Chapter 133: Clear Blue Sky, Wedding Vow


Translator: LynneSuzuran

At the outskirt of the Shikino territory, Genjirou who was led by an attendant was waiting for me. Yup, of course there was Taiga-san on Genjirou’s back.
Even though Taiga-san was wearing white outfit on top of the white Genjirou, for some reason, he looked so dazzling. Aah- yup, he is the person who will become my husband from today onwards. It’s obvious that he’d look dazzling, huh? No, don’t say that it’s because of my favorability towards him.
When the carriage arrived at their side, Taiga-san smoothly went down from Genjirou and rode on the carriage. The two of us would be riding this carriage from here until we reach the Shikino residence. As for Genjirou… Ah, it seemed like he was coming along with us. He is an intelligent one, huh?

“Seiren, you’ve arrived here.”

Riding next to me, Taiga-san then took my hand and said that. I tightly grasped back the hand that was grasping me as I slightly nodded before answering.

“Yes, Taiga-san. Thank you for waiting.”

Ah- uh-, as expected, my face was burning. Nah, I was quite determined that I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else than this person, but this and that were different matters.
Taiga-san surveyed me in my wedding dress unblinkingly from top to bottom, then he deeply nodded.

“It suits you very well. It’s such a waste that you’d be wearing this only once.”
“Taiga-san also looks cool. To be honest, I’m falling in love all over you again.”
“Haha, it’s my honor.”

I mean, he looks so cool in this bridegroom outfit. The white outfit feels similar to a military uniform. Perhaps due to the gold laces and ornamental belt, it really looks dazzling.
After I was dazed for a moment, Taiga-san bitterly smiled, “You can’t be dazed here, Seiren.” Aah yup, he’s right. There’s no way I can afford to be stupefied like this.

“Now, let’s go together. The fief population are waiting for us.”
“The conversation is over now, right? Now, shall we go?”

Ou, come to think of it, Leo-san was the coachman, huh? Ah-, that surprised me.
Inside the carriage that began to move, I unintentionally showed an inquiring expression towards Taiga-san who certainly knew of the fact that Leo-san was coming like this. When I did so, he ended up apologizing, “I’m sorry.”

“I have tried to refuse him once, but, that, you know Leo-san’s character, right?”
“Aah, there’s no way he’d stop, right-?”

He pushed through the refusal, huh? But then, I also don’t have any willpower to stop Leo-san.
Besides, well, my nervousness was considerably relieved. Although the real part would be happening after this.

Before long, the street’s sides became so lively. I made an eye contact with Taiga-san, and we both nodded.
When we faced outside the window and waved our hands, “Kyaaa!” and other shouts of joy resounded from the other side. Oou, before I noticed, there were more buildings here. I didn’t even notice that we already entered the downtown.

“Feudal Lord-!”
“Young Master, congratulations-!”
“Princess, look over here-!”

In this kind of situation, there was not much difference from being an idol. Well, there was no such thing here, though. The wedding ceremony of a feudal lord is a rare, grand event, right? I think it’s good that the people who’re looking at the wedding also seem to be having fun.
Just like how the flowers fluttered in the Shiiya territory, there was also a wild storm of falling cherry blossoms over here. Amidst that, the carriage that Taiga-san and I rode was slowly advancing. I was happy to hear congratulatory voices from my surroundings, saying “Congrats, congratulations!” and I was also busy waving my hands to the left and to the right.

“Seiren, are you having fun?!”
“Of course!”

Because the shouts of joy were so loud, it was hard to hear Taiga-san’s voice if he didn’t almost scream even though he was right beside me. That was why, I also answered while almost screaming.
I mean, isn’t this fun? Everyone is so happy for my wedding.
…For a moment, Fubuki-san’s face floated in my mind, but it would be my secret alone.

