Chapter 132: Bustling, Marriage Parade


Translator: LynneSuzuran

To be honest, I couldn’t come up with anything to say to Leo-san who was smiling. Look, Yuzuruha-san and the other servants who were behind were also looking at him blankly, weren’t they?
Well, well, it couldn’t be helped, so I commented. Perhaps, I could only do this.

“Uhm, why are you here?”
“Eh-, it’s Seiren-chan and Taiga-chan’s wedding ceremony, right? Although I might be scolded a bit, but wouldn’t I want to celebrate it?”

Nah, thanks for wanting to celebrate it, though. But would it be fine for the first prince to be like this? He is a good person, and I know that he is also capable, though.

“That, do my parents and Taiga-san know about this?”
“If they don’t, I wouldn’t be able to do this. As for the bodyguards, we’ll use my subordinates, so be rest assured. That was how I requested them.”
“Leo-san’s subordinates…”

Tou-san, Kaa-san, Taiga-san, please spare me with this kind of surprise. No, well, I wonder if they’re fine with it because this is not something that extreme? At any rate, he is still the super higher-up in this country.
As I was a little bit astonished, the two men who were by Leo-san’s sides stepped forward. Eh, as expected, I’ve seen them before.

“Long time no see, Seiren-sama. I’d like to offer you my congratulations on this occasion.”
“Ayato-san, and Maito-san, too.”

Whoa, for a moment, I didn’t recognize them, perhaps due to them wearing the black outfit. Even if it was just the color of the outfit that was changed, their impressions also changed as well.
Ayato-san and Maito-san were dressed perfectly along with Leo-san, which means, they’re really going to escort me? Is this okay, seriously?

“…Taiga-dono is waiting over there. Let’s depart quickly.”

Oh? It’s so rare for Maito-san to try hard to speak. That’s right, certainly, our actual goal right now is to go to Taiga-san’s place. That’s also why I woke up way earlier than usual this morning.
Oh well, it couldn’t be helped that we got too mixed up on various things here. Yosh, let’s make up my mind, we have to go.

“T-that’s right. Sorry, and thank you. Please take care of me until we arrive at Taiga-san’s place.”
“Leave it to us. Now, let’s go, Miss Bride.”

I took Leo-san’s elegantly held out hand and got on the carriage. There were more steps than the ordinary carriages, but since I was given some boards from the entrance door to the carriage, I was able to walk on a relatively level surface.
The interior of the carriage was uniformly colored with a strong red, the seat was also comfortable and big, and the cushion was perfectly soft and fluffy. If it was like this, it seemed like I would be just fine sitting here for quite a long time. Also, the window was extremely huge that you’d be able to see the interior of the carriage even from outside.

“We heard that you were a little weak to riding vehicles like this, so please tell us if you feel unwell. Just in case, I will give you this water.”
“Uwa, sorry for the trouble. Thank you, I’m saved.”

Inside the glass bottle that Ayato-san gave me, the Cheria petals and gold dust were fluttering. Ah, this is cute.

“Originally, I thought about giving you a berry juice, but it might be troublesome if you were to spill it on your dress.”
“Ah, the color would stain it. Thank you for the consideration.”

Leo-san turned his face from the coachman’s seat and said that. Berry had the color that could dye the cloth’s color, so it would be so conspicuous if it were to spill on the dress.

“Please have a nice rest inside until we arrive at the Shikino’s residence.”
“I will call you shortly before we arrive at the territory.”
“…Thank you very much.”

Ayato-san and Maito-san were following us using horses as if they were interposing the carriage. Behind, the carriages in which my parents and the maids rode on were following. Though we didn’t have quite a lot of baggage, the carriages still formed quite a line.
Just like that, the carriages began to go forward. They quietly proceeded straight from the residence’s gate. Seated on the coachman’s seat to the carriage that stopped right in front of the gate, suddenly, Leo-san raised his voice.

“Now, the Princess of Shiiya is going to start her new life. Everyone in the fief, go and magnificently send her off!”
“Princess, congratulations on your marriage!”
“Please return home and come to the festival again-!”

Whoa, I was so surprised.
Just outside of the Shiiya’s gate, the fief population were lined up in wait along the main road, and the number of people gathered was incomparable with the number of people during the New Year’s Eve or the Spring Festival.
Since it was slightly past the time for the Cheria flowers planted in the main road to be in full bloom, there were many flower petals fluttering about. Along with them, the other flower petals were also scattered in the sky, whoa, this was really a storm of falling cherry blossoms!

“T-thank you!”

In a hurry, I shook my hand from inside the carriage. Since the tiara would hinder me from bending myself forward from the window, I waved both my right and left hands from inside with my utmost effort. I see, this huge window was made for this purpose, huh?
Then, I continued to wave my hands until the people were cut off from the street, without the time to worry about my motion sickness. The wedding of a feudal lord’s family was extremely hectic right from the very beginning, huh?

After arriving at the place without any house, the carriages slightly increased their speed. Even so, the carriage didn’t shake too much. Perhaps since the carriage had a mechanism similar to the other world’s car, or perhaps it was because they put some magic to it? Well, perhaps it was the latter, though, or so I thought.
By the time we advanced quite considerably, Maito-san who was proceeding on a horse parallel to the carriage quickly approached. He peeked here from the window, with a slightly worried face.

“…Are you all right?”
“Ah, yes. The seat of this carriage is so comfortable that it’s fine.”
“Then, I’m glad.”

When I answered like that, Maito-san showed a relieved expression and left the window. I see, since he understood that I was quite weak riding on vehicles like this, he became worried of me. Really, I’m doing fine.
On the way, I drank the water inside the glass bottle a little bit. Ah, it gradually turned sweet. The Cheria petals that were riding on my tongue were preserved in sugar, so perhaps the sweetness dissolved in the water.


I became conscious at Ayato-san’s voice. Whoa, was I asleep? Ah, perhaps I was sleeping like a log.

“We’ll enter the Shikino territory soon. From there, Taiga-dono will also ride on this carriage and we’ll proceed to the parade until we reach the residence. Will you be all right?”
“Yes. It seems like I will quickly fall asleep tonight.”
“Haha, that’s nice.”

Ayato-san didn’t touch on the subject about me being asleep like a log. Nah, well, at any rate, Leo-san was aware of it, though. Or rather, it didn’t leave any strange trace on my face, right?

“Ayato-san, is there any trace on my face?”
“There isn’t. Besides, even if there is a trace, it will be covered with the veil. There is no need to be worried.”

I wonder if that is really fine? Well, I guess we can’t just retouch my make up in a hurry.
As we were conversing like this, the Shikino territory appeared before our eyes.



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