Chapter 88: The Ancestor Who’s Having Fun


Translator: LynneSuzuran

Now then, it’s time for breakfast. Mikoto-san followed me as if it was natural. Ah, and as expected, she really sticked to me so close—not that, it was that she walked by my side. Except for the fact that she couldn’t be touched, she looked just like an ordinary girl walking. As long as we didn’t look at her feet.

“Ah, Yuzuruha-san, good morning.”
“Good morning, Seiren-sama. Well, well, Mikoto-sama, it’s been a long time ever since your last visit.”
[Ooh, Yuzuruha. Long time no see, seems like you are doing well.]

After we went down until the entrance hall, we encountered Yuzuruha-san. I see, they’ve met a couple of times, huh?

[I’m accompanying Seiren, would that be a problem?] “How unusual, but there’s no problem at all. We will quickly prepare your offerings.”
[I’ll entrust that to you. Even if years have passed by, the meals in the Shiiya family are still as delicious as ever.]

Did Mikoto-san just ask for Yuzuruha-san’s approval? I thought that it was a bit strange, but I wonder if this kind of practice actually existed as a norm? Though the other party wasn’t a living person.
Still, she still eats meals?

[Long time no see, huh? I will be intruding for a little while.]

It was what Mikoto-san first said after looking over to everyone, in other words my family, after we gathered at the dining room. A ghost is a ghost, but how to put it, there’s no air of tension at all.

“Oh my, Mikoto-sama, it’s been awhile.”
[Ooh, Maya. You looked really lively now. As expected, is it because of your adorable daughter?] “That is of course. Although it’d be even better if our interests can match a little more.”
[Well, with the way she was raised… She hadn’t really come into contact with girly things, so it couldn’t be helped. I appreciate you for not pushing your interests to Saryuu, though.] “Oh dear, there’s no way I’d do that.”

The way my mother treated her was so similar to how one would treat a relative that they hadn’t seen in a long time, I guess. Nah, I have no experience in things like that, though.
Or rather, did she (Mikoto) think of Saryuu getting pushed on an interest towards frilly things? Well, with Kaa-san’s room being like that, it was no wonder that Mikoto-san would think so.
By the time her conversation with my mother ended, Mikoto-san’s gaze moved on to my father. Roughly, he was her direct descendant, but I guess it’d be easier to understand if one were told that my mother was Mikoto-san’s descendant.

“Mikoto-sama, it’s been a long time.”
[Mondo, huh? It’s good that you’re in a good health.] “Yes. The Shiiya house could also go on without any incident in particular.”
[It’s best if there is no trouble appearing. Especially since you guys have had that problem with Seiren.] “Yes. I’m really so grateful that we’ve finally regained her back here.”
[That’s right.]

Certainly, in a sense, the matter about me was considered as the biggest problem. It was the beginning of some other problems, though.
Or rather, did I even make my ancestor to worry about? Damn it Touka-san, it’s all your fault.

[Fumu. Ooh, you’re Saryuu, right? You’ve grown so big.] “Eh, ah, yes. Mikoto-sama, it’s been a long time.”

In the middle of thinking about it, Mikoto-san moved and conversed with Saryuu. ‘Eh?’ As I pondered about it, apparently, Mikoto-san seemed to appear to see Saryuu during the year Saryuu was adopted into our house. If I’m not mistaken, it was when he was around 6 years old, if that’s the case, of course Saryuu would remember.

[Hm, hm. I was wondering on how you’d grow up to be like when we last met, but it seemed that you’ve grown up rather splendidly. Mondo, Maya, Saryuu is a good successor.] “T-thank you very much.”
“Thank you for your kind words.”
“Thank you very much, Mikoto-sama. Saryuu, you have to be diligent from now on, too, okay?”
“Yes, Kaa-sama.”

The Saryuu that I know is a hard-worker who’s practicing his swordsmanship skills from early in the morning, but I wonder if his figure when he first came here was different? When I thought of Mikoto-san’s words, it seemed to be the case.
Well, whatever. He has grown up from a 6-year-old to a 14-year-old now, and Saryuu has been working hard as the Shiiya family’s successor. I’m a bit worried of his slight sister complex, but well, let’s put that aside. I’m looking forward to his growth from now on, too.

