Chapter 63 : A Commotion, The Meal Next Morning


Translator: LynneSuzuran

“…Can you stop joking?”

As expected, since I detested the idea of having an affair whether it’s for real or just a joke, I stopped hiding my anger. I tried to glare at him, but perhaps, I don’t think that the female me possessed any intensity in doing so. As a proof, Leo-san only looked at me while smiling. He didn’t seem to be surprised, nor did he seem to be afraid of me.
Also, his eyes quickly narrowed. Whoa, my opponent has even more intensity than me when he does that.

“Oh my, I’m quite serious, though? Seiren-chan, you might get cheated by some man in the future. So, you gotta practice, practice.”

Nn. There is no change in his tone, but his voice sounds somewhat serious. Which means, was he really serious about the affair thing he was talking about? He said something about practicing, but seriously, give me a break.

“I don’t want to practice doing that.”
“Hmm, well, you’re such a serious person, after all.”

When I tried to make it apparent by declaring my resolute rejection, as expected, Leo-san understood that I was being serious and posed himself by throwing up his hands. Nah, seriously, spare me already. Even if I were that shrewd, I’m not such a fickle person.


Look, even Ayato-san sounded like he was angry. Leo-san who got surprised for a moment then turned around to look at him and the sullen Maito-san while laughing, “Ahaha.” Could it be that he was having a cold sweat?

“I understand. I won’t insist on it.”
“You were already insistent at the time when you intruded here.”
“An obstinate man is detestable.”
“Oof-, even Maito said so?”

Even I was also surprised. It hasn’t even been one day since I first met them, but strange enough, I could understand what Maito-san spoke of so bluntly.
However, as expected that Leo-san would break down if even Maito-san spoke like that. Leo-san meekly bowed his head down.

“I’m sorry. I was careless.”
“There is no next time, okay?”

When I pouted a bit, Leo-san shrugged his shoulders while shaking his head. As one would expect, I’m relieved that he isn’t the kind of person to keep insisting even at this point. No, in that case, this whole residence would get involved, though.

“Nn, but be careful. Seiren-chan is way too adorable, so there will surely be a lot of insects approaching you.”

I unconsciously trembled in surprise when he mentioned the word “insect”.
I guess Leo-san said that in order to praise me, but still.
I was turned into a man just so there won’t be any insects approaching me. Perhaps, there is still some disgust left inside my head at those words inside my head even until now, I think. To be honest, I feel disgusted from hearing those words just now.

“Minoa-san, chair.”

Even with those few words alone, Minoa-san managed to catch what I meant. She grasped the chair that she lifted earlier and changed her position to be ready to hit.
No, I’m not telling you to really hit him, alright? Minoa-san seemed to understand that too, and since there were Ayato-san and Maito-san over there, it was most likely impossible to hit him, so she stopped.
However, it was still a sensitive topic to me, so…

“Kyaa! Good nightt!”
“Good night, Leo-sama.”
“Good night. Please take care.”

Leo-san jumped up from the sofa in a fluster and went out of the door. Minoa-san and Alica-san sent him out, even when Minoa-san was still holding the chair and Alica-san tidying up the tea. Ayato-san and Maito-san pursued Leo-san in a hurry, but they stopped right in front of the door and turned around at us. The two of them straightened their postures and bowed.

“Good night, Seiren-sama. We really apologize for Leo-sama’s behavior. Please accept our apology.”
“…We’re sorry.”
“Aah, yeah, Ayato-san and Maito-san didn’t do anything wrong. Thanks for your hard work.”
“We’re greatly obliged to your words. Well then.”

The two of them took out their breath in relief at my answer and went out of the room. *Thud*–As the sound of the closing door could be heard, Minoa-san returned the chair back to its original position. Alica-san examined my expression thoroughly.

“Are you all right, Seiren-sama? Your complexion seems to be slightly bad.”
“Ah… Yes, I’m fine.”

Whoa, did it affect my complexion? This is bad, this is bad, I have to be more careful.
Nah, I realized that he was quite peculiar just like Touka-san. But well… Ah yeah, I certainly can’t be accustomed to such people. Since there was that incident during the spring festival, I haven’t gone out of the mansion that often. However, it’s clear to me now that dealing with a female and a male is really different in various aspects. Yup.

“…Before going to bed, I’ll write a letter to Taiga-san. I still want to send it out first thing in the morning tomorrow.”

Not good, not good, no matter how much I put my thoughts into it alone, the answer won’t come out. If that’s the case, let’s ask someone else’s opinion. That way is absolutely better than pondering alone. Taiga-san, sorry for giving you more troubles.
For the time being, let’s write about how Leo-san, the freeloader, came. His personality, and about how he said that I needed to be more careful since there would be insects approaching me. I also wrote about how the word “insects” that he said caused me to feel disgusted. And as for his statement that suggested an affair… Ah, let’s just write them down just in case. I added that I had properly rejected his idea.
I wonder if he would get angry… but I thought that it’d be good if he expressed his concern. Really, I’m such a selfish and an uncool person, huh.

