Chapter 66: Let’s Go, to The Autumn Harvest Festival


Translator: LynneSuzuran

“Seiren-chan, Saryuu-chan. What are you going to do during the Autumn Festival?”

Leo-san said that when we were eating desserts after dinner.
Today’s dessert is a pudding. The taste doesn’t differ that much from the pudding from the other world, so I think that the way of making it is quite similar, too. The apple pear-like fruit riding on top of it tastes refreshing, sweet, and delicious, too.
Setting that aside, how should I answer that question? Before I could even think of it, Saryuu answered.

“The Autumn Festival, is it? I think that I’d like to go out to play in the downtown, what about Ane-sama?”
“About that, Seiren-chan. Is your fiance going to come here?”
“I’m also wondering about what I should do. I’m thinking to go over there, but I’m not sure.”

I answered while thinking that I’d like to ask Taiga-san what he’s going to do at that time. Taiga-san has been so busy ever since that time—and we haven’t met during all this time.
Just like spring, there’s a harvest festival in autumn, too. When summer passed by and when I first thought of it, the first thing that appeared in my mind was that I’d like to go there with Taiga-san. I wonder since when have I become like this, though?
During the spring festival, I haven’t met Taiga-san at all, and I don’t know what’s there on the left side or the right side when I first came here. Meanwhile, during summer, I stayed in the villa.
Still, now that there’s another harvest festival, I think that I’d really like to see it together. Seeing the harvest festival at the Shiiya’s fine, but if possible, I’d also like to see the one at the Shikino’s.

“Hm. Certainly, it’s not bad to see the one at the Shikino’s once.”
“That’s right. But the Shikino residence seems to be quite busy with all the formalities of the head of family’s transfer of control.”
“If that’s the case, then it’s even worse. If they’re that busy, it’s most likely that Taiga-dono won’t be able to get away from their residence.”
Towards Tou-san who nodded and Leo-san who furrowed his brows, Kaa-san’s answer was somehow so flat. I wonder if Kaa-san married Tou-san who was 8 years older than her during such a busy time like this? …It’s not like we can just collect our luggage and intrude on them unexpectedly, right?
Still, Leo-san’s words lingered in my mind. I mean, if I were to go there to play when Taiga-san is still busy with work, won’t I just be in the way?

“Yes… But if he’s indeed busy, I wonder if it’s fine for me to go there?”
“Wouldn’t that be okay? Your fiance, if he sees your face, Seiren-chan, then he’d surely work even harder. Wasn’t that also the case with Mondo-ojisama?”
“Yes. Looking at Maya’s face when I was busy, I then thought to myself that I’d need to work harder because I’d like to see her face more often. Wait, what did I just say?”
“Oh my, not only Seiren-chan, but Oji-sama and Oba-sama are also very passionate, huh. …Saryuu-chan, what’s wrong?”
“*cough* *cough* *cough*…N-nothing!”

Well, I understand Saryuu’s feelings so well and why he choked over it. After all, Tou-san just flirted while looking at Kaa-san just now. Kaa-san also smiled, and she seemed very happy.
I was slightly worried over them being such doting parents, but it’s good for them to be such an intimate married couple. After all, I didn’t know my parents at all before I came here. Yes.
Or perhaps I should say, I wonder if Taiga-san would be lively if he sees my face? I wonder if he’s working hard with his job?

“I-if that’s the case… I think I’ll try to discuss it a bit.”
“That’s right. We also have to consider their sides of circumstances as well.”

Yes, yes. When I looked at Leo-san’s face that seemed happy, how should I put it, I feel quite relieved.
…But I wonder why does Leo-san care so much about it? Does he unexpectedly have the disposition to take care of the others?

Speaking of which, I still feel like everything isn’t proceeding so smoothly, though. When I thought to examine Leo-san’s expression carefully, he readily blurted out his real intention.

“I mean… There’s no reason to keep silent about it, so I’ll just say it. I’m actually thinking of going to see the festival at the territory of Shikino. Since Seiren-chan is going, is it okay for me to also intrude on?”
“Leo-san, too? Why?”
“It’s mood, I just get the mood to do it. Since I still have one week, I’m planning to see it on my own-.”

