Chapter 94: Trouble, The Servant’s Injury


Translator: LynneSuzuran

“Hoo, nya-? Seiren-sama, are you all right-?”

Soon after being carried into Jigen-san’s house, Oriza-san opened her eyes. Eh-, her head was hit a little bit, but there didn’t seem to be any particular problem. Is it true, though?

“No, no, no, no. I’m perfectly fine, as you can see. Oriza-san’s condition is more…”
“I still feel a bit dizzy, but I’m fine-.”

Oriza-san laughed, and she seemed to be feeling dizzy, indeed. It didn’t seem that she was all fine, contrary to what the person herself said. There was some bandage wrapped around her forehead, too.

“No, no, you don’t seem to be fine! It’s fine, so just take a rest, please!”
“It’s as Seiren-sama said. You received a direct hit from the roundhouse kick.”
“There was a barrier, so it wasn’t a direct hit. It’s just that the impact still lingered, though…”

At my and Alica-san’s comment, Oriza-san answered like that. I see, so she didn’t get a direct hit, huh? …However, even so, she still got hit on the head, collapsed, and lost her consciousness, so as expected, isn’t this bad?

“Yosh, just take a good rest and stay here for a while.”
“Please do as Seiren-sama instructed, Oriza-san.”
“Au-… Y-yeeees~!”

As expected, I’d have to use my privilege as her master to instruct her. If I didn’t do that, it seemed that she’d just return to her job of accompanying me.
Oriza-san was dejected, but as expected, I don’t want her to overdo herself in order to protect me.

“I think that I will be able to manage with just myself today, so I’ll be relying on you tomorrow, Minoa.”
“Of course. Therefore, Seiren-sama, let’s work together.”
“Likewise, I’ll be relying on you.”

We have already explained the conditions to Minoa-san who came to Jigen-san’s place to study magic. That’s why, she willingly consented to having her day off suddenly blown off like that. The same goes for Alica-san, really, sorry. And thank you.
By the way, Minoa-san, her plain clothes are cool. It’s a black sweater combined with a long skirt made of a thick… if I were to say it with other world’s terms, it’d be a tartan fabric. She was also using solid boots, and they seemed to be convenient to use for running and even kicking. Nah, my focus was wrong, huh?

As for Kaya-san, just before noon the next day, a delivery snake came to tell us that she had woken up. As usual, the snake couldn’t get emotionally attached to me, as it still tried to intimidate me by hissing, “Shaa!”, somehow. I felt like crying for a little bit for this.
Anyway, when Kaa-san and I intruded on Jigen-san’s place, Kaya-san’s upper half of the body raised up on the bed, and it was obvious to see that she was really depressed. Ah, of course we’re also bringing in the maids and also Mikoto-san. With what happened yesterday, we couldn’t just come without bringing any guards.

“…Madame, Seiren-sama… U-uhm…”
“Aah, thank goodness…!”

Before I could say anything, Kaa-san hugged Kaya-san. Aah, yup, that’s right, Kaya-san had been following Kaa-san for quite a long time.
However, after hugging her until she was satisfied, Kaa-san’s face turned stern as expected. Then, she slowly talked to Kaya-san.

“Kaya. You know what you’ve done, right?”
“I have told you since some time ago, right? The heir of the Shiiya family is Saryuu. That’s also Seiren’s wish.”
“……Yes. I understand. It was supposed to be like that.”

…As I expected.
Kaya-san also understood that in her head. That I don’t have any will to succeed the Shiiya house, and that I wish for Saryuu to succeed the house.
But not knowing what the circumstances will be in the future, in addition to the presence of that evil spirit…

“I’m not going to tell you to quit. After all, when you don’t have anything to do, you’ll end up overthinking, right?”

Towards Kaya-san, Kaa-san said that.
Aah, that is often the case. The person who got fired tend to behave recklessly since they become desperate for not having nowhere to go. I have the impression that Kaya-san seems to be that kind of person.
That’s why, the thing about me has been weighing on her mind, and then, that incident happened.

“However, I’m going to have you be under a house arrest for a while. I’ll be leaving you in Jigen’s care.”

