Chapter 96: Struggling From The Servant


Translator: LynneSuzuran

“Se-ren-hyama, your hand ish hindering meh-“1
“It’s not a hindrance! Move aside, Alica-san! Or rather, you’re acting weird!”
“Ey’m not acting weeird… Gugugu!”2

Shiiya Seiren, 18 years old. Currently, my chastity is in danger, and the danger is having a strange orientation. Wait, this is no time to escape from reality.
Alica-san who was on top and dying to kiss me possessed an excessively superhuman strength. If things stayed this way, perhaps it would turn into something terrible. In what way it might be terrible, though, I had no idea.
Also, being pushed forcibly against the wall just like this, one wouldn’t be able to counterattack, huh?3 Ah really, I’m glad that I have never done such a thing back when I was a man. No, since I didn’t have that kind of courage in the first place, that was out of the question.

“Give it a break already, Alica.”

Unexpectedly, her pressing force disappeared. Or more correctly, Alica-san’s face which was approaching in front of my eyes was suddenly being pulled up. Wait, was that voice just now Minoa-san?

“Seiren-sama, please excuse me for not knocking or greeting you first. I believe that the situation required an urgent action.”
“…Ah, yup. It was really urgent. Thank you, Minoa-san.”
“Eeeh-? Minoa, why are you hindering me-?!”

Ah-, I didn’t notice it before, but my heart was thumping very loudly. When I got up just like that, Minoa-san was tying Alica-san up with the rope that she brought from somewhere else, until she resembled a boneless ham. Since she was tied up like a luggage or something else, her seductiveness was lost. I wasn’t troubled over something like that, though.

“Alica is most probably sleep-walking, right? Then, please excuse us.”
“Wait, Minoa, let me go-! I-I want to… Seiren-sama…!”

After carrying the tied up Alica-san who was still struggling under her arms, Minoa-san lightly bowed her head and went out of the bedroom.
‘Wa-, wa-,’ as I listened to Alica-san’s wailing voice that went further away, my mind was honestly turning blank. Just what was going on?

[Did Minoa get there in time?] “Hya!!”

Don’t speak so suddenly from behind me, dear ancestor. Ah-, I was so surprised. Or rather, do you like riding on top of my pillow that much?

“Ah, Mikoto-san… uhm, were you the one who called Minoa-san? It saved me from the trouble.”
[I see, so we made it in time. …You weren’t kissed by her, right?]

As I turned around to reply, Mikoto-san gazet at my face in a point-blank range and asked that. Ah- as I expected, something was up with that, huh?

“We were obstructed just right at the last moment. As I expected, there was something up with that, right?”
[In short, there is some danger of being kissed under the evil influence. …Although I certainly have never thought that it would come with that kind of orientation.] “…That was the influence of the evil spirit, wasn’t that?”

With a very sullen look, Mikoto-san nodded.
…I wonder how should I answer her?

[In case of Kaya, the evil spirit used the little malice she had against you, but as for that, well… it seemed that the evil spirit drove her favorability of you too much.] “……Ahahahaha…”

I had no other choice but to laugh here, right? I know very well that my face is turning stiff. Mikoto-san was touching her forehead with her fingers as she shook her head, and I could understand why she’d do that.
No, wait, though it was different, I also had the experience of having someone’s favorability going too overboard, and that was the case with Touka-san. Although, why didn’t Touka-san and Alica-san listen to others’ words? Nah, it won’t be called as going too overboard if they were to listen to others’ words, though.

“…Now that it has come to this, there’s no way I can call Taiga-san, right?”
[Well-, it’s obvious, since the evil spirit’s influence has gone out of hand-.]

Because it was Alica-san, Minoa-san was able to handle her somehow, but if it were Taiga-san, then…
…Ah, yup, no, well, eventually things will be going to that direction, though. I can’t really tell how it will be in reality later on. However, at least it’s better if the person himself is the one who does it. I don’t want to do it with him under the possession of evil spirit, too.
When the time comes, I’ll have to rely on Taiga-san and do my best to endure. It seems difficult, huh?
As I was thinking of it, Mikoto-san was looking at me intently. Then, as thought as she was thinking of something, she then nodded and said, [Yosh].