Then, he gulped his pudding in one go. After that, I’m not sure if it’s because the pudding is delicious or if it’s because he’s having fun, but he’s smiling.
But still, I see. So, Leo-san is also coming…? Incomprehensible feelings wellled up in my chest as I’m not sure if I should be dejected or be happy. Nah, why would I be happy, though?
When I switched my gaze in a hurry, my eyes met with Tou-san who seemed to be satisfied. As for Tou-san, he seemed to be fine with me going to meet Taiga-san. I think it’s because he has personally experienced the feelings of wanting to work harder after looking at Kaa-san’s face.

“Maya and I will be staying in the mansion. As for Seiren and Saryuu, do as you like.”
“That’s right. Especially Seiren, I think that it’s fine for you to see the territory of Shikino at least once. In addition, you’d be able to see the way Taiga-dono works.”
“Ah, yes. Then, I’ll send out a letter to tell him of my plan.”

When I reflexively answered Kaa-san’s words as if it was natural, I finally noticed.
Everyone’s gaze hurt—they seemed to be telling me, “Aren’t you so full of spirit to go there?” Nah, I mean, isn’t that obvious?



Anyway, the answer to letter that I sent out—which contained that matter—finally arrived the next day’s noon. Which means, did he just use the same day service again after a while? No, even though I have told him not to use it… while thinking about it, I gave some snacks and tea to the postman who delivered the letter, and then I returned to my room cheerfully. There, I opened the letter.
Regarding Taiga-san’s reply, it goes without saying that everone else nodded and just said, “Ah-, as expected.” As for his writing, it’s still neat as usual, but I can tell that he’s in a high spirit. Oi, oi.

“Please feel free to come. We’ll be preparing the rooms, so he said. It’s also written that I can go together with Saryuu as well.”
“That’s good to know-. Then, let’s prepare for it immediately.”
“We have properly dried the baskets that are used to pack the luggage, so they’re ready to be used at anytime.”

Oriza-san smiled and assumed a triumphant pose. Alica-san took out the baskets that were used for summer as well, as if it was a natural thing to do. Or rather, everyone didn’t seem to consider that Taiga-san would turn down my plan, huh? I… Well, I also think that I’d be shocked if he were to tell me “no”.
So, I asked Oriza-san to call Saryuu. I thought that I’d just go by myself for this kind of thing if it was the usual—but it seemed obvious to people over here that it should be the other way round, where the junior got called to the senior’s room. Since I’m Saryuu’s big sister, then I’m the senior here, or so it seems.
Because of that rule, I have never seen Saryuu’s room. I wonder how does a room that belongs to a boy around his age feel like in this world? I wonder if I should try taking a look at it using that as a pretext?

“Eh, so I can also tag along?!”

When I informed about the letter to Saryuu who just came after being called over here, he showed an enthusiastic expression. I wonder for which reason is he getting all enthusiastic over? Is it because he could go to the Shikino’s residence, or is it because he’s coming along with me? Nah, it doesn’t feel bad to have a little brother that has a siscon, though.[1. Sister complex.] I had some sworn brothers when I was in the other world, but they were just unrelated people that lived along with me.
Besides, it was the house in which Saryuu was born and raised in for quite a while. I also think that it’s good for him to be able to go there once—or rather, to go home. Also.

“The wet nurse who raised Saryuu is still there in the Shikino’s residence, so I heard. Wouldn’t that be nice of you to see her after a long time?”
“You mean Saya? Yes, I’ll do that.”

Yup, he seems to be happy, indeed.
I guess it’s around the same degree of happiness that I felt when I met the orphanage director again, and more than it, he’ll surely be looking forward to it. Well, to be honest, I also would like to see what kind of person is that little sister of Kaya-san.

When I came down for dinner together with Oriza-san and the others, I met with Leo-san again. Perhaps it was easy for us to meet, judging by our mobilization time. “Yahhoo-!” Leo-san waved his hand and narrowed his eyes to look at my face. Eh, what’s wrong?

“Ah, Leo-san.”
“Judging from your expression, it seemed like he answered with an [OK], right?”
“Yes. Saryuu is also coming along with me.”

Nn, which means, am I still grinning right now? That’s weird, I have definitely checked my own face in front of the mirror before leaving my room.
I slightly averted my gaze as I felt my face was getting a bit hotter.

“That’s good, Seiren-chan. Saryuu-chan is also going to return home, right?”
“Yes. It seems that his wet nurse is still in the Shikino’s residence as well.”
“Oh my, that’s nice. He’s supposed to be much obliged to that wet nurse, right?”