The next morning, I woke up at the sound of the door opening.
I must be very tired, since I didn’t have any dream last night.

“Good morning, Seiren-sama-.”
“Morning, Oriza-san.”

That’s right, it’s the day Oriza-san comes. In comparison to Minoa-san and Alica-san, she’s easier to talk to, and I feel saved because of it. And, speaking of which, the one who’s taking a day off today is Minoa-san, so I can’t ask her to throw the chair. Nah. I won’t do so, though.

“Good morning, Seiren-sama. You had a nice rest last night, right?”
“Morning, Alica-san. Yeah, I think I was very tired last night.”
“I understand your feelings. Here you go.”

Alica-san brought me a bucket of water and a towel, so I washed my face and felt refreshed. Phew-, yosh, I’m fully awake now.

“As instructed, I have sent out the letter first thing in the morning.”
“Ah, yes, thanks.”

Ah-, I’m glad. I had properly written the letter and stamped the wax seal on it. I wonder if it would arrive at Taiga-san’s place by tomorrow?
When I was thinking about it, Oriza-san beckoned me with a mischievous expression. Since she was next to the window, I wonder if there is something happening outside?

“Seiren-sama, there’s another good scene today, too.”
“What is it?”
“Uhm, it’s something quite interesting.”

Oriza-san pointed out below the window, so I thought that it had something to do with Saryuu’s morning training, but I wonder what is it? Come to think of it, I heard the sound of swords clashing, so I wonder if he was in the middle fo sparring with someone?
In any case, I got down from the bed and came near the window to peek below it.


Saryuu was holding his wooden sword and was facing Leo-san who was also holding a similar sword. I had seen Saryuu sparring with Taiga-san the other day, but this morning’s opponent was Leo-san.
Taiga-san managed to dodge Saryuu’s attacks quite well, but Leo-san also managed to dodge his attacks completely, huh? If Taiga-san’s movements seemed like an actual fighting, then Leo-san’s movements looked as if he was dancing instead.
He managed to stop the blow of Saryuu’s attacks while turning round and round.
Really, who the heck is that person?

“Hey, isn’t it interesting?”
“…Ah-, yes. It’s amazing.”

While I was looking at them absent-mindedly, Leo-san noticed me before long. He paid no attention to Saryuu and waved his hand at me. Oi oi, you’re creating your own weak spot.

“Oh my? Seiren-chaaan, morniiing!”
“An opening!”
“Too naïve-!”

*clash*, a loud voice could be heard.
Leo-san managed to send Saryuu’s wooden sword flying with the wooden sword that he was holding even while he was looking at me. No way-, was he able to grasp Saryuu’s hit just from his presence and the sound of his fast movements? That’s really amazing.

“…Good morning. So you had Leo-san as your opponent today, Saryuu?”
“G-good morning, Ane-sama. Although this person is like this, but he’s strong!”
“That’s natural. It’s quite risky if you don’t master one or two martial arts, right?”

Leo-san turned the wooden sword with just one hand around and put it back on his waist. He was laughing happily, “Fufun!”, so I wonder if it was fun to have a match with Saryuu.

“Also, it’s quite rude to say, ‘although this person is like this,’ you know? Well, I’m conscious of it, though.”
“Ah, I’m sorry for that.”

Well, I understand Saryuu’s words very well. Furthermore, Leo-san’s clothes seemed like a red one-piece whose color resembled maple leaves. A black sash belt was tightened at his waist, and under that knee-length clothes, he was wearing a black and slender slacks, or so it seemed.
He was so gaudy even this early in the morning. If I looked at him thoughtlessly, it seemed like my eyes would hurt.
Anyway, well, that was what caused me to be even more awake. Saryuu also has his morning preparations, so he must return to his own room, too.

“Good grief. Anyway, it’s about time-.”
“Yes, I understand. Well then, Ane-sama, excuse me!”
“By time, do you mean breakfast? Oh my, then I shall excuse myself as well. See you later, Seiren-chan.”
“Yes, until later.”

Leo-san also nodded as if he understood, perhaps he managed to quickly guess my conversation with Saryuu. In response to Leo-san who waved his hand as he left, I also waved my hand as I sent him off.
Ah, as expected, Ayato-san and Maito-san also came and stayed behind Leo-san. It seemed quite hard for them from so early in the morning.
Anyway, after everyone disappeared from the sight, Oriza-san—who was clueless on what was happening last night—took a long hard look at my face.

“…Seiren-sama. He called you with ‘-chan’, huh-?”
“He also attached ‘-chan’ to Saryuu. My situation might be better than him.”
“…I can’t find any words to say…”

Oriza-san shrugged her shoulders. Well, she already knows that I was a man, after all. Leo-san shouldn’t know about it, so it’s not weird for him to address me with a “-chan”. As for Saryuu, it might be because he was quite younger than Leo-san.



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