Anyway, we finished our breakfast ordinarily. Mikoto-san, the ghost ancestor that I thought would be eating the meal normally with us, seemed that she’d eat the so-called offering. What Yuzuruha-san said that he was preparing for, it seemed to be that.

[During the ceremony, we’re getting offered some meals. I felt bad for Yuzuruha-san since I came here slightly faster than usual this time.]

Mikoto-san who totteringly walked and sometimes gave Saryuu and I a few advices in mannerism, said that and laughed.
You surely didn’t feel all that bad, right, Mikoto-san? The way she laughed felt like it was nothing but a mere mischief. Yuzuruha-san sure had it rough, huh?
This morning’s dessert was a yogurt made using the goat’s milk. There were also chopped up dried fruits and herb, but they were comparatively soft and tasty. …Godou-san and Gadou-san, I wonder if they’ve come down from the mountain by this time? As I thought so while eating the yogurt, Kaa-san suddenly shifted her gaze to Mikoto-san.

“Speaking of which, Mikoto-sama. When we met several times before, you always showed up during the night, but I wonder what kind of wind is blowing this time?”[1. What kind of wind is blowing = similar to saying: this is rather unusual, I wonder what’s the cause of it?] [It’s just my mood.]

If only the other party wasn’t an ancestor, perhaps everyone here has already inserted some comments by their hands, right?

[It’s not that, I feel like maybe I could also appear during the day? Jigen has been taking care of this house, but if our time doesn’t match, we won’t be able to meet at all.] “Mikoto-san, are you acquainted with Jigen-san?”
[When I was alive, he was an apprentice exclusive magician at the royal palace, so it was natural.]

Jigen-san has already been born during the time when Mikoto-san was alive? On the contrary, since he was already an apprentice magician, doesn’t that mean he’s been living for quite some years already by that time?
Speaking of which, I’ve heard about how Kuon-sensei was twice my age, but as for her grandfather, Jigen-san, I don’t know his age at all, huh?

“…Just how old is Jigen-san?”
“I wonder? We haven’t heard of it, too.”
“Though we haven’t heard of it, it’s not like it’s a problem in particular.”

Such was the result of me trying to ask my parents who might have known about it. No, no, no, well certainly, since they were looking for a magician who was capable of searching for me and bringing me back, age wasn’t really a problem for this case, though.

When breakfast was over, it was time for Saryuu to study, so he quickly returned to his own room. Well, I also had to wrap the cookies, so I returned in a hurry, too. Of course, accompanied by Mikoto-san.
As I was diligently wrapping up cookies, Mikoto-san peeked from my side. Since she hadn’t appeared that much during when the sun was up, it seemed like such a work like this intrigued her curiosity.

“Isn’t there such a thing during Mikoto-san’s era, too?”
[There was, but if I had to say, during my era, it mainly contained dried fish or any smoked food. There wasn’t any that used adorable pastries like this.] “Haa… The era is really different, huh?”
[Well, it means that there have been surplus recently, then. That’s good.]

Mikoto-san folded her arms happily and greatly nodded.
Now that you mention it, that’s right. Dried fish and smoked food are both preserved foods, and distributing those means that it was quite tough with foods back then, so I think. And then, nowadays, we’re using sweets. Since the quantity of agricultural products increased, even when it’s winter, we don’t really have any inconvenience when it comes to food.
During Mikoto-san’s era, when winter comes, it appears to be quite difficult. Though I can’t think of it when I look at her.

[Can I have some leftovers afterwards? Those cookies look so delicious.] “I will try asking Yuzuruha-san and if he says that it’s fine, we’re going to put it as an offering, too.”
[Ooh, Seiren is so sensible. For being able to have such good descendant, this ancestor is so happy.]

No, no.
After all, it’s because there’s my ancestors just like Mikoto-san, that I’m able to be here right now.
Well, although there were many things happening before I returned here.



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