Chapter 52: Finally, The Debut


Translator: LynneSuzuran

“Don’t be worried, Seiren-sama. Even if my ability is poor, you still have this old Kasai Jigen.”

The dignified voice resounded inside the small house.
The magician who told me that was looking fondly at me while nodding. Ah, I wonder why. Even though it’s just that, I feel relieved.

“When I first came here, I didn’t understand the whole background, but I knew the fact that Seiren-sama disappeared from within the mansion.”

That’s right, Jigen-sama was called to this house for the sake of looking for me and bringing me back. And then, he had been doing his best as this house’s exclusive magician.

“So, we concluded that this incident was caused by a trespasser from outside, and then I used defense magic to this whole mansion. Therefore, at the very least, we don’t have to be concerned anymore about any magic spell.”

The result of that time’s investigation seemed to be that.
By defense magic, is it something akin to a barrier that was also used at the villa? However, it was fine for us to be going out and in as usual. I wonder if it’d be okay when there were the needs of authentication like the case with the delivery snakes.

“What kind of technique did you use?”
“I can’t tell you the detailed information, but it’s a barrier that only let trivial magic spells to be performed within the mansion. There was an exception, and that was during the time when I performed a ceremony in order to call Seiren-sama back from a different world.”

I see. So, magic spells could only be performed in the exclusive or the private room inside the mansion?
However, I wonder if such a thing was often used?

“Speaking of which, is it quite rare to envelop the whole thing with a magic spell?”
“It takes a bit of time to prepare for the spells, and generally, the spells were only performed at the walls that surrounded the mansion. The two-layered barrier like the one applied in this mansion should be quite a rare thing even in the royal’s residences.”
“…I see.”

Didn’t Jigen-san just say something remarkable without any hesitation? It’s even quite rare to be applied in the residences of the royalty, in other words, it’s quite a strict barrier, right?
In the first place, it takes a bit of time, huh? If it really takes quite a bit of time, then it shouldn’t be that rare to see two-layered barriers like this, right?
Which means, the person who’s in front of me right now is not your ordinary magician. Although from the point of view of his granddaughter, Kuon-sensei, he might seem to be a doting grandpa.
And that magician who’s doting on his granddaughter was looking at me and gently smiled.

“During when Seiren-sama’s debut party will be held, such defense countermeasure will also be performed. However, no matter what kind of defensive countermeasure taken, there’d certainly be some holes. Therefore, please be careful.”
“…I see. Thank you very much.”

…Conversely speaking, it means that my parents stated that they wouldn’t be holding their daughter’s debut party if such a defense countermeasure wasn’t applied, huh? Especially, perhaps Tou-san. Nah, well, for some reason, that’s what I feel.

“Well, it seems that Taiga-sama will be in high spirits at that time, so perhaps we can also depend on him-“
“…To be honest, I feel like that’s the fastest defense countermasure.”
“No comment~. However, there’s nothing better than us not having any screentime for such a thing.”

…No, really. In other words, there’s no other meaning that Minoa-san implied rather than good luck, Taiga-san.
Or rather, I wonder why Taiga-san’s name would appear there all of a sudden?

“That’s obvious, Taiga-sama even has sent a letter declaring his determination to try his best for Seiren-sama’s sake.”
“Kuon-sensei, please don’t make such a free translation like that…”

Around half month ever since that, there were a lot of preparations done. In the meantime, I had another Circulation and spent a whole day in bed, taking measurements in order to create a new dress, trying on the outits several times while fixing trivial things, and somehow my footprint was also taken. Also, I diligently attended my dance practice.
Ah, I’ve grown used to it that I only had to stay in the bed for one whole day, so it’s pretty much becoming easier. What a relief.
I’ve also exchanged several letters occasionally with Taiga-san, or rather, the condition right now is roughly like a correspondence already. Taiga-san seems to be using a same day delivery service every time, and although it’s great to be able to read it faster, I feel sorry for the mailman. Therefore, I prepared some tea and chips for them. Thanks for your hard work.

“He said that he couldn’t get in touch with the servants who quit during that time. The only person he managed to find was gravely injured that he was confined to bed.”
“This has become increasingly suspicious, huh?”

I read the content of today’s letter and furrowed my brows together with Alica-san. Minoa-san had a fed up expression.
Taiga-san originally has often wandered around his territory, so apparently, it won’t be so suspicious of him for having to go here and there. Using that advantage, he has managed to investigate various things including the servants who quit during the time when Touya-san became the feudal lord. That means Genjirou has been flying around quite a lot, huh?

“Also… the outfit that I’d use to the party is now finished. I want to quickly show it to Seiren-sama…”
“As expected, he especially tailored a new clothing.”
“He is really serious, huh…”
“Minoa-san, Alica-san, can you please put the same level of seriousness towards thinking of the earlier topic instead?”

For some reason, each and every time this sort of topic enters, I come to my wits’ end at each time, too. About how it’s been a while since he last danced, or that he’d try to arrange his hair. Nah, it’s doesn’t feel bad to be liked to this extent, though. How do I say it, I feel like being desperately appealed by a clumsy person.
…Somewhow, I feel like it won’t be enough no matter how many times I apologize. The other party who’s trying to appeal so desperately like that is Taiga-san who isn’t aware of my own circumstances. About how I’m a male on the inside.
That’s why, at the very least, I think that I’d like to wait for the current problem lying in front of our eyes to be settled precisely first before trying to shake him with that. I’d like it if things will go smoothly just like how it went with my parents and my maids, but there’s no way it’d go as smoothly as that, huh.

