Chapter 95: Wait, Wait, The Servant’s Visit


Translator: LynneSuzuran

After returning to my room, I took a short rest. Since Kuon-sensei was taking care of Kaya-san, my class was also canceled.
Alica-san and Minoa-san quickly prepared some tea for me. I understand that it was an ordinary tea, so it was all right.
Minoa-san went to offer some tea as Mikoto-san’s share, so it became a tea time along with the ancestor.

[But still, a big incident was thrusted right in the beginning like this. We have to be more careful.]

She seemed to be satisfied with the tea, but it was another thing. Mikoto-san crossed her arms and began to think.

“That, but when was the spell being put, and in what manner?”
[Wasn’t it that time when she bought the medicinal plants? Kuon also said that she’d like to listen to the pharmacist’s story.] “As I thought, it was at that time, huh…?”

My question was more or less confirmed with another question. After all, that seemed to be the case.
Although it was a pharmacy, it was strange for Kaya-san to suddenly go and obtain the narcotic easily. It was quite apparent that the pharmacist also participated in this plan. Perhaps that was why Kuon-sensei wanted to listen to their story.

[There’s a possibility that the evil spirit’s influence has reached the pharmacy. I think that there won’t be any problem since Kuon is going to investigate it, but it’s still better for us to be careful.] “That’s right… but still… if the influence has come out, we won’t be able to know just where else has been influenced by it, right?”

The pharmacist seemed to have been associated with the Shiiya family for quite a long time. If the enemy’s influence has already reached that kind of place, then the other places outside the mansion would be dangerous, too, wouldn’t they?

[Mn. It’s important for us to possess a strong mental attitude.] “On the other hand, it’s not that we can just seclude ourselves completely.”
“Even if we were not to go out of the mansion, there would be some merchants coming into the house…”

Towards Mikoto-san’s words, Alica-san and Minoa-san nodded with serious expressions.
The other person who could come in and out of the mansion would be the postal office’s staff. After all, I was currently exchanging letters with Taiga-san.
Ah, I had the maids out to deliver the letters too, I wonder if that would be all right? The one who went out to deliver the letter the other day was… ah-, Alica-san, was it? As far as I could see, she looked the same as usual.

“What’s the matter, Seiren-sama?”

Since I unconsciously stared at Alica-san’s face unblinkingly, it was no doubt that she suddenly asked that. Ah-, uhm, it might be the best to honestly answer her.

“Ah-, no. if one could receive the evil spirit’s influence by going outside, then the other day, I had Alica-san deliver the letter for me, right? I was wondering if you’re all right.”
“Yeah. As for me, I feel fine… or at leas that’s what I think, that everything seemed to be all the same.”
“I guess so?”
“Please be at ease, Seiren-sama. If Alica were to mess up and do something, I’ll knock her down.”
“The same goes for you, Minoa.”
“…Don’t be too hard on each other.”

I had no choice but to answer like that at them, as they mutually exchanged glances. Nah, I don’t think that I can win against these two people when it comes to one’s power, too.
But still. Even if one was to be influenced by the evil spirit, the person concerned won’t be able to notice it themselves, and if obviously suspicious action just like Kaya-san’s didn’t appear, then we won’t be able to tell.
Really, the evl spirits sure are troublesome opponents, huh…? That’s why, the ancestors like Mikoto-san had been working hard, I guess.
‘Hmmm,’ as Mikoto-san groaned, she also sighed, “Haaa…’

[Well, it couldn’t be helped. Besides, I won’t be able to go far away from Seiren. If something were to happen, I’d surely call other people immediately.] “Sorry for the trouble, but please do so. Ah- I wonder why did various troubles happen to me?”
“I know how you feel…”
[Right? It seemed that troubles revolved only around you.]

The words that Alica-san and Mikoto-san said were perhaps for cheering me up, right? Sorry.
Nah really, in various ways, go and take responsibility for it, Touka-san. Ah, but don’t take the responsibility in the form of marrying me!

“Seiren-sama, would you like another cup of tea? It seems that it’s going to get colder soon.”
“Ah, yes, please.”

Well, for the time being, let’s have Minoa-san pour the second cup of the tea.

The next day.

“Seiren-sama, a letter from Taiga-sama has arrived.”
“Ah, thanks.”

Alica-san brought me a letter. Ah-, it was the same writing as usual, and I felt relieved just from looking at it.
I opened the wax seal inside my room and read the content of the letter. It was more or less a reply of my letter that had the matter concering the evil spirit written on it, and Taiga-san was worried for that matter. It’s just that he couldn’t really move from his territory, with his work and all.

“In regards to the countermeasures against the evil spirit, Jigen-dono should be more well-informed of it than me, so please count on him, so it said.”
[That’s of course, since it’s Kasai Jigen we’re talking about.]

