Chapter 51: At Last, Truth Explanation


Translator: LynneSuzuran

After going to Jigen-san’s house with everyone else, I talked about the truth to all 3 maids there, including Minoa-san.
About where I was and what I was doing after disappearing from the mansion up until the time when I returned home.

“…So, well, that’s how things were. Sorry for hiding it until this time.”

It took me a while to settle on my resolution, but the time it took to confess everything only lasted for a moment.
Well, it’s because I only said that I was raised as a man in the other world, though. After that, well, I felt refreshed for some reason. With this, I have nothing else to hide… so I thought.
Now then, as for the response from the maids that heard this story.


Minoa-san was speechless. If we wait for a bit longer, would she have any sort of reaction?

“Seiren-sama was… a man…”

Alica-san was staring at me with a serious face. Well, even when I was a man, I had feminine features on my face, though.

“Eh-. But Seiren-sama is adorable-.”
“Oriza-san, perhaps that’s not what you should be concerned about.”

Oriza-san unexpectedly didn’t change at all. Or rather, I felt honestly saved from that kind of reaction. To be frank, even from before, I’ve also felt like… No, it’s not like I’m saying that I’m cute myself, okay?!
Minoa-san who had been speechless for a while, blinked her eyes several times before turning to face me.

“What did the Master and Madame think of it?”
“Tou-san and Kaa-san? Hmm-…”

Being asked that, I tried to recall my parents’ reactions. ………Huh?

“For some reason, they didn’t seem to have any special reaction. I was already a woman when my mother hugged me.”

That was the result of me trying to recall that moment. Whoa, for some reason, I’m having a facial spasm.
When I first met my mother and embraced tightly by her, I noticed that there was something caught between us, and I was like, “Eh-?”
So, when my mother asked, I only nodded, and when I was told by my father that they had something to tell me, the two of them seemed like they didn’t care about it at all.
The two of them didn’t see the male version of myself in the end, so they seemed to be like, “Oh, well,” yup.

“Then, may I do that as well?”
“Do what?”
“Do the same reaction as the Master and Madame.”

Minoa-san who heard my answer seemed to conclude things like that. In other words, for the time being, let’s not think about it.
Well, that seems to be the best. Even when you try to think about it hardly, it’s not like the past can change. Or rather, in my case, I was originally born as a female and then got kidnapped as a man, and returned to be a female again when I returned here, it was quite a bothersome circumstances.

“Aah, yeah. I’d be helped if you could just act normally without worrying about it… Or would that be impossible?”
“Or rather-. Seiren-sama, with the exception of your masculine way of speech, there doesn’t seem to be any problem-?”
“That’s right. Certainly, I feel like you’re relatively acting like a woman.”
“As far as we are concerned, we think that you’re really like a woman from the Shiiya family.”

Those words were said by the usual Oriza-san, Alica-san whose expression seemed like she agreed on something, and Minoa-san who seemed to have stopped thinking about it. Was I being praised or something?
No, that is irrelevant to whether I’m a man or a woman, I think that the problem perhaps lies in how I was able to grow up.
Speaking of my being able to grow up, I’m sure that it’s thanks to the orphanage director.

Oh well, it seems that everyone has understood it, so let’s try to discuss something with them for a bit.

“So, well. I haven’t talked about it with Saryuu and Taiga-san, but do you think it’d be better for me to tell them?”
“Shouldn’t it be better for you not to tell them?”
“That’s right. Even if you told them, it doesn’t seem to hold any kind of significance-… Saryuu-sama seemed like he’d be staying in bed for a long time, though.”
“If you’d get married to Taiga-sama in the future, then at that time, you should do as you like, so I think, Seiren-sama.”

Alica-san immediately replied. Just as Oriza-san said, if Saryuu were to know that I was originally a man, then it seemed like he’d have nightmares in his sleep.”
Then, Minoa-san. The talk about my marriage immediately came forward. No, I also want to think about it for a bit longer, though.

“…Somehow, it doesn’t feel like it can be settled, huh?”
“Is that so? I haven’t seen Taiga-sama’s state of affairs in actuality, but from what I can conclude from the letter that I saw this morning, Taiga-sama seemed to like Seiren-sama very much.”

The one who answered first was Alica-san who hasn’t seen Taiga-san in actuality. If the person who hasn’t seen the reality directly like her could say something like that, then I wonder what about the other two who’ve already witnessed it in person?

