Chapter 36: The Heartwarming, Villa Night Chat


Translator: LynneSuzuran

“So tired-“

When I got back to my room, I jumped straight towards the bed, and proceeded to lie face-down, with my body forming the letter 大.[1. The kanji of “dai” in Japanese, which means big. Pretty easy to imagine a body posture with that kanji, right?] Not only is my body tired, but my mental, too, since I just had an awkward conversation with Saryuu.

“Seiren-samaa. I understand your feelings, but your manner is bad.”

“Nah, I know that. That is why I’m doing this in where people can’t see me.”

“We don’t know that for sure, people might see you. Please be more careful.”


It seems that the luggage carrying activities outside have ended, and so I was rebuked by both Oriza-san who’s putting the clothes inside the dresser and Minoa-san who’s tidying up the accessories. Nah well, I will be careful if I am outside, though.

By the way, before I even noticed it, the two of them have changed into their usual uniforms. No, really, I didn’t even notice it.

I feel like they were wearing plain clothes during when I saw them unloading the luggage. I think that they are awesome for being able to change their clothes that quickly, but I wonder if it’s the kind of things that you will become skilled in at some time?

“…But, even still.”

When I was rolling over on the bed, I heard the sound of something hitting, so I hurriedly got up. Ah, I shouldn’t be wearing my shoes while rolling over on top of the bed, really. I hurriedly took my shoes off and properly put it behind. Nah, I think it’s more like tossing it off.

And, this time I am facing up. There is also a canopy here but it’s simple, and the unbleached cloth matches with the wooden house, giving it a gentle feeling.

“As expected, I feel calmer with a room around this size.”

As one might expect, as this villa is overall smaller than the mansion, naturally, my room is also smaller here. Or rather, this one room here. Nah, that is what I usually do.[2. Saying that this room is her room even if she’s only staying there temporarily.]

The room’s size itself is quite small, approximately around 10-jo, I think.[3. 10-jo pr 10 tatami mats. To know more about the sizing, go to] Since there is no tatami here, we generally measure the size by eyes, though.

But, I have been living in the same-sized room. When I was still in the institution, together with the children who were taken in the same way.

“Similar to the room where you lived in before, huh?”

“Yup. Although over there, a room around this size is used for around 4-5 people to sleep in.”


I omitted a lot of parts and answered just like that, causing the other two to be completely stunned. It can’t be helped, I really did grow up in that kind of environment.

Fu-, I hurriedly brought my decreasing consciousness back. Whoa, I really am exhausted, huh.

“Seiren-sama, I have brought the hot water in.”

“N, thank you, Minoa-san.”

Don’t steal my content, desu >_<

I thought that my consciousness was decreasing only for an instant, but could it be that several minutes have passed, I wonder. Before I even noticed it, Minoa-san has gone outside and brought in a towel and a bucket of hot water. Oriza-san has also given me a change of clothes. As expected, did I just fall asleep for a moment?

I wiped my own face and I had my hands and feet being wiped. Oh-, it feels good to have my feet being warmed. After that, I also washed my face with the cold water, but I have already woken up, unexpectedly.

“I think it’s dinner time soon, will it be alright?”

“Ah, yup. It’s fine, I think.”

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I wore the new change of underwear and I also changed my clothes. I am wearing a simple three-quarter sleeves dress that has white laces on top of the pale pink cloth. I also replaced my shoes with the soft one for indoor use.

I had my hair being brushed by Oriza-san, and I can say that this kind of thing is somewhat fun.

“Please be careful. It will be bad if your face gets plunged into the soup, you know?”

“I won’t do that, I won’t.”

Well, I am now fully awake after wiping my face, so I think it will be alright. …anyway, why did you say that kind of thing, though?

“…Or rather, did anyone actually do that?”

“Tehee, it’s actually me-“

“So, it’s you yourself!”

I reflexively snapped the back of my hand and thrust it. Oriza-san smoothly dodged it and continued to brush my hair. Because my hair has become slightly longer, it feels like it’s lightly being weaved within.

But still, Oriza-san has ever dozed off during a meal, huh. That is—well, all of the servants must be feeling more exhausted compared to us. It won’t be that weird for something like that to ever happen, then.

“Seiren-sama, Saryuu-sama, the meal’s ready.”

“Ah, yes. I’m coming.”

By the time my preparation is done, Godou-san’s voice can be heard. It’s time for a meal, I’ve been looking forward to it.

I didn’t notice it, but truthfully, I’m feeling hungry.

Of course, I think the other servants are feeling even hungrier.

“Yosh, shall we go?”



As I expected, Oriza-san and Minoa-san answered me very happily.

“I give my thanks to the God of the Sun and also to the season. Itadakimasu (let’s eat).”

So, it’s dinner time. Godou-san’s boasted cooking is all being lined up on top of the dining table, and overall they look simple, so I feel a little bit relieved.

