Chapter 64: What Kind of Person is the Freeloading Young Man?


Translator: LynneSuzuran

The breakfast on that particular day ended surprisingly ordinary. Leo-san was also quiet, or rather, he was like this last night, too. However, his table manners were perfect.

“Ah, Mondo-ojisama. There’s something I’d like to talk with you, so is it fine for me to go to your room?”
“Fumu. I don’t mind, I’ll be waiting for you.”

I was curious about what Leo-san and Tou-san might be talking about. However, since I understand that it isn’t something that can be talked in front of us, I kept my mouth tight. I don’t understand what Kaa-san might be feeling inside, but at least she was putting a calm expression.
When I was about to return, Ayato-san apologetically lowered his head to me, perhaps the thing from last night was still lingering in his mind. Thinking that I might have acted quite immature as well, I also bowed my head.
Since I decided to read books throughout this morning, I went back to my room to take out a particular book. It was a storybook written for children, but Kuon-sensei recommended this book so that I could memorize the alphabets even more after reading this. The book was certainly written in a composition that was easy to understand, and the illustration was pretty as well, so in the end, it was fun to read.
It was the so-called adventure, but the protagonist didn’t use magic. They used various tools, and although the names were different, they were similar to, for example, a personal computer or gun. Since this is a world where magic exists, perhaps this kind of a story is categorized as a fantasy or a dream-like story instead. I was impressed in some way by this.

“Hee–. So the world where Seiren-sama lived before was like that?”
“Yup. I wonder if the orphanage director is working hard even at this moment?”
“It’d be good if we could meet Touya-sama again, right?”

Since Oriza-san and Alica-san knew the content of the book, I tried to talk a little bit about the world where I grew up to them. Oriza-san’s round eyes turned even rounder after knowing that it was a place that really resembled the world that was portrayed inside the book. The way she perceived it was different from me, so that was quite interesting.
Alica-san put her hand on her cheek as if she was thinking of something. Right after that, she immediately voiced out the question that she had thought inside her mind.

“I can’t really imagine a world without magic, so, for example, what do you usually do about the lights during the night?”
“A long time ago, people used candles or oil to light a fire, so it seemed. For now, we’re using the electricity… uhm well, there is this energy that is similar to thunder, and that energy covers most of everything.”
“I see, I see. Since the worlds are different, there are lots of different things as well, huh.”
“Yes, that’s right-. However, there are things that don’t differ a lot, like table manners. Thanks to that, I was saved.”

Nah, really, I was mostly saved by that when I first came here. In addition, the way to use the toilet is more or less the same, too. There are lots of common features in some trivial gestures, so when I only looked at such things, I ended up wondering if it was really a different world or not.
The easiest way to perceive that it was really the other world was the level of science development without any magic around, and perhaps the weapons there.

“Do you not use swords often in the other world?”
“I didn’t hear much about them being used. They are mostly used in competitions or matches, though.”

When it comes to wars or any kind of fighting, the people there generally use guns or the likes of them. I heard about it only from the stories in the television, so I don’t really understand about it well.

“Huh-… But in exchange of it, you’re using attacks that are similar to great magic, right?”
“Yeah, yeah. That’s why, to be honest, the world over there prioritized maintaining peace, I think. Since otherwise, the countries that possessed such great weapons might confront one another.”
“It’s quite dangerous, huh…”

Really, I have no words to reply Oriza-san’s speech that was mixed with sigh. Since it’s quite dangerous, after all.
Well, I think that the dangers were quite similar over here. Whether it’s a large-scale danger or a small-scale danger. For you see, there is magic here, and there are also a lot of people who can use swords… And then, since it came to this, I recalled Leo-san from this morning.

“Speaking of swords. Leo-san was amazing, huh?”
“Yes-. His ability showed that he genuinely mastered it with all of his might.”
“Oriza-san also thinks so?”
“Of course-. It seems like he has been trained ever since he was small. Even if he were to face several opponents at the same time, he might be able to defeat them alone, maybe-?”

Whoa, is that so? Well, certainly he managed to repel Saryuu’s attack even without glancing at him. I thought that such a thing was only something from anime or from a historical play, though.
Alica-san who had been silently making some tea up until that point suddenly cut into our conversation.

“I have also seen Ayato-san and Maito-san’s skills, they’re just as good as Leo-sama.”
“Aah, no wonder. Those two are Leo-san’s escorts who directly guard and escort him, right?”
“That’s right. They seemed to have received such training ever since they were small, as well. Seiren-sama might haven’t noticed it, but those two almost didn’t make any noises upon walking.”