[Since it’s come to this, we don’t have any other choice. It’s a little bit of cheating, but let’s call for reinforcement.] “Eh, you’re going to call for a reinforcement, huh?”
[Thought I have to say that at most, there will only be one more person coming. Even so, they can lend their power.] “…Sorry for the trouble, please do so.”

I can’t rely on Taiga-san in this case. However, if someone else were to be affected again just like Alica-san, then it won’t be good.
If that is the case, then the ones that can become my last rays of hope would be Jigen-san and Kuon-sensei, then Mikoto-san and the reinforcement that she was going to call.
As for the rest, I just have to work hard, then.

“Good morning, Seiren-sama-.”

When I jumped up in panic, the figure of the maid which was on my bedside—Oriza-san’s eyes turned into a perfect circle. E, eh, just when did I fall asleep? I was properly in my bed, too… eh, was the thing with Alica-san last night just a dream?

“Ah-. Did I surprise you? I’m sorry.”
“Ah, no, uhm, it’s okay…”

It’s better if it is only a dream, though. Ah, which reminds me, Oriza-san was being taken care by Kuon-sensei, right?

“Good morning, Oriza-san. Are you all right now?”
“Yes, Kuon-sensei herself has verified it-.”

Looking at her figure doing a triumphant pose, she really seemed to be all right. With the situation being like that, I think that Kuon-sensei wouldn’t be so unreasonable.
For the moment, I was relieved. Then, Oriza-san continued her words, “Uhm-…”

“Speaking of which, last night, Minoa carried the tied up Alica late at night, did something happen?”

It’s fine for me to gush out like that, right? Apparently, the thing that happened last night wasn’t just a dream. Seriously?

“Ah-… yes, it was quite a mess, how should I say it…”
[Mn, she was quite mesed up and took a momentous decision after receiving the evil spirit’s influence. What did Kuon say?] “Ah-, Mikoto-sama, good morning-. Uhm, just like Kaya-san, Alica was going to be kept under Jigen-sensei’s care for quite a while, so it seemed-.”

Towards Mikoto-san who joined the conversation nonchalantly, Oriza-san explained the situation. I see, Alica-san was also kept under his care… then, I think it should be fine, right?

“Is Alica-san fine, though?”
“I don’t really know. If I see Jigen-sensei and Kuon-sensei, I’ll try asking them-.”
“That’s right. Thank you, Oriza-san.”
[Mn, we’re relying on you, Oriza.] “Thank you for your trust-.”

With a laughter at the end of her sentence, Oriza-san seemed to be really fine, and she then offered the washbasin. Ah-, come to think of it, I forgot to wash my face.
After I washed my face and got changed quickly, Minoa-san entered in a hurry.

“I’m sorry for being late. Seiren-sama, good morning.”
“Morning, Minoa-san. Thanks for last night.”
“Ah, don’t mention it. Alica displayed such an embarrassing behavior…”

After I greeted her and said my thanks, Minoa-san lowered her head very deeply with slightly red cheeks. Nah, the one that showed something embarrassing was me instead, though. Or rather, she was late this morning because there was that incident last night, huh?
The one who couldn’t comprehend the situation was only Oriza-san who didn’t know what happened last night.

“…Just what did Alica do?”
[If you’re curious about it, just listen to the story from Alica herself, if she feels like telling you. It won’t be good to hear about it from us.] “…Ah, it’s also a bit impossible for me to tell you. Sorry.”

As expected, both Mikoto-san and I didn’t feel like explaining. Minoa-san was shaking her head in silent, making the face that declared that she definitely won’t say it. Sorry, Oriza-san. I think it will be bad for you to twist your neck by tilting your head in confusion like that, though.
Nah, as I thought, even if she was under the influence of the evil spirit, there’s no way Alica would want people to hear from the others that she sneaked a visit to my bedroom, right?
The explanation should be given from your own mouth, okay, Alica-san?


  1. A reminder, Alica’s speech is obstructed thanks to Seiren’s hand on her cheeks.
  2. Gugugu here is the sound that Alica made as she struggled against Seiren’s hand.
  3. If I’m not wrong, Seiren was pushed down on the bed, though? Perhaps she’s comparing her situation with the popular kabedon/being pushed against the wall scenario.


  1. Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. I’m surprised that Alica didn’t get knocked out

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