Chapter 58: Now Then, Breakfast Conversation


Translator: LynneSuzuran

I opened my eyes abruptly.
When I got up, I was in my own bed properly. I was also wearing a sleep-wear properly, so there didn’t seem to be any problem.
Let me be honest. I actually didn’t really remember how I managed to return to my own room and sleep. I just remembered up to the point when Taiga-san sent me off halfway and said good night at the entrance.
After thinking for a while with a blank mind, I suddenly remembered.

[Seiren-sama. Are you willing to become my wife?]

Just then, my face grew hotter. Eeh, just what am I thinking this early in the morning?
Or well, we had a party last night, and then I was abducted afterward, and after that, uhm, Touya-san wasn’t Touya-san, but he was actually Touka-san, and the orphanage director appeared. What a drastic turn of events.

“…Ah-, uhm, it… it wasn’t a dream, right? Yes.”
“It’s fine to make different kind of faces, but will you please snap out of it already, Seiren-sama?”
“Oh, hwa?!”

I was so surprised because someone called my name so suddenly that I almost fell out of the bed. Yes.
When I turned around in a fluster, Alica-san was looking at me with an astonished face. Unlike her figure in a dress from yesterday, she returned to wearing her usual maid-styled uniform today.
Or rather, since she was looking at me from inside the room, that would mean that the door was already opened, huh? Yup, I didn’t even notice it, I really need to snap out of it.

“G-good morning, Alica-san.”
“Good morning, Seiren-sama. I’ve also brought you some hot water, please feel free to use it.”
“Ah-, ye~s!”

Once I greeted her, Alica-san showed a bitter smile and handed me the thing she was holding.
I wiped my face with a towel that was soaked with hot water and refreshed my mind with it.
No, well, I mean, yes, that wasn’t a dream, or so it seemed. It seemed like I ended up being Taiga-san’s fiancee now. Hehe, I feel happy.
Happy, huh.
Or rather, hey, since when have I really become a woman? As expected, is it the influence of my body which was changed into a woman’s?
As I got down from my bed while thinking about it, Oriza-san came in to bring my clothes. When I noticed her, she was smiling at me.

“Seiren-samaa, good morning-. Have you gotten awake properly-?”
“Ah, Oriza-san. Morning.”
“Ufufu, I’ll show you something good right now-“
“Something good?”

I wonder what it is? As I inclined my head in confusion, Oriza-san pointed out several times below the window. Aah, as usual, Saryuu should be doing his morning practice, huh. Let me see.

“Good morning, Seiren-sama!”

W-why is Taiga-san there? Ah no, since he is Saryuu’s big brother, it won’t be weird for him to be saying that he was accompanying Saryuu’s morning practice, but, eeeeeeeeh?!

“You had an opening!”

And so, Saryuu swung his wooden sword overhead towards Taiga-san who was smiling at me. However, in the next moment, Taiga-san lightly swung a hit to Saryuu’s side and landed his counterattack. I thought that it was a light hit, but Saryuu seemed to be in pain. He was frowning.

“Hahaha, you’re still lacking of skill, Saryuu.”
“Ouch, ouch… Ane-sama, good morning.”

Together with a nonchalant Taiga-san, Saryuu also greeted me even while he was grimacing. If you look at them like this, it seems like they are a pair of close brothers, so I think.

“…Ah, yeah, good morning. By the way, what are you doing?”
“Nah, since Saryuu said that he wanted to practice for real, I went out all-in to him. Hahaha!!”
“Saryuu said that?”

The reason why Taiga-san was there was just as I guessed. Well, he certainly would make a better sword sparring partner in comparison to the people in our house. But why, though?

“Yes! Because I still have something I ought to do!”
“Something you ought to do?”
“Yes. I need to protect my big sister until the day Ane-sama marries my Nii-sama!”

Looking at me who was greatly perplexed, I felt like Alica-san and Oriza-san were making the same face as they muttered, “Ah-.”
No, well, the proposal last night was totally real, huh? No, I mean, I have accepted it, too. We’re in a relationship for the time being, though.
…Ane-sama and Nii-sama, huh. I wonder if Saryuu is happy because I’ll be with Taiga-san? If that’s the case, then I’m also happy.
Wait, time is running out.

“Uhm, ah-, yeah. I’ll be expecting you, then… By the way, it’s breakfast time soon.”
“Ooh, it’s already at that time, huh. Then, Saryuu, let’s continue this later on.”
“Yes. Thank you very much!”

Taiga-san smoothly stored his wooden sword at his hips and Saryuu-san sternly straightened himself and bowed. That sort of actions looked so cool, right? As expected of Taiga-san’s little brother, so I thought. No, he’s also my little brother, though.
Then, Taiga-san turned to face me and showed a dazzling smile.