As for Kaa-san, it seemed that this was her point of compromise. Well, if she were to return immediately to work, there would seem to be various other things to happen. Especially, with my maids.
Nah, Oriza-san is currently taking a break, but Minoa-san and Alica-san, I think that they also understand the circumstances. But, well. Especially Alica-san, as she saw Oriza-san collapsing right before her eyes.
In addition, to be honest, I also don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my calm mind if I were to see Kaya-san who quickly returned to her usual work. Though I won’t be able to know that unless it happens. However, if I couldn’t keep my calm mind, in the worst case that it would get taken advantage of… Right?
Well, let’s put aside the thing about my feelings. Kaa-san then gave another instruction to Kaya-san who obediently listened to her.

“Also, please talk about it properly to Saryuu and apologize. That child thinks of Seiren as his precious older sister, after all.”
“…Yes! I’m really sorry, Madame, Seiren-sama!”

Whoa-, Kaya-san burst out crying. Well, it couldn’t be helped. So many things have accumulated on her mind. Let’s not tell her that Saryuu was really fond of his older sister—to the extent that it felt like he had a sister complex.
Anyway, we went out of the room, leaving Kaa-san and the others. We spoke of the conditions indoor to Kuon-sensei who was outside.

[It seems that she has calmed down for the time being. Kuon, we’ll be relying on you.] “Yes. We will look after her in our house.”
“Please do. Kaya-san seemed to have a lot on her mind, so please listen to her later.”
“Leave it to me, Seiren-sama.”

Mikoto-san who was silent up until just now asked, and then I also asked her afterwards, and Kuon-sensei strongly nodded. I feel like having Kuon-sensei listen to my story is good for my stress reduction, and perhaps Saryuu also feels the same thing. That’s why, I want Kaya-san to be more at ease, as well. …As for Kuon-sensei herself, she’s fine, right?

“Aside from Kaya-san, it seems that it’s also necessary to listen to the pharmacist’s story. I wonder what we should do?”

The person in question didn’t seem to have any particular change in her condition, as she said that. Aah, now that you mention it, the narcotic was produced by the pharmacists, right? However, it would be dangerous for me and my mother to act fishy… since it’s like that, then we’ll have no choice but to rely on our authority on this occasion.

“Hmmm… I think Kaa-san is also thinking of that, but I guess, maybe it’s better to have Tou-san arrange it? Should I try asking her after Kaa-san comes out?”
[I’ll leave the arrangements of it to you, then.] “Understood. Leave it to us.”

With her chest puffed up full of confidence, Kuon-sensei accepted my suggestion. However, no matter how you look at it, they’re big, huh?[1. Refers to Kuon-sensei’s, uh, chest? XD] …This is not the right time to escape from the reality, hey me!

[Wait a minute, would it be fine with just that?]

As we went out of Jigen-san’s house to return to my room, Mikoto-san asked me that. With that, surely she’s referring to Kaya-san’s matter, right?

“No, I mean, Kaya-san is Kaa-san’s maid, so I’ll leave it up to Kaa-san’s judgment.”
[That’s not it. It was not the first time Maya went easy on someone, but as for this occasion, as expected, it’s… she still wouldn’t raise her hand on her.]

Ah, she has known mother for quite a long time, huh? As a good feudal lord’s wife, she’d have to be in charge for my busy father’s backup, so I wonder if it won’t be good if she wasn’t relentless? …I wonder if Kaya-san was in charge for being relentless, though?

“I think I shouldn’t meddle with that. Besides, if I were in Kaya-san’s standpoint, I’m not sure if I’d go that far or not, but I’d certainly be anxious… However, since thing had turned out like this, I think that it’d be good for Kaya-san to decide the next course of action on her own.”
[Hmmm, well, well…] “Besides, though I had never been possessed before, uhm, I was manipulated before… I had a similar experience, so…”

On that summer night. With the sound of glasses colliding as the stimulus, I went out of the mansion as if I was being summoned by someone.
With that, I almost became Touka-san’s… uhm, bride, or something like that, that was how things were supposed to be, if his plans worked out.
It was a memory that I didn’t really want to recall, but now, I wanted to use it as a reference to relate with Kaya-san’s feelings.

“Anyway, at that time, I was under the impression that I had to do it at all cost. For once, I thought that it was quite strange that I couldn’t comprehend why I ought to do it, though.”
[…I see. Well, let’s bear that in mind, then.]

Mikoto-san seemed to be exquisitely cool about this matter. She was a bit similar with Leo-san, so I thought that it might be the royal family’s peculiarity. Though it might get me into a trouble if I were to state it.



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