Chapter 28: Being Tired and in A Bad Shape


Translator: LynneSuzuran

After returning to the mansion, all the details were reported to my parents. …I think it was as a matter of course.

And because of that, my mother cried and I was reprimanded by my father. I thought that they’d be angrier, but it seems that for both of my parents, the most important thing is that I managed to return safely.

“Ooh, Seiren… At the very least, I’m glad you’re safe…”

My mother hugged me in the same way as when I first returned to this mansion. I understand that my body also trembles a little, and I think that I really did something bad this time.

My father who is besides my mother who finally let go of me after heaving a sigh, folded his arms with a serious face. That can’t be helped. I’m old enough to understand my current situation.

“That’s true. However, Seiren, it was careless of you to be apart from Alica and the others. Since it was your first time going outside, you should’ve paid more attention and be more careful.”

“…Yes. I’m sorry.”

No matter what I say, I can only apologize for now. After all, it’s my fault. Having no excuse left, those are the only words that I can say.

“Though I’m glad that you’re safe, but I think it’d be better if you can postpone any plan to go outside for the time being. Can you stand it?”

“Yes. It’s okay for me.”

Being told that by my father, I nodded. Yeah, it’d be scary if the same thing were to happen again when I go outside.

Today, I was saved since Alica-san and Oriza-san came running after me. But, I won’t have any way to know what will happen if there’s a next time.

It never crossed my mind before that it’d be scary to have my hands caught by some men and that I couldn’t run away from them.

While thinking about that, my father unfolded his arms. Upon looking up to his face, he has a troubled expression, but he’s laughing.

“All right. Well then, just take a good rest for today. I’m sure you’re tired, so should you need to eat any food, you can bring it to your room.”

“Understood. After eating a bit, I’ll go to sleep. Good night.”

“Take a very good rest, Seiren.”

Towards my father who pushed himself to laugh and treated me kindly, I bowed my head. After bowing to my mother, too, I leave the room… or my mother’s room, to be exact.

“Seiren-sama, all you alright?”

“Ah, yeah. But really, please just bring me a little bid food. Sorry.”

“No problem. I will bring your food, so please wait a little bit and clean your body for the time being.”

Alica-san and Minoa-san both come along with me. And as always, they leave no time wasted and help me to take change my clothes.

Ah-, I don’t understand why, but I feel down. If only my stomach doesn’t growl for a little bid, I’d just want to crawl into the bed just like this.



“Saryuu, Kanna-san, too.”

By the time I went down from the stairs, Saryuu and Kanna-san rushed off towards me. Both of them already returned to their usual young master style and maid style.

“Uhm, what did Tou-sama and Kaa-sama…?”

“Aah, Kaa-san cried.”

I can’t really hide them, so I decided to answer my little brother’s question honestly. Nah, if they were to have dinner together after this, it’d be found out immediately, anyway, since my mother’s eyes would be swollen.

Towards Saryuu who’s at loss of words, I gave another reply.

“As for Tou-san, he told me not to go outside for a while. Well, that’s natural, though.”

“…but, Nee-sama is…”

“Because I broke my promise and wandered off alone, so it’s what I deserved. There’s no need for you to get dispirited. Everyone, too.”

I clearly said that towards Saryuu who seems down, and also towards the three maids surrounding us as they were observing.

This is my own fault, so there’s no need for the others to feel sorry about it.

“It seems that it’s alright if I just walk around the grounds within the mansion, and I intend to be docile for a while.”

“…Is that so?”

“As for today, I’ll be having my dinner inside my own room. Sorry for not being able to eat together with you.”

“…All right.”

That’s why, why are you feeling down, Saryuu? You have been able to properly asked for Oriza-san and Jigen-san’s help, right? Thanks to that, I can be here right now in a complete piece.

After that, I ate a little bit of rice and then fell asleep immediately.

And the next morning.

Somehow, without a reason, my whole body feels so heavy.

It’s not that I’m hurting anywhere, but I feel completely sluggish, and I cannot wake up.

“Seiren-samaa, good morning…?”

While examining my expression, Oriza-san tilts her head. Alica-san opened the louver door and said something while facing the grounds underneath the window, perhaps she greeted Saryuu who is currently in there.

“Aah, uhm, good mor… somehow, I feel sluggish.”


After honestly explaining my condition, Oriza-san said, “Please excuse me,” and then placed her hand on my forehead. Her hand that touched me is quite bulky, but I think that her hand is pretty.

When that hand left my forehead, I thought that it was quite lonely. I wonder if it’s because I’m not feeling well?

“It doesn’t look like you have a fever, I think.”

“Ah, yeah, sorry.”

“No, no. You might be too tired after going outside. Let me call Jigen-san-“

After lightly turning her neck and saying that, Oriza-san rushed out of the room.

…Uhm, why Jigen-san?

“Are you alright?” Alica-san approached my bed, perhaps she heard my conversation with Oriza-san.

“Ah, Jigen-sensei has a magic tool that can do an easy medical examination.”

“Magic tool? …Ah, okay, somehow I got it.”

To put it simply, there are tools imbued with magical power. Then, Jigen-san will be able to examine me using that.

“How should I put it… isn’t there any doctor here?”