Finally, the carriage arrived at the Shikino residence. Unlike when I was riding from the Shiiya residence, it seemed that I was to go down from the carriage in front of the gate and walk until the entrance of the residence. Perhaps because of it, the road leading to the entranceway was prepared before one even noticed, with a long carpet laid out.
There were a lot of tent roofs on both sides of the road, and various meals were prepared to treat the fief population. I was told that our portions were inside, though.
First, Taiga-san went down from the carriage ahead, then I would be going down after that while receiving Taiga-san and Leo-san’s help. When I stepped my foot on the carpet, Leo-san leaned slightly towards me and gave me a small wink.

“Our task ends here. Good luck, Seiren-chan, Taiga-chan.”
“Yes, thank you very much, Leo-san. Ayato-san and Maito-san, and everyone else as well.”
“No problem. Please be happy.”
“…Get along well.”

Surrounding us were Ayato-san, Maito-san, and Leo-san who were guarding us, and also the fief population who watched attentively. Taiga-san and I then took each other’s hand and walked slowly on top of the carpet.

Now then.
It was said that this world was created by the God of Sun who loved lively things. Perhaps due to that, the wedding ceremony… or rather, there seemed to be quite a lot of important ceremonies being held outdoor during clear weather. As expected, it would be hard to do so during the summer or winter.
Well, in short, we would be exchanging the words of vows outdoors, then we would switch over to dinner and dance party after that, and they would be held indoors, though.
Also, the words of vows are—in other words, using the other world’s phrasing—would be lead by someone who was akin to a pastor or priest. That role was filled by a magician here, though.

“…Why Jigen-san?”

Jigen-san who was wearing a deep purple robe was there, his strict expression was different from usual. Speaking of which, we were at the residence’s entrance. Since the fief population would want to see such an important event, the ceremony was supposed to be done with the fief population entering the residence’s grounds. This seemed to be the custom in the Shikino family for generations. That Touka-san had also experienced this as well.

“Because he is a renowned magician who has served as the royal palace’s exclusive magician once. Would that explanation be enough?”

Somehow, the answer to my question was voiced from behind me. When I turned around in a fluster, there was a woman wearing a pink simple dress over there. Eh, huh?

“Huh, eh, Kuon-sensei?”
“Yees~. I will be your helper.”
“Ah, thanks, I’m helped.”
“That’s why, I’m your helper. Taiga-sama, please support Seiren-sama well, too.”
“Of course.”

I see, I see, she would be helping me with the dress’ hem… I was fine because it was only relatively long, but I would be very helped to have someone helping me with handling the hem and the veil, for example when I sit down. If it’s Kuon-sensei, then everything seems to be fine.
Jigen-san was there at the installed altar right at the entranceway. And in front of the altar, there were Taiga-san and me, and also Kuon-sensei who would be helping me. Behind us, there were guards and my maids lining up, also the fief population who were coming inside the tent stand on both sides.
Ah-, there was such a good smell, darn it. Fine, I’ll eat later at the reception. You can’t go to a war if you’re hungry, after all. What kind of war is it? Well, let’s just put that aside.

“The God of Sun is also watching over us. Now at this place, the head of the Shikino family—Taiga-dono, and Shiiya family’s daughter—Seiren-dono, their fates would be intertwined.”

Jigen-san raised his voice. Right at that moment, the surroundings became silent.
Uh-m… In fact, we would be exchanging rings in this ceremony. The way they said it was quite exaggerated, but in short, it was only that.

“As a proof of their intertwined fates, they will put the congratulatory ring on each other’s finger. Here is the acknowledgement from the sunshine!”

In accordance to Jigen-san’s words, Taiga-san put the wedding ring on my finger and I put it on Taiga-san’s finger. It was a little bit stuck because I was slightly nervous, but I managed to put it well in the end.
At that moment, light descended from the sky. The clouds that were covering the small sun cleared up, and light came down from the gap. When I looked at Jigen-san from the edge of my visual field on the spur of the moment, he raised his thumb and made an expression that seemed to say, “I did this for you.”
…Could it be that this was Jigen-san’s doing? Or rather, he could even move the clouds?

“Shikino Taiga. Shiiya Seiren. Your fates are now intertwined into one. Do you swear to live together from hereafter?”
“I swear.”
“I swear.”

There is no need to make the words of vows to be so superfluous. That was why Taiga-san and I voiced the same words at the same time.


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