Chapter 93: Terrible, The Attendants’ Fight


Translator: LynneSuzuran

Subsequently after yesterday’s matter, I went to my mother’s room again. Kaya-san had a doubtful expression, but she still let us through and I was thankful for that. In Kaa-san’s room, there were two maids other than Kaya-san lined up.
Then, I talked about the tea leaves that Kuon-sensei told me before. Ah-, I could tell that Kaya-san’s complexion turned worse very fast.
Kaa-san was listening to the story while throwing some questions, but her complexion also steadily turned terrible. At the end of the conversation, when I turned my eyes towards Kaya-san, her face was not only blank, it was also ghastly pale.

“Kaya. Why did you suggest Seiren to drink that kind of a tea?”

Hiding her pale face, Kaya-san didn’t answer. The hand that grasped her skirt was filled with more power. No well, even if she was asked to answer, there’s no way she’d be able to give an honest answer that obediently.
Perhaps noticing that, too, Kaa-san changed her question.

“I have also told you before, right, Kaya? That Seiren also wanted Saryuu to succeed the house.”
“Besides, Seiren has Taiga-dono. Next year, it’s been decided that she’d marry into the Shikino family. Even so, why did you still try to do something to Seiren?”

Right. Despite knowing that I’m going to leave, why did you still think of giving me narcotic?
But then again, if the one who was targetting me was actually the evil spirit, Kaya-san’s reason for targetting me was pretty much insignificant.
Regardless of the reason, the goal was to do something to me.

“…I, I was scared.”

After a little bit of silent, Kaya-san finally opened her mouth.

“You were afraid?”
“…That someday, Seiren-sama might change her mind. That someday, Master and Madame might change their mind.”

As I expected.
Although we had properly told her of what I thought and what Tou-san and Kaa-san thought. However, Kaya-san was surely not reassured with just our words.
And because of that.

[…And that anxiety was poked by the evil spirits, right, Kaya?]

Mikoto-san asked with a low voice. Perhaps that was a switch of some sort, but Kaya-san began to mutter. Wait, for some reason, it was scary, really scary.

“If Seiren-sama isn’t in a good and suitable condition to succeed the house, then Saryuu-sama will be able to peacefully succeed the house. The adorable person that Saya breastfed and raised would be able to succeed the Shiiya house and be by my side…!”

Suddenly, Kaya-san lifted up her face. She raised her long leg that took a fighting stance in that instant and did a roundhouse kick, targetting me.

“Sorry for my impoliteness!!”

However, Oriza-san who was even faster than her already grabbed my shoulders and pushed me below. I slipped off from the sofa and felt that half of my body slipped under the table. Therefore, the one who accepted the kick in exchange for me was Oriza-san.

“Oriza! Excuse my rudeness!”

A thudding sound could be heard beyond the sofa. Perhaps it was the sound of Oriza-san’s fall, but before we could hear the sound ending, Alica-san had already leaped.
No, she trully leaped over the sofa. Then, using that momentum, she aimed her kick at Kaya-san’s top of the shoulders. Because Kaya-san’s earlier roundhouse kick movement was quite big, there was a gap on her defense.


Then, Kaya-san was sent flying and hit Kaa-san’s collection shelf. The shelf itself didn’t shake that much, but some stuffed toys that got caught up with Kaya-san’s movements fell down.
After tossing aside the stuffed toys that fell on her knees that seemed to hinder her, Kaya-san abruptly stood up. Ah, this is bad, her gazes become weird. She doesn’t seem to be fully sober, huh?

“Oriza! Are you all right?!”
“Madame, please don’t move!”

Come to think of it, Kaa-san… looked out over the surroundings. Ah, I heard some voices. It seemed that Kuon-sensei also slipped to the other side of the sofa, near Oriza-san, the moment Kaya-san was sent flying.
It seemed that I disclocated my back the moment I was pushed by Oriza-san. I couldn’t move now.

“U, uu…”
[Alica, knock her down just like that!] “Yes!”

Since Mikoto-san couldn’t be touched by us, she didn’t join the combat, but she issued instructions to Alica-san. Nah, asking her to knock her down like that… while it wasn’t really a problem, but wouldn’t it be preferable to just hold her down?
Anyway, Alica-san, she was strong even when she didn’t use any rod, huh? Or rather, with the way the maids were throwing punches and kicks against one another, it was as if this was some sort of a fighting game, but no, this was the reality, though. You shouldn’t try to escape from the reality again, me.
Then, it seemed that the showdown of the maids was won by the young one. Alica-san threw the heel of her palm to Kaya-san’s belly, as Kaya-san was still wavering.


With that one splendid attack, Kaya-san’s movements were stopped. However, she didn’t collapse. …Eh, what was that smoke? It surrounded Kaya-san’s body, or in short, it was fuzzily coiling around her body.

[Humph. For such a small fry to be thinking of messing around with me? This is still my territory, the Shiiya mansion, okay?]

Mikoto-san took a step forward. The light that was glowing from her fist was perhaps similar to the wall of light that Oriza-san cast before, the same type of magic, I guess.
Mikoto-san then casually brought that fist to hit Kaya-san’s belly. Ah, no, it hit exactly the central part of her body, I guess? I mean, Kaya-san didn’t move in response to that strike.

[Get lost, peasant. That body belongs to the person who works for my descendant, and staying inside a servant is considered too good for the likes of you.]

Mikoto-san’s voice coldly echoed. Perhaps it was quite impactful, the thing that was similar to a smoke that wrapped Kaya-san’s body quickly disappeared. Then, Kaya-san’s body slipped through Mikoto-san’s body and sat down on the floor—and just like that, she collapsed there.

“Kaya-san! …Whoa!”

Eeii, I couldn’t just sit still forever due to my dislocated back. I tried to crawl out from the space between the sofa and the table forcibly, but ah, as expected, my back was still dislocated.
Kaa-san appeared from the other side of the sofa and after checking Kaya-san, she rushed over to her in a fluster. She gently held Kaya-san in her arms, but perhaps she won’t wake up quite soon. Or so I felt.
Leaving Kaya-san to my mother, I had to go to Oriza-san who protected me. Move, my feet, damn it!

“Kuon-sensei, how is Oriza-san?”
“Her head was hit. I think that she’s probably fine, but I’ll have to examine her.”

Smile has completely disappeared from Kuon-sensei’s face as she looked at Oriza-san. Well, I guess that’s true. Ah, I only dislocated my back, after all. So, I’m all fine, yup.

[Kuon, hurry and call Jigen. You guys go and clean up the room, and let Maya rest in the inner room.] “Y-yes. Then, please excuse me for a moment. Seiren-sama, please look after Oriza-san.”
“Yes, please go ahead.”

Following Mikoto-san’s order, Kuon-sensei rushed out of the room. As for Oriza-san who received the kick, her complexion didn’t seem to be that bad… or so I thought. No, I might have compared her complexion to Kaya-san and Kaa-san’s complexions earlier, though.

“Madame, are you all right?”
“Please take a rest on the bed. We will clean up the room.”
“Y-yeah, I’m all right. Sorry… Please look after Kaya and Seiren, and also Oriza.”

My mother’s maids gathered the stuffed toys and brought Kaa-san to the bedroom. As Mikoto-san saw them off, I heard the sound of her tongue clicking for a little bit.

…Oi, you evil spirit.
Whatever the circumstances may be, I’m very angry.
The one you targeted was me, right? Then, don’t go and involve the others, damn it.



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