“There is, but we’ll be able to get a more accurate medical treatment after receiving the diagnosis from Jigen-sensei’s examination..”

“…Is that so?”

So there is a division of labor between the doctors and the magicians. Well, the technology here isn’t well-advanced, so in exchange for medical equipment, in some way or another, there exists magic. Perhaps, that’s what I concluded.

While I wrapped my mind vacantly to think about that, Oriza-san has returned. But, it wasn’t Jigen-san who came alongside her.

“Good morning. Seiren-sama, how are you feeling?”


“Oh my, it isn’t Jigen-sensei?”

“My grandfather said that it’d be better for me to go instead of him.”

Kuon-sensei replied with a mysterious-looking expression on her face towards Alica-san who asked with a hand on her cheek.

What’s going on?

“Well, anyway. Please excuse me for a while.”

Kuon-sensei casually takes off the light bedcover, and puts something somehow similar to a stone slab on top of me who’s currently laying down on the bed. After it slides crosswise several times, she proceeds to check the surface of it.

That board, could it be something like an X-ray, CT-scan, or MRI? As I thought, the magic tools serve as the replacement for the medical equipment. Well, if you can understand the condition inside of the body, then it’d be wise to check it first.

So, after viewing the board several times, Kuon-sensei nodded once and turned towards the maids.

“Oriza-san, Alica-san.”


“I think it’s [The Circulation] (Meguri no mono, 巡りの物). Perhaps since it’s Seiren-sama’s first time, her physical condition also worsened.”

Towards Kuon-sensei who declared it, the maids widened their eyes and went, “Eh?.” Oy, what the heck is going on?

“Is this her first time?”

“Oh dear.”

“Her circumstances also changed dramatically, so perhaps it added to her condition. Please prepare everything for her so she can have a good rest.”


“Understood. I’ll prepare it quickly.”

The two flustered girls rushed to the drawer. They opened the drawer and are now searching for something. So… what’s happening to me?

“…So what is it… [The Circulation]…?”

“That’s right. Uuuhm, I don’t know how you usually call it in the terms that you’re familiar with, but, uhm, it’s… how blood comes out from your shimo… [しも] (meaning : bottom part… you know what she means.)”

Hold on.

Shimo (written in katakana [シモ])… you mean, shimo (written in hiragana [しも], indicating that she’s starting to understand what it means)? You mean, my lower part?

Having blood coming out from there… that means…

Ah-, could it be?

“In the terms that I’m familiar with, it’s called menstruation, I think. Basically, there’s something preparing for pregnancy, but when they’re not needed, they will come out in the form of bleeding, right?”

“Yeah, that’s it. I’m glad-, you have the knowledge about it.”

Ding ding! I’m correct.

I see.

I have received lessons about it during middle school, so that’s it.

So that is right. I’m, right now… a girl, right.


“…so I also have it?”

“That is, of course! You’re a woman around the sufficient age for it.”

Kuon-sensei said with an exasperated look. Ah, well, is that so?

But, is it really because of that I feel so sluggish and depressed?

“It’s the common symptoms, so it’s alright. There might be differences in symptoms per individual, but it looks like for Seiren-sama’s case, you’d have the tendency to feel down about it, eh.”

“Is that so?”

“Some people might get hot-tempered, too. Take me as an example.”

…It’s not that I haven’t heard much about the symptoms from other people, but now I begin to think that from now on, it will be what I’ll experience first-hand with this body of mine. I should listen well to what they say about it.

…so sluggish–.

“Also, your world changed alongside with your body, too. Therefore, Seiren-sama’s body might be surprised at the sudden changes.”

“My body, is surprised…?”

“So, I think that you’ll get used to it eventually. Once you do, it will be much easier to deal with.”

“…I wish I’d grow accustomed to it really soon.”

Uwaa-. Eventually is… how many months later, I wonder?

Ah well, about the preparations. Sanitary pads, and slightly darker colored underwear and pajamas. Ah-, so that it will not be noticeable even when it gets dirty, eh? Since it looks like it hasn’t started yet for me, I was told to be careful.

Also, there is something like a porcelain container. Its diameter is about the same as melon’s, and it has a flat disk-shaped lid wrapped around some kind of a pouch.

…hm, it’s a hot-water bottle. So, there is something like this, huh.

“In case if your stomach aches, it’d be easier for you to just pour in hot water inside this hot water container [Japanese : yu utsuwa; 湯器(ゆうつわ)], and let it warm up a bit.”

Apart from the term used, it seems like the way to use it is the same. I don’t really know about its effectivity and practicality, but since I was told so, perhaps it’s true.

“Yeah, thank you very much.”

“Don’t mention it. From here on, I think the pain will be more intense, so please take a good rest, Seiren-sama.


Kuon-sensei’s smiling face overlapped with my mother’s worried face.

Ah-, I’m really bothersome, eh.

“Well then, I’ll leave the rest to you. I’ll be reporting the condition to the Madame.”

“Understood. Kuon-sensei, thank you very much.”

I can hear Alica-san’s voice, somehow it seems quite faraway.

…Ah-, somehow, I’m so sleepy.

I wonder how many days will I have to endure this?

A female is really amazing, eh…


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