Chapter 50: Immediately, The Letter’s Condition


Translator: LynneSuzuran

Only 3 days have passed ever since I sent out a letter to Taiga-san, but a reply letter arrived.
When I came down for breakfast, Yuzuruha-san was dealing with someone as he opened the entrance door. And, he turned over as he noticed my presence with an expression that told me that I was just right in time.

“Good morning, Seiren-sama. There is an express letter sent to you.”
“Good morning. So early in the morning?”
“It was designed to arrive as quickly as possible. This is it, here you go.”
“T-thank you very much. …Taiga-san, huh. That was so quick.”

I noticed the sender from the written letters. Which means Taiga-san wrote a reply as soon as he received my letter and immediately sent it, huh? That’s really as soon as possible.

“Yuzuruha-san. Could you please wrap something up for the mailman? It’s been hard for him, having to deliver the letter at such an hour, right?”
“Hmm, that is right. Then, let’s wrap some confectioneries up and hand it over to him.”

When I asked, Yuzuruha-san quickly arranged for it. Really, thanks for your hard work.
Since it’s a world that has no motorcycles just like the other world, it seemed to be unreasonably hard on him. No matter how many kinds of carriages exist, their speed couldn’t compare to motorcycles and they also shake often.
…Because the road’s stone paving at most, one would also jolt whenever the motorcycle shakes, right? The tire is made of rubber too, so I wonder if it’s still good?
Setting aside that kind of thoughts, let’s focus on the letter from Taiga-san first.

“I have planned on attending the party from the very beginning, but since it has come to this, then that’s all the more reason I must absolutely come.”
“Oh my, oh my. Taiga-sama seems to take a great liking to Seiren-sama, doesn’t he?”
“That’s right, that’s right-. Don’t you think that it’s pretty much settled, Seiren-sama?”

I can even feel his determination from his writing, and Alica-san and Oriza-san even poked fun of me so openly. I’m really sorry for making him use his determination for something like this.
However, with the exception of the Shiiya family, Taiga-san is the only person I can depend on like this. For some reason or another, I don’t have that much chance to meet with other people, too.
I’m sorry, and thank you, so I bowed my head towards the writing paper.

Anyway, what was written inside Taiga-san’s letter wasn’t only his answer towards my invitation. The one that he investigated from his own house was about the magician that went missing from the Shikino house approximately at the same time as my abduction.

“Regarding the magician Doumu, his whereabout is completely unclear. His teacher has already passed away, and since he was an orphan in the first place, he had no blood relative, so the letter said.”
“He is completely suspicious, right-.”

If one were to try to say it, then the word that’s suitable to call him was an assassin or a lost messenger, or something like that.
…Then, was I meant to be killed? Whoa, I’d hate that.
Thinking that I was so grateful for being raised by the orphanage director, I continued to read ahead.

“Let see, his magic of expertise is flame magic and… Transfiguration?”
“It’s quite self-explanatory, it’s a magic to alter the form of things.”

Here we have the well-informed one, Alica-san’s turn. Or, how should I put it, with the exception of the magic related to the transference, Oriza-san doesn’t seem to have a good memory. She seemed to have fun, though.

“If it’s a simple form, then it can be applied on several things at the same time, but as the complexity increases, the number of the things that can be handled at once also decreses, so it’s not very popular.”

Though it’s not popular, there are still people who can use it. Well, it doesn’t seem to be very suitable for mass-producing things.
Well, there’s no choice but to laboriously do it by hands, and it’s the most troublesome, right? But it’s such a world.

…Altering the shape of things, huh.

“Altering the shape, could it also be applied on for example, animals?”
“I don’t know-.”
“I have never heard of such thing before. Why don’t we try and ask Kuon-sensei?”
“That’s right. There’s a lesson at noon, so shall we ask her?”

In response to the question that I asked, Oriza-san shook her head immediately. Alica-san also tilted her head, so at the very least, it doesn’t seem like to have any major utilization.

“Transfiguration magic, to the animals, is it?”

At afternoon lesson time. When we threw the question that appeared this morning to Kuon-sensei, she pondered while furrowing her brows. Ah, this is an unprecedented thing.

“I’ve never heard of it, too. It’s not something that my grandfather has ever dealt with, or more precisely, there is an unwritten rule that states how the transfiguration magic shouldn’t be applied on living things.”
“Ah-. Which means, it’s something that one has never thought on, right?”
“That seems to be the case. Perhaps, something happened long, long time ago that it turned into a taboo, I think.”

Hmm, for some reason, it felt quite foggy.
I can somehow understand how that rule came to exist a long time ago. I don’t know the origin of it, but perhaps something happened a long, long time ago, right?
However, if there existed someone who smashed down that rule right now, then…

“…Speaking of transfiguration, Seiren-sama.”

Kuon-sensei, who seemed to cease her pondering, called me without any change in her unabashed tone of voice. She then presented an envelope with a slightly dull color. Today seems to be a day full of letters.

“It’s the result from examining your clothing. My father entrusted it to me.”
“T-thank you.”

Clothing. Which means, the clothes and shoes that I wore in the other world, and also the amulet pouch.
The result, whether there was any magic residue left over there. If one were to call it with the other world’s term, then this should be something akin to the result of a forensic’s work?

“Let me see………”

At the paper I took out from the envelope, I saw a sentence written there, and for an instant, I shivered.

The magic performed on Seiren-sama is presumed to be a developed form of the transfiguration magic.

“…It seems to hit a bull’s eye.”

The ones who could understand the meaning of it were only me and Kuon-sensei who peered in.
The taboo to perform transfiguration magic on animals, or even more, to humans.

Despite how advanced it might be, to perform a sex change-!
Stop bullshitting me, damn it-, thanks to this, I wasn’t accustomed to wearing female underwear at this age, or to be in poor physical health once each month, there were lots of troublesome things! At best, I can get used to something after around 3 or 4 times!

“Seiren-sama, did you receive the transfiguration magic?”
“……Ah, yeah.”

Alica-san timidly talked to me who was greatly perplexed and was screaming internally jn my mind. Aah well, it was something which was written on the paper that was laid out bare on top of the table, after all.
A developed form of the transfiguration magic. How would that affect me who has received such a magic?

“Come to think of it, Seiren-sama, when you took a bath for the first time here, you said that you have never seen your own breasts before, but…”

Oriza-san was having cold sweats. Aah, now that you mention it, I said such things at that time, huh?
Oh well, I was a man just before that, so of course I have never seen my female self’s breasts.


“Kuon-sensei. Minoa-san is having a magic lesson with Jigen-san today, right?”
“Yes. They should be reading a textbook around this time.”
“Is that so? Then, it’d be better to talk to all 3 people at the same time, right?”

If that fact was exposed, then we’ll think about it when the time comes. That was what I thought.
Being inflicted by the transfiguration magic, what happened to me? There’s no other choice left for me now, but to explain about it honestly.

“Are you sure about it?”
“I think it’d be better to talk about it earlier. That way, everyone will be able to understand the situation.”

Kuon-sensei was greatly surprised, but I wonder what kind of face I’m making right now? In my own terms, ah-, I feel refreshed after settling my resolution.
If everything was revealed, then I’d feel helped even more. If I were to be abandoned by Taiga-san and avoided by Saryuu, then that’s something inevitable.

“I’ll explain about the reason behind me addressing myself as [Ore], and about everything else.” [1. Ore is the masculine way to address oneself, so it’s usually used by males.]



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  3. Regarding the magician Doumu, his whereabout is completely unclear. His teacher has already passed away, and since he was an orphan in the first place, he had no blood relative, so the letter said.”
    “He is completely suspicious, right-.”
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