Chapter 77: Now Then, Plan Determination


Translator: LynneSuzuran

“Taiga-sama-, Seiren-sama-. It will be noon soon-.”

Uh-m, yes?
In the end, Taiga-san who was on top of my lap and I slept like a log and didn’t wake up until Oriza-san came to wake us up at the noon. We have slept for approximately 3 hours, hhuh? Hahaha.
Enough, I won’t try to make any excuses anymore. It can’t be helped, right? Looking at someone else’s sleeping face can invite drowsiness.
In addition, the one who woke us up was Oriza-san, and she seemed to be the one who was the best at not being able to read the mood. Aah yup, if one were to look at it, her action of nonchallantly stepping into where there are a young girl and her ikemen lover sleeping with his head on her lap, then she’s categorized as not being able to read the atmosphere.[1. Ikemen means handsome guy or good-looking man. Sometimes I’ll use ikemen, and sometimes I’ll write handsome guy directly, it depends on the context and how it sounds in the sentence.] …But it’s me and Taiga-san!

“T-thank you… very much.”

Well, Taiga-san who jumped up after sleeping like a log quickly slipped down from the sofa in a mad rush and kneeled down on the ground. This kind of thing also exists even here?[2. Kneeling down on the ground = dogeza.] Or rather, why are you kneeling down on the ground after falling asleep when you were borrowing your fiancee’s lap? Isn’t that weird? Taiga-san becomes way too serious in weird things… so I thought, then I also went down from the sofa and sat on the floor. It might be considered as bad mannered, but I wanted to match my height with him.

“Please don’t apologize. I’m the one who lent you my lap. Though I didn’t expect that you’d sleep like a log, but I also fell asleep, so we’re in it together.”
“Y-yes. I’m really sorry…”

Whoa, he’s truly becoming depressed. But well, isn’t it good for him to be able to sleep well until noon? After all, his only day off is today, and it seems like he has to go quite far away tomorrow.

“Taiga-sama, I brought a steamed towel.”

Alica-san estimated the time when we would have calmed down and finally came while carrying a bucket. Inside it, there was a steamed towel that would normally give you a good feeling after waking up in the morning. But, why?

“Uhm, I think you might not notice it, but there are some traces left on your face. It will ruin your appearance.”
“Eh? S-sorry.”
“Ah, it’s true. It seems to be caused by my clothes, sorry.”

I finally realized it when it was mentioned. Around his cheek, there was a trace that seemed to be caused by my clothes’ tuck or something else. Aa-aah, it really ruins a man’s face-. I quickly received the towel and pushed it to his cheek.
Well, it’s okay even if he goes around like that, though. I mean, for an ikemen to be doing or attempting to do everything perfectly… Isn’t that just a mad thing that only exists in another world?
After pushing the towel there for a moment, the trace became alost inconspicuous, so I tried to wipe his face lightly with the towel. Ah, for some reason, it feels like I’m wiping a child’s face. When I was eating my meal in the institution, I had also wiped the faces of the other children that I treated just like my younger brothers, but I tried wiping his face even more slowly and affectionately this time.

“I’m really sorry, Seiren-sama. I ended up troubling you in various ways…”
“I don’t mind. Let’s just think of this as a rehearsal.”
“Eh, ah, yes.”

Nah, why is your face getting red? The one who proposed was you, right? I have become prepared for it in a sense, so please.
Anyway, since it’s time for lunch, we decided to go to the dining room together with everyone. Before going out of the room, Taiga-san turned around to look at me.

“Aah, Seiren-sama. Please be rest assured that I will properly speak with Leo-sama.”

Oh. He properly remembered it.

“I’m glad. You listened well before, huh?”
“Since it’s Seiren-sama’s words, obviously I won’t forget.”

Well said. I wonder why haven’t this person gotten married up until now? He seems to be a very devoted type once he falls in love. …Or rather, he really fell in love with me, huh? Could it be that it’s because he has a bad taste?
…Even so, Taiga-san will really be accompanied with Leo-san, huh? Really, just what kind of a person is that effeminate man?

As we were eating lunch together with Saryuu as well, we ended up talking about something light that could be finished within the time. No, it’s not about what happened today.

“Speaking of which, when are you planning to return home?”
“Returning home, huh? Uh-m…”

Saryuu and I only thought of nothing else other than our plans here. We have surplus clothes to a certain extent, and speaking of what we’ll be doing once we return home to the mansion, well, it’d be studying. We have to refine ourselves as we’re categorized as rich people.[3. I feel like it’s better for Seiren to be referring her family as the nobles instead of rich people, though…] Anyway, the one who suggested the day we would return home was my younger stepbrother, which was also Taiga-san’s biological younger brother.

“Since we’re going out to play on a day prior to the harvest festival’s last day, isn’t it better for us to return home on the last day? Nii-sama also seems to be very busy with his work here.”
“Hmmm… that’s right…”

Saryuu managed to come up with a good plan after turning his head around, so there won’t be any problem so long as he is properly raised as the heir of Shiiya, right? I just hope he won’t fall for a weird woman, but speaking of weird, the weirdest one would be me.

