that, I won’t be deceived, okay? If it was Genjirou, he would obey Taiga-san even if he could be said to have worked too hard, for sure. At least, keep another one or two horses and use them in rotation.
Good grief. I drank the tea as I lightly pouted. Today, it was a refreshing tea that Oriza-san brewed. The dessert was a cheesecake, so it won’t give a very thick flavor and it would be easy on the stomach, so that really saved me.
As I took a breath, I noticed the direction of Taiga-san’s line of sight. Whoa, my knitting basket was seen-! This is bad, this is bad! I didn’t intend to show him until after I went to the Shikino residence.

“Are you knitting?”
“Yes. The Shikino territory is producing wools, right? My mother remembers it so well since she has gotten a good knitting wool from there.”
“Yeah, that’s right.”

He picked up the practice muffler I poorly made during my practice, and Taiga-san carefully stroked it as if he was stroking some animal. No, that was something I knitted using an old knitting wool, so it won’t feel good to be stroked. However, I couldn’t bring myself to say that.
Instead, I tried asking him something else.

“I’m still not good at knitting. However, if I knit something in the future, will you use it?”
“Of course.”

What an immediate reply. Then, I have to work even harder in my knitting practice.
So that I could beautifully knit something useful, just like the lap blanket Kaa-san gave me.
So that I could proudly give it to Taiga-san while saying, “Please use it.”

“Good grief, you two are so intimate this early in the morning.”

What brought my consciousness back to reality was Minoa-san’s brief comment that was mixed with sigh. Ah- yup, since I continued to live like this, it became a natural thing to have my maids nearby. My awareness was completely thrown away, sorry.

“Eh, isn’t it fine?”
“It’s fine, though. If you two were to live in the same residence like this, I fear that it would be a situation that could blind the others’ eyes.”

In response to Taiga-san’s wondrous words, Minoa-san said that with a nonchalant expression. No, well, certainly, that would be how it seemed from Minoa-san’s point of view, right? Haha, sorry.
Then, next to Minoa-san, the one who brewed our tea—Oriza-san suddenly stood there as if it was natural. Obviously, there was no way she could keep her mouth shut.

“But but-. If Taiga-sama and Seiren-sama weren’t getting along, I’d get the feeling like something was weird-.”
“I won’t deny that.”
“You won’t, huh?”
“That kind of scene is unimaginable.”
“…I also don’t want to be in a quarrel with Seiren.”

I wonder why were we talking about something like this together? But certainly, I also couldn’t imagine myself having a quarrel with Taiga-san. …I wonder if we would have a quarrel one day?

Feudal lords were indeed busy, huh? Tou-san and Kaa-san didn’t really show that aspect to us, though.
Because of that, Taiga-san came out of our entrance hall in order to quickly return to the Shikino residence. Genjirou was waiting at the entrance. Upon seeing my face, he lightly flapped his wings as if he was happy to see me.
As Taiga-san turned to face me and my family who came there to send him off, he tilted his head slightly remorseful. Ah, Tou-san went out of the residence for work immediately after breakfast, so it was only me, Kaa-san, and Saryuu, though.

“I apologize. I still have work to do, and I still have a lot to prepare in order to welcome Seiren in our residence later.”
“I see… It’s quite regretful that you have to leave so soon, but after this, we’ll always be together, right?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“Oh my, you two are really so intimate.”
“Tou-sama and Kaa-sama are also intimate with each other.”

…No, sorry, it was my bad habit to inadvertently act without being able to see my surroundings.
It was somewhat embarrassing as Kaa-san and Saryuu were grinning right before my eyes, but I wanted to bid a farewell to Taiga-san like this.

“Well then, until later.”
“Then, please excuse me.”

Nah, we’d be able to meet soon anyway. In a bit more, it would be our wedding ceremony, so there would be various preparations to be done.
Aah, but upon looking at Genjirou’s flying figure, I always felt slightly lonely. It seemed that I was watching the trace of their figures for quite a long time.

“Eh, what is it?”

As Saryuu called out to me, I quickly turned around. Whoa, Kaa-san was already gone even before I noticed it.
Or rather, just how long was I being absentminded for? Saryuu had a stunned expression.

“No matter how long you followed their traces with your eyes, Nii-sama won’t come back here. You’d better go back to your room.”
“Eh, ah, yup, that’s right.”

Hahaha, I got lectured by my own younger brother like this. Good grief, I really can’t be helped anymore, huh?
Perhaps due to looking at me like that, Saryuu suddenly clenched his fists and turned to face me. Oy, what’s the matter?

“Yosh, I’ve decided on my next goal.”
“Goal? Is it something other than being the heir to the Shiiya family?”
“That’s already a settled matter. My next goal would be to find a lovely woman as my wife, who would receive praises from Nii-sama and Nee-sama, and obviously, from Tou-sama and Kaa-sama as well!”

…Yup, that’s good, I think. Do your best, Saryuu.
Anyway, why that goal, though? In addition, he declared that while facing me…


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