That’s right. The feudal lords in this world weren’t raised personally by their parents, and that seems to be very natural. It’s fine for Saryuu to meet Saya-san, but it might make his biological mother a little bit lonely. However, Saryuu’s biological mother has passed away, if I’m not mistaken.
As for my own mother… she might not raise me personally, but she gave a ring to me and embroidered my name on my pajamas. When I was shown the small one piece that the orphanage director left behind, to be honest, it didn’t seem to be made so skillfully. However, I understood that it was sewn with her utmost effort, so I was really happy.
Wait, speaking of which, Leo-san has ever mentioned that he’d come to the territory of Shikino, right?

“When will Leo-san go there?”
“It’s a secret-. Even men have secrets.”

He smoothly brushed me off. Truthfully, this person seems to have lots of secrets. It’s the same with his family name, but for that one, it seems to be kept a secret only from me.
However, I really don’t understand what he’s doing in the mansion or anything like that. I think that it is amazing in a sense.

“Aah, right, right.”

Leo-san clapped his hands as if he just remembered something after hearing my question. He then stared at me fixedly with a serious face. Eh, is it a very important talk?

“It’s the same with when you’re in the mansion, but since you’re particularly going over there, don’t get separated from everyone else, okay? Seiren-chan is the center of attention right now, after all.”
“The center of attention, me?”
“That’s right. Because you’re Shiiya family’s daughter whose figure had never seen until just recently.”

Even during the debut party, all the invitees were looking at me. I wonder if they’re that curious of me…?

“You know that the Shiiya family is the royal family’s relative, right?”
“Ah, yes. I heard that we have the right to inherit the throne, more or less.”

Leo-san nodded with a serious expression, and then he told me something else with a slightly faint voice.

“For a feudal lord of a border, having a right to the throne is something quite amazing. It doesn’t seem to be the case these days, but there was a period where there were feudal lords—who were relatives to the royal family—put on air and acted haughtily.”
“Haa… it’s troublesome, huh?”
“It’s troublesome, right? Though they were putting on airs, there were still lots of things they needed to do. There were still a lot of family heads that still didn’t understand of such matters.”

That is, well, since they are in charge of managing the territory, it’s natural that they have to work hard for the territory, or else, it won’t be good. Though it’s even harder to actually do the concrete thing rather than only talking about it.
Still, for example, if the agricultural production resulted in poor crops, then the one who had to do follow-up and arrangements for food should be the feudal lord. Also, I wonder if they don’t have to worry about their everyday necessities and their work just because they are the royal family’s relatives? If they’re just putting on airs, the king would surely abandom them, right?
…Wait, could it be that the ancestors of the Shiiya family also thoughtlessly put on airs? Uwaa, I don’t even want to think of it, as I’m also one of their descendants.

“Ah, the young feudal lord of the Shikino should be fine from that matter. Since he had been so lively even during the previous family head’s period and often patrolled around the town, he was exceptionally popular among the population of the fief. Seiren-chan, you met a good person, huh?”
“Eh… Ah, yes.”

Is that so? He’s indeed a good-natured person. I’m glad. From my perspective, he was quite an aggressive person, or so was my first impression of him, but even so, I saw that as one of his strong points.
By the way, is it quite similar to historical dramas about how he patrolled around the town? No, since everyone knows of his identity, I think it’s different. But surprisingly, a spy that’s working for the higher-ups really exist here.

“Ah, but well. I have said this earlier too, but Seiren-chan, since you’re an unmarried woman that possesses the royal family’s blood, you’ll certainly be the center of attention, so there might be some people who’d want to snatch you later on. Be careful about that, okay?”
“…People like Leo-san, huh?”
“Unn, really, I’m sorry about it. It was really my fault.”

He lowered his head. But well, if he was really serious about it, doesn’t that mean he deserves to be condemned more than this?

“No, that’s enough. It’s okay.”
“Really? Thanks… I’m telling you I won’t hug you.”
“I can’t believe you. Especially, what’s up with your hands?”
“Oh my, I’m sorry.”

Leo-san let go of his hand which was about to circle around my shoulders. Really, I can’t believe him for the time being. Oriza-san was already preparing to throw something to him even when she was smiling. Well, but before that, Ayato-san might have defended with his hands, though.
But still, I see. It doesn’t have anything to do with my personality, and it isn’t weird for me to be targeted, huh?
I have to be really careful. I also don’t want to trouble Taiga-san, as well.



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