Eh, seriously? Since there are carpets laid out in our residence, people don’t really make that much of a noise upon walking on it, but come to think of it, I felt like I didn’t hear their footsteps when they walked below the window this morning. Saryuu stomped his feet over there, so the soil of the ground should have come out, right? And in such a place, they were supposed to make some kind of noises due to that soil, right?
Or perhaps I could say that Ayato-san and Maito-san who didn’t make any kind of footsteps were really ninjas. I think that kind of occupation should exists here.
…And the person who holds a direct control over those presumably ninjas, the person towards whom my father and my mother used polite language—Leo-san, just what kind of a person is he?

“Alica-san, Oriza-san.”
Ye-s, what is it?”

When I tried calling their names so abruptly, the two of them looked at me in a wonder. That’s why, I tried asking them while smiling.

“The two of you unexpectedly know of Leo-san’s identity, right?”
“Wha, eh?!”

Ou, Oriza-san, your reaction was really something. Still, he is unmistakably someone who comes from a considerably good house. His outfits are also good, he masters swordsmanship perfectly, and he’s being accompanied by two attendants that also act as guards.
Meanwhile, Alica-san remained calm. Aah yup, her reaction might be the correct manner that a maid should have, I think. Or should I say, as expected of her?

“Even if we know about it, it’s a servant’s duty to not tell you until we’ve got the permission to do so.”
“Which means, Tou-san or Kaa-san forbade you from speaking about it, huh?”
“I will leave it up to your imagination. I’m sorry, Seiren-sama.”

Oriza-san answered while showing an embarrassed grin, “Tehehe.” Well, that seems just about right. Something that they can’t tell me even when I ask, obviously it’s the higher-up’s… in other words, it’s an order from Tou-san or Kaa-san.
In addition.

“Nah, it’s fine. It’s probably because they don’t want me to be conscious of Leo-san or such kind of reason.”

It was a pattern that I saw in dramas especially in historical dramas, like how some feudal lords would hide their own status while walking around the city. I think that they did so in order not to let their status be known for it might cause the others’ reactions to become stiff, and they wouldn’t be able to see the people’s ordinary figures, or that they also wanted to be released of their stiff positions. Nah, it’s in dramas, though.
At any rate, the world where I’m in right now feels like a world inside the anime or dramas or novels that I saw in the world where I was raised in. I can only think of it like that. For example, about how I’m a feudal lord’s daughter and how my fiance is also a young feudal lord.
I understand that this is really such a world, so I think that it’s fine whatever kind of a person Leo-san really is. Though I still think that his statement that suggested an affair can’t be tolerated, yup.

“Perhaps Leo-san picked a quarrel with me because he thought it was fun that I don’t know anything about him. If that’s the case, then I’ll accompany him just a little bit more.”
“…That’s good. I also want to think that Leo-sama didn’t make such a remark seriously.”

Alica-san, for some reason, your statement was quite intense. You’re making an expression that seemed to say that you’d totally beat him down if he really said that kind of thing seriously.
Then, that expression changed to a wondering expression. She then asked a question while slightly tilting her head.

“Even so, Seiren-sama… You managed to notice those things quite well, huh?”
“Eh, after all, I don’t even know Leo-san’s surname. Wouldn’t you usually tell your family name during an introduction? Isn’t that just weird?”

Alica-san and Oriza-san showed a satisfied expression when I pointed that out. This is a custom in this place, after all.
Family names. Just like how Shiiya’s mine and Shikino’s Taiga-san, well, it’s a surname. In this world, people who are at the level of feudal lords and the social positions above them have surnames, while ordinary town people don’t possess surnames. It feels like the Edo period, I think. Anyway, people who have family names would properly say their surnames during their introductions. That might be out of pride, or a method of identification in some way, I think.
However, as for Leo-san who came to our house… Though I heard from Tou-san that he was the heir or an eldest son of a house, I don’t even know which house he is from. On top of not knowing from which house he is, nobody tells me about it, too.
With this, there’s no way that there’s nothing going around. Good grief. I was overwhelmed by his character’s intensity, but when I tried to think of it through, this is what I found.

“Also, I haven’t even heard of what kind of a house he came from, right?”
“That’s right… Haha, well, just let it go, let it go.”

Oriza-san who scratched her cheeks felt like she was honestly troubled. Could it be a problem that was way beyond her control?

“Well, that’s fine. Since Tou-san allowed him to live in this mansion, that means that he is a good person, right?”
“Yes, of course.”

Alica-san nodded in no time at my question. Well, then that’s fine. Even I understood that he was a greatly qualified person.
Even so. For him to be the heir of a feudal lord or such kind of family, I wonder if they hadn’t said anything about Leo-san having that sort of a personality?



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