Chapter 129: Again, The Spring Harvest Festival


Translator: LynneSuzuran

Time moved so fast during the spring, and today would be the first day of the Week of the Spring Banquet.

“I’ve come to pick you up, Seiren.”
“Thank you very much, Taiga-san.”

Today, I was wearing a light pink dress. The one who came to pick me up at the entrance door of the Shiiya residence was Taiga-san who was wearing a combination of the refreshing beige and bright green outfit. Around us, there were my accompanying maids with their casual style, and Saya-san was also there.
In short, Taiga-san and I would be going out to the Spring Harvest Festival after this. In other words, we would be having a date.
Uwaa, so nervous!

My wish to go together with Taiga-san to the harvest festival was unexpectedly granted without any trouble.
Nah, I tried asking my parents first, though.

“Mu. With Taiga-dono?”
“Well. Speaking of which, you two haven’t had that many proper dates, right? Don’t you think it will be fine, then?”

Next to Tou-san who was making a complicated expression, Kaa-san firmly agreed. Obviously, some conditions were given.

“In exchange, bring your maids along just in case. Even if you go there together with Taiga-dono, we will still need other escorts.”
“Yes, I know that very well.”

I was targeted for various reasons, somehow. It was mainly Touka-san’s fault, though… Well, Touka-san might be bad, but it didn’t mean Taiga-san or Saryuu were also bad, so let’s put that aside.
Then, after Tou-san thought for a little while, he nodded.

“Jigen is also opening a shop there, so let’s ask for his vigilance as well. …I repeat, don’t act recklessly, okay?”
“Yes. Thank you very much.”

Well, that was how I came to this very day. Obviously, Taiga-san sent an ‘OK’ reply to my invitation letter with the same-day delivery service.
The maids were walking slightly distant, apparently like a group of girls following us. When I tried to turn around, it felt like they didn’t really catch one’s eye, they were really skillful at looking out for me from the distance.
When I looked around my surroundings restlessly, suddenly I was pulled closer to Taiga-san. His hand was on my shoulder firmly.

“I understand that it’s exciting and you end up looking here and there, but you can’t stray away, okay?”
“Ah, yes, sorry.”

Ah, I remembered the incident last year. Then, I clung to Taiga-san’s clothes. …Eei, walking around like this was better than getting separated after all. Probably.

“Welcome-. Would you like to have a Berry Honeyed Candy?”

It was a different voice from last year, but I arrived at the stall who sold honeyed candies. Last year, Oriza-san was the one who sold them, right? …Eh, but, Berry? Last year, it was something like an apple, but aah, there were actually various types, huh?

“Hm, shall we get two?”
“Thank you for your patronage-. Two of them will be 180 ieno.”

After thinking for a while, Taiga-san paid the money without any hesitation and took two candies. One of his hand that was holding the candy then nimbly held it out in front of me.

“How was it?”
“*much munch*… Nn, it’s delicious.”

Ah, this was bad, my face was crumbling. Not that, but I ended up grinning happily. I mean, it was a sweet thing, after all. It couldn’t be helped, right?
Perhaps he was convinced after seeing me like that, as Taiga-san also went to eat the candy heartily, taking a mouthful of it. Since it was strawberry, it was easier to eat it that way, right? I opened my eyes wide for a moment, and thinking that Taiga-san’s face as he chewed the strawberry was a little bit weird, I laughed.

After walking for a little while, I arrived in front of the familiar amulet shop. Ooh, as expected, there were lots of girls here.
It seemed that Taiga-san was a little bit surprised at the lively crowd of people, as he slightly pulled me closer. Well, I understand, though.

“…There are so many women here.”
“It’s a store that sells good-luck charms of happiness. Since it’s said to be effective, it seems to be popular.”

At my on-the-spot explanation, Taiga-san slightly tilted his head, but he seemed to comprehend it. I slightly lowered my voice and gave a more detailed explanation. After all, I didn’t really want people to hear about it. Well.

“This is Jigen-san’s shop. It’s said that he opens it every year.”
“Hmm. Then, it’s certainly an effective amulet, huh?”
“Since his amulet has also protected me.”
“I see. If that’s the case, it’s natural for it to be this popular.”

Taiga-san then smiled with his whole face. So, he connected this shop being popular as the amulet charm had protected me? That was incorrect, it was because Jigen-san’s amulet charms were extraordinarily effective.
After taking a look for a while, the customers had decreased in number a little bit. Therefore, I timidly tried to show my face. Then, I saw Jigen-san whose beard’s edge was tied with a ribbon, wearing clothes with stars-patterned hood—wait, wasn’t this his appearance last year as well?

“Hohoho. How was the efficacy of last year’s amulet?”
“As you could see, it was perfect.”

Well, no matter what I said, I’m happy right now. That was why, I said it proudly among the people who happened to pass by. Taiga-san also put more power to his hand that was on my shoulder after listening to my words.
Inside the hood, Jigen-san narrowed his eyes, looking very happy. I guess this person has always been looking after me from nearby. And I can’t really return this debt of gratitude at all.

“Ah, can I have two amulets for this year? Since he’s already here, I also want to give one to him.”
“Ooh, then I’d be glad! It will be 700 ieno.”

Since he treated me the honeyed candy before, this time I’d be the one to pay for it. In exchange for the money I paid, the amulet charms I received were all Berry-colored, one with thicker color and the other with thinner color—making them look like a pair.

“Here you go, may you be happy.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Thank you.”

We honestly expressed our thanks and left the place. …Then, for some reason, I felt like the shop’s customers increased even more. I wonder why?

“That is, since a happy example just made their appearance. There are lots of people who think that they also want to follow the example and get their own happiness.”

Taiga-san’s profile as he laughed happily—or some reason, it looked dazzling. I think I have really become a woman.
I was originally born as a female after all, so when you think about it, it’s quite natural.

Then, the good-luck charm of happiness is really effective, huh? Yup.


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