There is a cream soup ful of vegetables, salt and pepper-seasoned fried chicken meat, and warm vegetables salad. Also, there is a freshwater fish being wholly covered in meuniere[3. A meunière sauce is a simple preparation—brown butter, chopped parsley, and lemon—and the name refers to its unelaborate rustic nature.]. The pastries are looking crispier than the ones that we usually eat.

Yeah, it seems like I prefer this family-oriented style more. Shiiya chefs’ cookings are also tasty though, which I’m grateful for everyday. Also, perhaps my mother also prefers the taste of the cookings like this.

“Ane-sama. This cheese is tasty.”

As he was tasting the cheese which is included in the salad, Saryuu made a really delighted expression. Come to think about it, I think he has also said it before.

“Ah, could it be Saryuu’s favorite, goat’s cheese?”

“Yes. Saryuu-sama unexpectedly likes it so much, that the first time he ate it, he overate it and stayed in the bed for the whole day.”

“Godou, what are you saying?!”

I can’t help but make a wry smile towards Saryuu whose face turned red because of his anger.

Or should I say, how did you eat the cheese that made you overeat and stayed in the bed for such a long time, dear little brother? I don’t know in what form it was made, but wouldn’t it be suffice to say that he ate everything?

“Nn, ah, it’s really tasty.”

When I tried to eat the cheese alone, it tasted a bit too strong and peculiar. Aah, that is why it came along with the salad. I think it’s a perfect substitute for dressing, yup.

“Ooh, it suits young miss’ liking, huh. That is good, then.”

“Oh my. Don’t eat too much, okay, Seiren?”

“Yes, I will be careful.”

When I answered to Kaa-san’s frivolous talk, I saw Saryuu who’s besides me, sinking in depression. Once you made a stupid blunder, it will be talked again forever. Do your best-, I cheered for him, although I only said that in my mind.

After the meal, both of my parents quickly returned to their room. I thought that they were going to sleep early, but turns out I was wrong.

“In a villa like this, the number of the employees are fewer, so they will be able to be intimate without paying a lot of attention towards the surrounding.”

The one who informed me about it was Godou-san.

Ah, in other words, they are going to make out huh, that husband and wife. Even though their daughter is already this big, they are still fine with being so intimate. Especially since there seemed to be something like a competition before getting mother’s hand in marriage.

Their room is in the inner side of the first floor, in other words, it is not close to the dining room which is located in the second floor, and the sound of the servants working won’t reach their room. …wait, it’s wrong, it should be the opposite huh, the opposite. Their voice during the making out session won’t be heard by the other party who will be doing their job.

…But, even with that, it wasn’t easy for them to conceive a child, it seems. And when I was finally born, I disappeared to somewhere else only after one month.

After that, there was a high possibility that they tried hard to concieve again, but still they couldn’t, so in the end, they adopted Saryuu.

It was terrible, I guess.

Well, with that being said, Saryuu and I will also return to our rooms early. But my younger brother is still caving in the cheese. He is unexpectedly being quite childish, huh. Well, I will leave that up to Kanna-san and the others.

“Seiren-sama, the sky is magnificent. Will you take a look at it?”


Minoa-san turned to look at me after she closed the louver door. By the sky, she means the night sky, huh? We have been going through a lot of troubles to arrive here, so shall I try to have a look at it?

I stood up from the sofa and approached Minoa-san who is next to the window, and gazed outside.


The stars are astonishingly sparking in the absurdly deep night sky. Or rather, the night sky is really dark here. It’s obvious, though.

Ever since I came to this world, frankly there weren’t a lot of chances to gaze at the nigh sky. Perhaps as a way to prevent crime, or so I thought, the louver door is always closed early. Even so, I have ever looked at it several times, and thought that it was amazing to have such a large amount of stars.

“It was also staggeringly amazing during when I gazed at it at the mansion, but the view here is more amazing, huh?”

“It’s because the air is cleaner here.”

“…The mansion’s air is also cleaner than the place I was living before, though.”

I spontaneously responded. Yup, since it’s a different world, there are lots of things to be compared. Since there are no big factories like there were in the other world, I think that both the road and the sky are completely clean.

But, even in this kind of world, there is such thing as the air getting polluted, huh?

“Is that so? The air around the mansion is more polluted than here, though, because there is the smoke from various works and cookings.”

“Ah-, I see.”

I see. So even if there are no big machines here, there is still the smoke produced from fire in general, huh. Since there is a hearth, there will also be the smoke from smoked food. I also heard that there is some gases being produced when you are making compost, but the air is more polluted in the cities more than in the countrysides.

Well, I think I seriously made an error in the target of comparison. Really, me.

“In the place where I was living, the smoke produced from work operation was quite a lot. Although people have paid more attention to it lately.”

“Uwaa, that is terrible.”

…I think so, too. It’s a lot more convenient in the other world, but there are lots of terrible things happening because of it, too.

I wish that the world over here will always stay this way.


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