Hearing Jigen-san’s name, Mikoto-san puffed up her chest boastfully as she laughed, “Fufun!” Well, he was her old acquaintance, so it was fine even if she boasted about it, though. It’s just that it was quite hard for me to comprehend.

“Uhm, is Jigen-san a very amazing person to that extent? Nah, I understand that the person who was able to bring me back from the other world was probably an amazing person, but…”
[You can say that he’s nothing but amazing, and he’s a top master among the magicians who’re currently alive. He can do the thing that’s considered as impossible for this world’s magicians to do.] “………Are you serious?”
[I am serious.]

Being my ancestor already, she should have understood my feelings, even when I became this speechless, right? Anyone, just say that you understand it.
Tou-san, Kaa-san. In order to bring me back, you employed that kind of a top-notch magician, huh? It seemed that he was already retired by that time, but you still tracked him down, and thereupon…
Good grief, you’re overdoing it… But, thank you.

In the afternoon,Kuon-sensei showed up. It seemed that Kaya-san’s condition was still so-so, and for now, I was told to conduct my own self-study.
Ah, Oriza-san could return starting from tomorrow. Well, I wish that she isn’t pushing herself too much.
And that was it for today. Today passed by peacefully, with nobody coming to attack at all. I slipped into the bed and stuffed my face on the big pillow, then I exhaled quite a lot of air.
Nah, well-, this isn’t the first time in my life to be targeted. But since the course of action this time was different from the last time’s incident, I was quite tired.
I was tired, but my head was strangely clear, so I didn’t fall asleep. I was only idling about when I heard the sound of a reserved knocking. I wonder what was the matter, for visiting at such a time? While thinking about it, I opened the door.
The one who appeared was Alica-san. She was wearing her usual maid uniform. I wonder what’s the matter?

“…Seiren-sama, were you sleeping?”
“I’m awake. What’s the matter, Alica-san?”
“Uhm, I have something to talk with you about…”

As she moved the upper half of her body, Alica-san approached me while laughing. Uhm eh, something was off with her eyes, this person. Or rather, her movement speed was quite fast, too.
Then, all of a sudden, Alica-san spoke as if she was enjoying herself. Nah wait, there was something wrong with the way I put my wording.[1. It was quite tricky to translate this part. In short, the first sentence of this paragraph contained some sexual innuendos, hence, Seiren said that there was something wrong with the way she put it. This is the best translation I could come up with ><]

“Seiren-sama. Ever since the first time I met Seiren-sama, I’ve liked you very much.”
“Wait, what?”

Unintentionally, my voice was toppled over. Nah, my voice was really toppled over.
No, no, wait a second. Since Alica-san is cute, I might be happy to hear that if I was still a man, but now, I’m a woman. I like Taiga-san too, and it seems that I’ve become a woman mostly on the inside as well, so I think that I have no inclination to that path at all.[2. Inclination to like girls.] Or rather, Alica-san? Why are you taking off your apron and kneeling down on the bed?

“Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no!”
“Before you become Taiga-sama’s, would you please become mine, Seiren-sama?”

Before I could even escape, I was pushed down on the bed. Ah-, hey, don’t go slipping your own leg between my legs! We’re on top of the bed, so don’t touch my chest, this isn’t the bathroom, you know?
Hey, Alica-san, isn’t this called sneaking a visit to someone’s bed? You got the partner wrong, though, I think.
Or rather, after pushing me down, the face that approached me had the posture of doing some kisses, are you going to kiss me? Nah really, wait, something is really off with this.

E, eh?
Speaking of kissing.

[Well, that’s why I hastened to pay a visit this time to protect her. Although if you have kissed even once, it could become some sort of a protection, more or less.] I suddenly recalled Mikoto-san’s words.
I’m not really sure, but I feel like things will be bad if I were to kiss with Alica-san here. Eei, it couldn’t be helped, for the time being, I skillfully pulled out my right hand from the bed cover and caught Alica-san’s face just like that. I pressed both sides of her cheeks and didn’t take my hand off them until her face turned weird.

“Nn, guh!”
“A-li-ca-sa-n-! …Mugigigigi…”[3. Mugigigigi is the sound Seiren made as she was struggling to hold Alica back.]

Ah, this is bad. Perhaps I’m losing as my strength was being overmatched.
Be that as it may, I’ve already put much power in my arms in order to push her back, but this seemed to be not enough. As the position was turned to have me being pushed down again, by all means, I’m at a disadvantageous position now.

“Nnn. Se-ren-samaa, such a shy perrsonn you aree…”[4. Alica-san’s speech isn’t so clear as Seiren’s hand is still holding her cheeks, I believe.]

Ah, no, no, this is bad, this is bad, an alarm is ringing inside my brain. I-if I were to be kissed just like this, it seemed like things will turn bad. No, wait, Alica-san, give me a break already.



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