Chapter 134: Festive, The Wedding Reception


Translator: LynneSuzuran

Now then.
Immediately after that, the public rushed into dining together or rather, the feast. The fief population were perhaps equal to the ones who were at the spring or autumn harvest festival, as they were all eating the feast with relish. The cooks sure had it hard.
We moved into the spacious room inside the residence as we invited our parents and the nearby feudal lords inside to party, and it became the so-called reception. Ha-, for some reason, I felt to be at ease for being able to sit again. The meals in front of my eyes looked so delicious.
Speaking of which, things such as entertainment would be here now and then. The orchestra had been perfectly prepared, the guests before my eyes were dancing, and Jigen-san did his magic performance that was so similar to the other world’s magic show.
Since we were the leading characters, we were so tired after the parade all the way here, but apparently, the main goal of the party was to let the invited parties to clamour and to have fun. We’d have to thank the God of Sun who loved liveliness for this.
For the time being, I started to eat the meals in front of me. So that the dress wouldn’t become dirty, the soup was thickened, the broth was meat broth and it was cut up into one-bite size right from the beginning, so it became easy to eat.[1. I don’t really understand cookery, so in case my interpretation is wrong and anyone happens to know what should be the right phrase, please comment so I can fix it!]

“Seiren. Kushima-dono has come here to say hello.”
“Ah, wa, hii…”

Oou. When Taiga-san called out to me, I gulped down the boiled fish inside my mouth in a hurry and raised my face. The one who was there was a familar face that I had met before. If Taiga-san didn’t mention that he was Kushima-san, I might not be able to recognize him for a moment.

“Congratulations. Well well, really well-matched.”
“Kushima-san, thank you very much. Does this dress suit me?”
“Ah, no, that’s not what I mean, though…”

Eh, did I say something stupid? Kushima-san lowered his eyebrow as if he was slightly troubled, but he immediately smiled as if he had pulled himself together. He was somewhat plump as ever, but well, he was plump and happy-looking, and I didn’t dislike that kind of smile.

“…No, no, the dress also suits you very well. And thank you for your continued patronage.”
“Eh, ah, that’s right, this dress’ fabric…”
“Yeah, The attire’s cloth was mostly something made in Kushima-dono’s territory after all.”

Right, that’s right. Ryuuka-san also said that when she showed me the sample of the fabric, saying that it was the silk made in Kushima-san’s territory. Or rather, based on Taiga-san’s wording, it seemed like his attire was also made using Kushima-san’s cloth, huh? As expected, good things are well-known.

The other person that came after Kushima-san was someone that had a little impact on me that I remembered him. It was Kadzuki-san, the former fisherman. Nah, the navy blue ceremonial clothes suited him perfectly, but why did you slightly roll up the sleeves?

“Congratulations on your marriage. Please continue your patronage from now on as well.”
“Hello, Kadzuki-san. Thank you very much… Nn, could it be that the fish I ate just now…”
“Actually, I prepared the fish myself. I would be glad if it suited your taste.”

That was why he rolled up his sleeves, huh? Nah, he was a former fisherman, so that was one of his forte, though… However, it was fine since the fish was delicious. There wasn’t much chance to eat the fish that a feudal lord prepared himself, right?

“It’s very delicious. Thank you very much for specially preparing the fish.”
“Does Seiren like the fish captured from Kadzuki-dono’s harbor? If that’s the case, I’d like to continue having a good relationship with you from now on as well.”

Kadzuki-san who nodded confidently finally noticed that I stared at his arms occasionally and realized that he still rolled up his sleeves, so he returned his sleeves back in a fluster while saying, “Wahaha, how rude of me.” Un, when you’re like this, you look like a cool feudal lord, Kadzuki-san.


Around the time when there were no people coming, Tou-san brought someone with him. Tou-san smiled complacently as he pushed out that person’s shoulder while saying, “He’s a friend of mine.” After pushing the uncle with black eyeglasses and moustache, Tou-san left the place. Eh, oi, what should I do?
…N-, but for some reason, I seemed to recognize him.

“You two, congrats on your marriage.”

I received a blow once I heard his voice. And it seemed like Taiga-san was also the same… that’s right, we both have heard this voice before.

“Nah, as expected, there’s no way I can show my face here. My face is so similar to Touka after all.”

The one who lowered his glasses slightly as he winked was the orphanage director who had brought me up until I turned 18 years old. No, how did he come here? You were supposed to be in the other world, weren’t you?
…Nah, there was one person who could summon him here. Yup.

“D-did Jigen-san summon you again?”
“Ou. It’s Seiren and Taiga’s wedding ceremony, so there’s no way I can afford not coming to it. Do I look good with the eyeglasses and moustache?”[2. Whenever the orphanage director mentions Seiren, Seiren’s name is written in kanji—which refers to her name when she was back in Japan.]

The orphanage director laughed carefreely as he touched his moustache. Why would he attach a moustache? So I pondered, but when I thought of it, he looked good even if he had a moustache, wait, what was I thinking about?

“It suits you.”
“It suits you well, Uncle.”
“Thanks, Seiren, Taiga.”

The orphanage director returned his glasses to its original position as he lightly brushed his hair up. …Ah, I wonder if Taiga-san would be like him when he gets older? The orphanage director’s face is so similar to Touka-san’s, so they might unexpectedly be similar as well.
Even so, glasses, huh? It was my first time seeing the orphanage director wearing one. Yup.

“Orphanage director, you look intellectual and dandy when you wear glasses. It’s my first time seeing it.”
“Oh, if Seiren says so.”

For some reason, Taiga-san also laughed following the director. Eh-, what is it? I only expressed my opinion honestly.
Muu, as I pouted, the director suddenly showed a serious expression.

“Since I was being summoned out of a sudden as usual, I couldn’t bring any celebratory item. Sorry, Seiren.”
“Eh? No, it’s okay. I didn’t think that I could see you again, so that alone is enough.”
“Is that so? Thanks.”

I voiced my honest thoughts. I mean, the world where the director lives in is not this world, and I won’t be able to see him like this if I don’t ask Jigen-san.
The director stretched his hand to me. He then also stretched his hand to Taiga-san as he grasped us tightly. Then, still with a serious expression, he said with a low yet clear voice.

“You two, be happy. Way happier than now, okay?”

As if matching the director’s voice, a BGM played. It was the dance song that I practiced to a lot. Did Kuon-sensei choose this song, I wonder?

“Now, go.”

The orphanage director raised his chin, before he finally nodded. Then, Taiga-san and I stood up. We joined the hands that the orphanage director grasped just now, proceeding just like that to the center of the hall. After we bowed to each other, we began to dance slowly.
Since there was no such thing as cutting the cake in this world, this was our first collaboration as a married couple in a sense.

Then, the feast continued until late at night.


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