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As you can see we have an unusual post here today, and that is because we at LNT would like to humbly request your help regarding one of the possible new titles we could pick up for translation, that title being Last Embryo, a sequel to another light novel some of you might be familiar with, Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo by Tatsunoko Taro

Why are we making such a post in the first place? Because the current situation of the translation of this novel is a bit… unusual. The fist 3 volumes of this novel have been translated by other translator, Frozensama, but he dropped it entirely in December 2019 , you can find more information on it here:

With that being the case, we’ve been discussing the possibility of taking the translation of this novel over, but ended up being split almost 50-50 as to whether we should start over form volume 1 or continue from volume 4, and that’s why we decided it would be best to hand this matter to you, our dear readers. Below you’ll find a link to a poll with a single question: should we start over from volume 1, or perhaps volume 4? If you’d be so kind as to take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to help us set this matter straight, the whole crew at LNT would greatly appreciate that.


Dear Readers, thank you so much for participating in our poll so actively. The poll itself is now closed, and the result are as follows:

For those of you who might have trouble displaying the image properly, here: a brief summary:

A total of 153 people participated in the poll across the span of last week, with 79 people (52,3%) voting in favor of starting over from volume 1, and 73 people (48,3%) voting in favor of continuing from volume 4 onward. That means that when LNT will take on Last Embryo, we shall start from the beginning… no, from zero! (Forgive the Re:Zero pun, it was too good of an occasion not to use it). Once again, thank you all for your participation, and let’s meet again when our take on this novel goes into full swing!

Until we meet again, stay safe and don’t let Corona-chan get to you. Embrace the way of the weeb and stay inside!

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A Polish freelance translator/English Philology student/Light Novel author wannabe who ended up here while just casually strolling through the dark alleys of the internet. My romance with anime and manga began a decade ago with animes like Spice and Wolf, Code Geass, Toradora, Highschool of the Dead and Eureka Seven. When it comes to manga, my gateway was Fullmetal Alchemist, and my all-time favorite is Mochizuki Jun's Pandora Hearts, but I'm no stranger to some good old shounens o romantic comedies. Oh, and don't even get me started on all things hentai; if I had a dollar for every one that I watched/read, I would have made a fortune years ago *cheerful laughter slowly descending into worried one* ... please send help, there might still be some hope for me. Tasteless jokes aside, I hope you will find my translations to your liking, and if they manage to brighten up your day, even if just a little, then it means that I did my job right.


  1. Whats happening with their translations will the be erased???

  2. i havent read it myself (yet), but how good (or bad) is frozensamas translation? would it justify a complete retranslation or is it up to your standards?

    • DarkHeartedAlchemist

      I am by no means an expert when it comes to rating the work of others, but at the very least is is a decent one, in my opinion. Definitely not something that would make you go [OMG how could someone publisg something like that], so it’s mostly about keeping the continuity and possible changes in the terminology, and to avoid the contant barrage of questions, like with Slave Harem.

  3. I read from frozensama before i liked his translation it was easy to understand, in last embryo i only have read the first volume but it was good enough for me and i’ve seem others that also think frozensama have a good translation, honestly i think it would be okay to start from volume 4

  4. IsekaiMobCharacter

    I’ve read it so far….and i think it’s pretty good one…..I’m really looking forward for this novel…thank you for picking up this…regardless whether this will be translated from volume 1 or volume 4….

  5. I read mondaiji-tachi before and it is so good. I never tried reading the sequel since the released is pretty slow. So it will be very nice if u were to translate it.

  6. Yes, please translate this novel from volume 4!!! Please!!! I really wanted to keep reading last embryo, I feel like the fandom of this novel is too small and lost my hopes thinking anyone was going to pick it, but I really enjoy this novel.

  7. Try isekai ntr shin Yu no ona

  8. Just knew the existence of this blog, i thought that no one would pickup this series again after Frozen decided to quit it for good, i’m glad that this series is still getting noticed from English community. Though translating from volume 1 would be a huge deal since this series (Last Embryo) so far have 7 volumes in total. Wish all of luck.

    The translation team which me also a part of it have finished translating up to volume 7, in our country’s native language (Vietnamese) of course. Currently we are also translating another work of author that shared same universe setting with LE too, Million Crown. I hope that i can give you some support regardless about the verse.

    • Hey, umm, can you tell me about that novel?
      Since it shares world with LE, there’s spoilers of last embryo?

      Both series affect one another?,should I read that to fully experience last embryo?

      I don’t think it’s translated in my mother tongue (spanish ), but do you know if there’s any translation to english? I made a superficial search but I didn’t find anything, although maybe there is a blog that it’s planning to translate it, like this blog, with last embryo.

      And finally, Is it interesting?

      • DarkHeartedAlchemist

        Mondaiji or Million Crown?

        Because personally, I enjoyed Mondaiji very much, it was one of the first isekai stories i have watched/read. Dunno about Million Crown, but I think some of the characters from Mondaiji might return in LE, and there might be some story spollers and references, but I cannot say for sure yet.

      • You can’t reply to the reply of a reply here? I ended up posting another comment by accident XD

  9. I was asking about about million crown, of course I love mondaiji, i think it’s my favorite isekai light novel. I can’t think any I like more, mushoku tensei and kumo desu ga, might be around as good.

    It’s similar to fate, but a couple of hour ago, I discovered greek goods are alien machines in fate, so officialy I like more mondaiji world than fate.

    Also, that last question was reference to izayoi question about little garden to kuro usagi on the first chapter “is this world interesting?”

    • Million Crown taken in an alternate universe, but it shared the same world setting like Mondaiji and LE, you can say that it’s Tarouverse now.

      Though a vast majority of elements in MC are directly from LE itself, like the star particles. There’s more, but that’s all i can only tell you at this point.

      • Hmm, something like fate/Apocrypha and fate/extra for fate stay night? I saw the cover of the first volume (the art looks awsome) it seemed like they were in an apocalyptic setting.

        I wonder if it’s something like a world were Azi dahaka won, but Izayoi isn’t dead or something like that.

  10. There’s only one Azi Dahaka, and currently he resided within his avatar, Saigou Homura/Izayoi’s younger brother

    And yes, there are infinite different versions of Izayoi across all multiverses, but only one Izayoi, which is the protagonist of whole series, of couse, is the real hero of humanity and savior of the world

  11. Digging into the lore of Mondaiji and Last Embryo will take a very long time, not to mention we also have bunch of Tarou-sensei’s Tweets explaing various terminologies or short stories that tied-in with the series too.

  12. Hoooleeeshet thank you very much! I was deeply saddened when i saw frozen-sama’s announcement and given up on it. I also gone and read some summaries of other volumes and then i i have encountered this site while searching for vol 5 summary if there is available. Thank you again! I really love this series and i wont mind if i read it from the beginning….. No from zero (lol)

  13. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait until you reach volume 4…I-I can do it! I can totally wait for one year or more, maybe I even re-read all mondaiji novels for third time when you reach volume 3

  14. How many volume for last embryo actually?….

  15. DarkHeartedAlchemist

    Translation has not yet started, and it will probably take a little more time.

  16. Thank you very much. I lost hope when frozensama
    said they will not translate the series anymore.

  17. the series just went on an indefenet hiatius sadly

  18. yeah it really saddens me,though i wonder what happened

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