“Well then, Seiren-sama. I will also be joining you in breakfast time, so let’s meet again later.”
“Ah, yes.”

I wanted to say, “Until later,” but my voice didn’t come out.
Ah-, this is bad, why is Taiga-san so cool?
Or rather, seriously, calm down, me! Perhaps I’d be like a girl in love in other people’s eyes, no matter how you look at it.

“Seiren-sama is a maiden in love, right-?”
“Sssh! I understand it, though!”

…Yes, as expected, I looked like that way in their eyes, yup.

Oh well, anyway, I need to get changed for breakfast. I wore a pink and white two-toned one piece and had my hair being put together behind my back, and walked towards the people waiting for me in front of the dining room. There were Taiga-san and one more person.

Oh, morning, Seiren.[1. This Seiren is spelled with the kanji of blue lotus, and needless to say, it’s the orphanage director’s way to address Seiren.] Did you sleep well?”
“Ah, orphanage director. Good morning.”

It was the orphanage director who suddenly appeared yesterday. When I looked at him all out of a sudden, I was so surprised. The orphanage director was properly wearing the garments of this world. Speaking of which, he was slightly shorter than Taiga-san.
Despite having the same face as Touka-san, he was like a completely different person if I were to look at him like this.
…Nonetheless, my father and the others weren’t there, so there wasn’t any opportunity to compare him, though. So it can’t be helped that I haven’t noticed it until now.

“You stayed here last night, didn’t you?”
“Well, yeah. I had to explain lots of things to your parents, that grandpa, and Taiga.”

The expression that the orphanage director had as he looked at Taiga-san felt like a mischievous chid’s gaze. Taiga-san who had a bitter smile seemed more adult-like than him, and I wonder what I should be thinking of this spectacle. Although that side of him is also fine.

“Even so, when I take another look at you, you have gotten so pretty, huh, Seiren.”
“What? Nah, I’m not even aware of it, though.”

Uhm, oiii, I wish you didn’t say such a thing so suddenly like that. No, moreover, he did it in front of Taiga-san, wait, why did Taiga-san’s name appear here? I never expected that a woman’s heart would be this bothersome. Whoa-, things seem difficult from now on, for me.

“Besides, you came here approximately 3 months ago, right? I have been looking for you the whole time. Also, that means I haven’t seen you for 3 months.”
“W-well, that’s how things look like, huh…”
“That’s how they are. The people who have been away for quite a long time are the ones who usually notice the changes made in the meantime.”

The orphanage director put his hand on my head and lightly pat me. If it goes as how it usually is, he’d be stirring my hair up, but… aah, I had my hair put together, so he was taking that into consideration.

“Now, time to eat. Let’s go, Seiren. Taiga, you must escort her at any cost, since she’s your future bride.”
“Yes-, wait-?”
“That’s right. Shall we go, Seiren-sama?”

Uhm, Taiga-san. Can you please not take on the orphanage director’s teasing as if it’s enjoyable? Ah- well, it can’t be helped that my face felt hot because of it, right?

When my father, my mother, and Saryuu arrived and all members were complete, we had a breakfast while being—how do I say it—enveloped in a delicate tension. Well, I mean, we just found out yesterday that the orphanage director got his identity stolen, and as for Taiga-san, well. Nah, just what am I getting at, me.
Amidst all of it, the orphanage director who couldn’t really read the situation, inquired something that perhaps everyone would like to ask.

“Speaking of which, what happened to that Touka guy? Did the grandpa take charge of him?”
“Kuon said that he was mentally knocked down. Well, with that, he won’t think of any bad idea again, right?”
“Mentally… is it?”
“Yes, mentally.”

My father sighed a little. When you think of it, well, it was about a friend that he has known for many years, after all.
Then, my mother’s smile as she replied Saryuu’s question like a parrot looked totally scary. Why would she show that kind of smile at a time like this, it was totally so impactful.
For the time being, let’s stop thinking of what happened. I feel like I don’t have to see it until it’s finally time to see.
Even so, why would the orphanage director come out with the talk about Touka-san? There are his two biological sons here.

“Aah, it’s impossible even if I tell Taiga to not mind it, right? Since Saryuu has been with the Shiiya family ever since you were very small, you might get a little shocked, but…”
“…That’s right. My surname has already become Shiiya ever since I was around 6 years old, so even if you told me that about my biological father, I didn’t really…”

…So it’s like that, huh. Well, perhaps it was like me becoming the orphanage director’s son ever since I became aware of things, and then suddenly there appeared two people who claimed to be my parents, perhaps I’d just tilt my head in confusion—something like that, huh? No, wait, is that wrong?



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