Chapter 128: Snuggly, Dinner Conversation


Translator: LynneSuzuran

After Taiga-san returned, I immersed myself in practicing my knitting again from the noon. Practice was important in order to make something that Taiga-san could receive and use with pride.
Ah, as for lunch, we had some refreshing sandwiches, and everyone ate them happily. The head chef understood that in short, I was raised as a commoner, so sometimes he’d make common food. The homemade bacon was extremely delicious.
Oh well, when I noticed it, it would soon be the time for dinner. Whoa, I really forgot about the time.
When I finally realized it, Oriza-san shook my shoulders hardly while saying, “Seiren-samaa, it’s time for dinner-!” Apparently, I didn’t notice it even when she called me many times over.

“Seiren-sama, you didn’t notice me even when I called you so many times-. I even thought that perhaps something happened again!”
“Aaah, sorry, sorry, Oriza-san. Minoa-san too, sorry.”
“No problem. It’s good that you’re so enthusiastic, but please pay more attention to the time as well. Master has arrived home, so we’d better prepare for dinner quickly.”
“Yes, really, I’m sorry.”

I bowed my head obediently to Oriza-san who was on the verge of her tears and Minoa-san who had a sour look. However, it was bad for seriously becoming too zealous on something like this, huh? This was the kind of hard work that went too overboard, without even having a break in-between.
So, I roughly wiped my body and headed for meal. Since it was getting a bit colder during the night, I wore a sheepskin boots to keep my feet warm. This was so comfortable, and the heels weren’t that tall either.

“I brought a gratin made of shrimp and white fish. This was also made using the milk, butter, and cheese we ordered from Godou’s farm.”
“Whoa, it looks delicious!”

Wait, another delicious thing appeared again. Godou-san’s cheese was one of its ingredients, huh? Saryuu must be happy.

“It’s always like this everyday, but I’m happy to eat various delicious things especially today.”
“Thank you very much, Seiren-sama. After all, it is only this year that the meals I made with these arms could celebrate Seiren-sama’s birthday like this.”

At the head chef’s words, I suddenly realized.
I see, next year, I’d welcome my birthday not here—but in the residence of the Shikino. Despite the fact I just returned home this year, there were lots of commotion so far.

“I see. ……I’m sorry, and really, thank you.”
“No problem. I will make sure that you will continue to eat delicious food until you get married into the Shikino family.”

Really, that’s right. It would be okay for me to visit my parents’ home after I get married sometimes, right? If I were told that I couldn’t return home alone, then I’d catch Taiga-san’s arms and bring him home as well. Also, since Taiga-san’s younger brother, Saryuu, is also here, it’s not like he can’t come to visit him as well.

“Hey, Seiren, please eat it while it’s warm. Gratin is also my favorite food.”
“Eh, is that so, Tou-san?”
“I also like stew, but as expected, these crispy breadcrumbs and the cheese’s texture are really out of this world.”

Ah, Tou-san’s eyes were sparkling. This was serious, then. Perhaps he liked the so-called bechamel sauce’s taste in the first place.
I also liked the breadcrumbs’ crispy texture. When I thought that this was strangely inherited, Kaa-san sighed as she told us something.

“This person has always been like this even in the olden days. Just right after we got married, he stealthily ate it earlier and left the leftovers on the surface.”
“…Tou-sama didn’t do it outside, right?”
“Of course. I could only do that kind of thing at home.”
“It’s not something you can say proudly, Mondo.”

Saryuu commented, and then Kaa-san reflexively scolded Tou-san who commented back while calling his name. Where is the majesty of a feudal lord? Nah, the higher-ups over here didn’t seem to have quite the majesty. I recalled Leo-san, and so I came to that conclusion. For the time being, the white fish was so delicious and the shrimp was also tender, so I was very satisfied.

After the satisfying dinner was over…
When I returned to my room leisurely, Minoa-san brewed a herb tea that seemed to have a relaxing effect. Since she had gone through the trouble of preparing it, shall I enjoy the taste using the preserved sugar Saryuu gave me? Let’s try the Cheria or the cherry one.

“…Come to think of it, the Spring Harvest Festival is coming soon, right?”

As I was drinking the tea with the preserved sugar, I suddenly remembered.
Not even 10 days after my birthday, the Week of Spring Banquet will start. The Harvest Festival will be held in that week, where there will be many flowers decorating the whole town, and there will be stalls selling various things.

“There was an uproar last year due to my fault, right? What to do…”

Ugaah-, I remembered.
I unintentionally chased after the back that resembled the orphanage director a lot, and I ended up giving troubles to everyone. Now that I think about it, that person must have been Touka-san. I was told that he came here to meet Saryuu.
No, well, putting that aside. As expected, I also want to go there this year as well. I wonder if the others will object if I were to say it?

“The Spring Harvest Festival, huh?”
“Yeah. Look, last year was so messed up like that. Perhaps I won’t be able to go there this year, right?”
“Last year’s incident was caused by our mistake to let Seiren-sama wander off alone. It’s not Seiren-sama’s fault.”

Minoa-san said so, but well… As expected, it was my fault.
As I was feeling dejected, Oriza-san cut into the conversation.

“What about asking Taiga-sama to go out together?”
“Ha- eeh?”
“That’s right. If it’s Taiga-sama, I feel like he’d come here by flying on Genjirou.”

Yup, I also think that it will certainly be that way. Genjirou’s troubled face came into my mind, but nah, he had a crow’s face, though.
Or rather, is it okay to bother Taiga-san to come here for the Harvest Festival? The Shikino territory will hold their own harvest festival, too.

“During the Autumn Harvest Festival, Seiren-sama was introduced as Taiga-sama’s fiancee to the fief population over there. That’s why, in return, won’t it be nice to introduce Taiga-sama to the fief population here during spring?”
“T-that kind of thing?”

Ah, that’s right, I was in Taiga-san’s residence during the autumn and was indebted to everyone there. Also, I was indebted to Fubuki-san as well.
……Ah, not good, I was getting dejected in the wrong direction again. It seemed that my mind was dragged into strange direction.
Minoa-san who was staring at me, suddenly coughed once to clear her throat and showed a smile. Uh, what’s with her amused expression?

“…With such a justification, you can have a public date. We might as well do that.”

So it’s about that?!
Or rather, date? No, certainly, it would be like taking a stroll around the residence with just the two of us, though!
Besides, it couldn’t be called as “with just the two of us”. I think that it won’t be like last year as expected, but I will definitely bring some escorts as well. Putting aside about me, but as for Taiga-san…

“At least, Jigen-sensei will be opening the amulet shop in the spring. If you were to get lost and separated from the servants just like last year, we can use his helping hands. There’s no need to be worried, everything will be okay.”
“Or rather-, I think everything will be fine as long as you stick close to Taiga-sama!”
“I also think so, but just in case…”
“…Just in case?”
“So that it won’t be a bloodshed scene if Taiga-sama were to inadvertently go berserk in order to protect Seiren-sama.”

I didn’t have any words to deny Oriza-san and Minoa-san’s words, so I could only close my mouth.
Or rather, I began to think that it would be nice to have a date during the Harvest Festival, but it was a secret, okay?



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