“Taiga-san, is that okay?”
“That’s right. If it’s the last day’s morning, I’ll be able to send you off.”

In other words, if it’s after that, then his schedule is already packed, right, this person? If that’s the case, I’d like to properly see him and say our farewell. I don’t know when we will be able to meet again once I leave this house, after all.

“Ah- enough, Nii-sama and Nee-sama. It’s a distance where you can meet as long as you ride in a carriage for around half a day, so please don’t make such lonely expressions like that!”
“I-I’m not making that kind of face, though?”
“I-I’m not making that kind of expression!”

Since Saryuu suddenly said such thing, when I answered in a panic, my voice was a bit hoarse. However, it’s not only me. Taiga-san was also like that, so it was a bull’s eye for both of us, so it seemed. …That’s right, he just hit a bull’s eye, huh? Damn it.

“Both of you just threw in such high voices. Good grief, you two are always flaunting each and every time, please show some consideration to me.”

As expected, when it came to this, we didn’t have any other choice than to bow our heads together. I wonder if he was feeling similar to what I felt when I saw Tou-san and Kaa-san? Nah, really, sorry. I have to think about the time and place, right? Really, really.



In the blink of an eye, the day passed and finally, it was the day we could go out and play.
While I was in Taiga-san’s residence, I took out the clothes that I brought here and tried to pick which one to wear, with the help of my maids. Nah, as expected, my fashion sense right now is still very lacking. Since it’s like that, I might end up recklessly wearing things. Sometimes, Maki-san also showed up, so we had also chose my clothes together.

“Isn’t it quite flashy? Won’t it feel out of place if I wear it to go to the festival?”
“It’s fine. It doesn’t feel out of place, after all.”
“It’s cute-, Seiren-sama.”
“It suits you really well.”

So, I chose a purple-colored dress whose color very much resembled a berry’s. Its collar and wrists areas were white-colored. Since the color is a bit dark, it doesn’t look so flashy and it seems like it doesn’t feel out of place when I’m around a landscape that is mostly brown in color. I wonder if it’s true?
As for my hair ornament, as expected, I’m wearing the hair ornament that Taiga-san gave me. Though it’s not a spring festival, and it’s not like I wish for any insect to approach me, though.
The maids aren’t wearing plain civilian clothes, but they remove their hair ornaments and aprons and wear a scarf or a ribbon, or rather, it’s quite similar to what they did at the first day of the harvest festival. However, the things that they’re wearing right now are different from that day.
So, when we went out until the entrance hall, Saryuu was already waiting there for us while being accompanied by the other maids whose clothing arrangements were the same as our maids. Saryuu was wearing clothes with olive green accent, and at a first glance, he might seem like the young master of some merchant family. He was also wearing a beret that has the same color accent as his clothes, and he looks pretty much cute.

“Waa, Nee-sama, you look really cute.”
“Ah, aah, t-thanks, Saryuu. You also look cool.”
“That’s of course, since I’m going to go out and play with Nee-sama, there’s no way I could afford to appear weird.”

Saryuu harrumphed and puffed up his chest. Sorry, but when I look at him, he still looks pretty much like a child. Nah, men are supposed to have their growth spurts around his age, so I’ll be expecting that. Since he is Taiga-san’s little brother, he should have good qualities, too.
Anyway, Kanna-san who was behind Saryuu told me something while smiling happily.

“Saryuu-sama has been trying to choose his clothes after it was decided that we’d be go out to play today.”
“Well, Maki-san sometimes also came to my side to ask for my clothes, and that is…?”
“That’s because Saryuu-sama wanted to match his clothes with Seiren-sama.”

When I opened my eyes wide, Minoa-san nodded as if it was obvious. Ah-, well, with these colors, it doesn’t seem like we’d feel out of place, though.

“Seiren-sama also picked a Western-style clothing enthusiastically-.”
“I think that any clothing will definitely suit Nee-sama, though.”
“Haha, thanks.”

At Oriza-san’s words, Saryuu answered with a serious expression. Your speech and conduct are very much similar to Taiga-san’s, huh? Since it seems like you’d welcome a bride quite late with such an impression, this Nee-chan is a bit worried, you know?
Anyway, when I looked at everyone one by one, there was only one person who dressed up like a plain village girl. Needless to say, she was Fubuki-san. Well, she’s in charge of protecting me, after all.

“Speaking of which, will Fubuki-san come together with us?”
“I will be guarding you from a slight distance. In the worst case that something happens again, it will be easier for me to response from a spot slightly apart.”
“I guess that’s true. Then, I’ll be counting on you.”
“Yes, please leave it to me.”

After bowing her head deeply, Fubuki-san left the place first. She was totally like a ninja, as she didn’t make any footsteps when she walked like that.
Well then, shall we go, as well?


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