Anyway, as the preparations were done in quite a hectic manner, finally the party day arrived in the twinkling of an eye. From around noon, I can see through the window that there are carriages arriving in front of the mansion. Ah, in order so I won’t meet with the guests until my debut time, to put it roughly, I’m under a house arrest. Well, since it will be my first time going out in front of the guests and greet them, there are a lot of things I need to do.
Specifically, afternoon bath. I need to wash my whole body, dry my hair, and wear new clothes—even my underwear. I’ll get changed to the dress that was specifically made for this party just right before the party starts, so before that, I’m wearing a casual outfit and lightly eat my meal. Since I’ll be pretty much busy to talk with the guests about many things, I don’t have much leeway to enjoy the meal.
Anyway, when evening came, I changed into the dress. I’ve worn it several times during the fitting, but this is the first time I’ll actually be wearing it.

“Hey, do they suit me? Like the dress and the make up?”
“Of course, Seiren-sama.”
“They suit you very much-.”

Minoa-san nodded in satisfaction and patted my shoulders. Oriza-san seemed to be enjoying the situation as usual.
It’s a bright red long dress with many frills that barely didn’t drag the hem off. There was a long ribbon around my waist that was tied in a bowknot at the back side. There was a portion of the skirt that was longer, but it looked kind of cute. Well, this came from the person wearing it.
The neck portion was considerably open and decorated with mainly golden-colored accessories. Obviously, I also brought along my precious amulet.
My hair which got considerably longer was curled around the nape, and it seemed to be covered by a black mesh. There were also plenty of flower decorations, and it felt a little bit ticklish.
And, well, just for today, my make-up was quite a lot. …though I said that, it wasn’t in any way gaudy. Or rather, it seems that it doesn’t look gaudy because of the material issues. Only my lips are somewhat clear, though.

“And Seiren-samaa, what about the shoes?”
“Yup. This shoes, its material is quite soft, huh. It looks okay.”
“I’m glad-. Ah, again, please don’t fall over, okay?”
“I’ll be careful.”

I have become used to Oriza-san’s comments with her smiling face such as what happened above. Or should I say that I was being taken care by this silly girl?
Regardless, for the dancing performance, I’m wearing a tall shoes with deep red color. However, I feel grateful because it’s got quite a large ground surface. It’s the type that has ribbon up to the ankle, so it’s pretty comfortable. I can firmly fix my feet inside the shoes.

“An insole was created in order that the shoes would fit your sole of feet, so I think that it would hardly make your feet slip off. Even so, if you’re still worried about it, you can call us servants any time.”
“Yeah. But is it fine for me to excuse myself and escape while in the middle of talking with other people?”
“It’s our job to take over that part, too.”

I think Minoa-san who spoke out clearly like that was really cool. The servants and the employees have to be quite intelligent, or else they won’t be able to do their work properly, huh?

“Seiren-sama, your escort has arrived.”
“Yes, please come in.”
“Excuse me. Seiren-sama, there is still time left, so let me guide you to the hall.”

The one who’d be my escort was Yuzuruha-san who was wearing black outfit that’s thinner than usual. He also wore a green scarf tie, and he looked cool.
Well then, shall we go? When I stood up, Oriza-san smoothly approached me. Whoa, just now, I didn’t even hear her footsteps.

“We will be mainly watching over the banquet hall and its circumference. There are also other servants being on alert outside the mansion, and actually, there are Alica who’s mixed in with the other guests.”

So that’s why I hadn’t seen her face!
Whoa, I now understand everything. And at the same time, I felt relieved.
I see, at the very least, Alica-san will be near me, huh? Yosh.

“Thank you. …For now, I’ll try my best.”

I lightly clenched my fist and followed behind Yuzuruha-san’s back to exit the room.

My mother had been waiting in front of the door. My father was already inside and he seemed to be in the middle of talking with the guests. Being a feudal lord seems very tiring.
When Yuzuruha-san opened the door, a lot of gazes ran into our direction simultaneously.
The banquet hall looked completely different from when I saw it during the cleaning earlier. The chandelier was shining brightly, there were lots of buffet tables lined up with various light meals and drinks on them, and there were the servants who were wearing a slightly cooler outfit than usual as they walked around the area.
And then, well- obviously, there were lots of dressed up people. Everyone was brimming with the aura of rich people, and I seemed to lost my appeal. Just where on earth did these people come from?
Even so, I wonder why there were lots of middle-aged men coming to this place? The one who seemed to be the youngest among such guests was—no matter how you looked at it—the one who was wearing a light green outfit, Taiga-san. Is that it, did they come because they wanted to offer the position of their bride to me?
…I was greatly perplexed at my own thoughts. Hmm, I’d better stop now. Or how should I put it, I didn’t manage to spot Alica-san. Did she manage to avoid my line of sight that well? That seemed to be the case.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. This is my first time appearing in front of everyone like this. I’m the eldest daughter of the Shiiya family, Seiren.”

Anyhow, I didn’t want rumors about me reading the greeting scenario that was written in a piece of paper.
That’s why, I delivered my greeting in words that I could say on my own.
Tou-san and Kaa-san, and even Taiga-san were looking at me. Therefore, I should be fine.

“Please enjoy this banquet.”

When I held my skirt and slightly bowed, suddenly there were the sound of clapping hands resounding in the hall.



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