“…The basket, it’d be bad if it hit him, right? …I wonder if it’d be better to put it in inside the room quickly?”
“No, no, there’s no use putting it in the room-. In the first place, we’re talking about Taiga-san, so there should be no problem even if there’s a maid that could land a direct hit with the basket at him, right? Hahaha, isn’t it pretty much settled?”

Y-o-u g-u-y-s-. No, I won’t voice it out, though.
Or rather, it seems terrifying enough that things might seriously end up like that.

“…Kuon-sensei. Is it fine for me to be troubled with it?”
“I don’t mind, but the problem won’t be settled with just that, right?”

Yes, thank you for delivering the final blow. Certainly, that won’t solve anything, though.

“Well, such is that thing.”

Well, this is Jigen-san’s house. Because we were intruding on the classroom in which Minoa-san studied magic, obviously Jigen-san was also in here.
So, the person himself cut into the conversation during the silence that came in after us women have finished making a racket.

“Now then, now then, the question is who made Seiren-sama turn into a male? The magician that could kidnap her and toss her into a different world, and then performing a magic that could alter her body, to put that into consideration, well, normally there is no such capable magician.”
“Normally, then is this case different?”

Alica-san asked that question in her curiosity. Well, that appears to be the case. With that kind of speaking manner, then it shouldn’t be something that we can think of normally.

“From my assessment, there are delicate variation to how one constructs their spells. To put it simply, it seems that Seiren-sama was thrown into a different world and had her body altered due to the spells performed by different magicians.”

Wow. I see, so Jigen-san has finished examining the magic remnants left on me. And the result that he deduced from it was this, huh?
Or more precisely, even when there are different magicians as suspects, there would be only two at the most, right?

“…That, such a possibility exists, huh?”
“Yes. The one who altered Seiren-sama’s body was most likely to be Doumu from the Shikino house. Perhaps after being thrown into a different world, he passed away there.”

As I thought-.
According to Taiga-san’s letter, Doumu-san seems to be a magician whose expertise is the transfiguration magic.
Meanwhile, the magician who worked for the Shiiya household was studying transference magic.
Then, it’s the most natural thing to think that each one of them performed different spells on me. What’s more, the two of them either disappeared or passed away at around the same time, that’s why.
But well, although it was really possible for the magician in the Shiiya mansion to do so, but Doumu-san was the magician from Shikino household and he met me right after I was born, or so they said.
If that’s the case, then where or when did he perform his spell on me?

“Uhm. Jigen-san. Is it possible to perform a magic from a distance? To be more specific, it’s about Doumu-san.”
“In case where the target of the spell is only an individual, the more distance it is performed, then the more uncertain the effect becomes. In other words, we can be the most certain when we perform a magic right in front of us.”

I guess so.

“In brief, that magician called Doumu, he had to come into the Shiiya mansion, right?”
“And he was found out by our house’s magician, is that what happened?”
“And then, one thing happened after another, and they performed their own spells on Seiren-sama, was it such a thing?”

Minoa-san lightly asserted it, but I wonder if the people of our house didn’t even notice such a thing? In other words, he was a trespasser, right? Then, did the situation develop in the same way as what Oriza-san and Alica-san said?
Uhm that, then a protest to the Shikino house… Ah, it’s impossible, huh? We hardly have any evidence here. In the first place, I wonder why he did such a thing?

“Uhm-. Can we send a protest to the Shikino family? That, or a prosecution to the royal palace?”
“Well, there is no decisive evidence yet, after all. In addition, by requesting a prosecution to the royal family, then it won’t be settled as just a matter between the Shiiya family and the Shikino family.”

Jigen-san’s words were deep and heavy. It seems that a quarrel among fellow feudal lord houses would be fairly difficult, and that’s also why my father didn’t seem to want to aggravate things.

“Yeah. That’s why, we’d like to properly finish everything confidentially and amicably.”

Kuon-sensei informed it. Then, it’s concluded that the settlement would be akin to negating someone’s crimes.
Otherwise, it might bring various troubles to me, my father, my mother, Saryuu, and even Taiga-san.

[For sharing this conversation with me means that you trust me even a little bit, right? I have to repay your trust, as a person who’s going to succeed the Shikino family.]

Taiga-san who said that to me before, could it be that he was prepared for such a thing, and even knowing that, he still investigated things?
I’m sorry, if I don’t say it many times over, I don’t think that can be counted as my apology.



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