Last Embryo Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 5

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He seemed to be awfully casual about this, but nevertheless, Izayoi kept squinting his eyes while looking at him, staying on heightened alert the entire time.

「Hmm. . .  okay, for the time being let’s say that I am buying that story of yours. Now tell me, why did you attack the village of the natives who have nothing to do with the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority? And while we are already on the subject, should there not still be some time before the first official Gift Game of the war begins?」

「Ah, yes, that. I am afraid that this happening was an unfortunate coincidence. Hurting the people of this village was a mistake on our part, and for that, allow me to apologize. This. . . dogeza you mentioned, if memory serves me correctly it is a traditional Japanese way of expressing ones heartfelt apology to someone, right? That would certainly be an embarrassing thing to do, but if that is what you would like me to do to apologize to the native people of this land, then that is what I will gladly do, since this mistake was mine and no one else’s. . . but do know this: I only did that because I wanted her to be handed over to me, and the villagers refused to do so.」

In an instant, the youth’s face turned from a troubled one to a serious one.

「Parashurama. . . 「The Hero Slayer」and 「The Decayer of Injustice」. I do not know why did she manifest herself in the Outer World. I truly have no idea. She is no longer required to pass judgement on the unjust, so the only reason for her appearance in the modern era that comes to mind is that she has done so in order to help raise the heroes of this new era.」

Izayoi’s brows twitched as he was wondering about that himself.  According to her myths in the past, 「The Sixth Avatar」Parashurama was always sent to kill nobles and heroes who have strayed too far from the path of righteousness and fallen into evil and depravity. But that was her role in the past, and since it was technically no longer needed of her to be slaying wicked heroes and nobles, then by all means a new role should have been assigned to her, and since she was supposedly the last of the Avatars allied with 『Avatara』 to appear in the modern era. . . then it really has to mean that her purpose for being in this world was so that she could train and nurture the hero or heroes who were destined to save the world from certain doom

「Ahhh, goodness gracious, why did such an unsightly thing had to happen? Her unsupervised rampage in the physical world has caused both sides no small amount of trouble and headaches. Most importantly, she needs a new body, and fast.」

「The physical world? Ah, you must be talking about the Outer World. And what was that about her needing a new body?」

「Yes, that is right, she needs a new body, because the current host she is inhabiting is obviously on the verge of collapsing. Ahh, but that girl was one of the few precious ones compatible with 『Astra』 that we could get our hands on, and I do not know if we would be able to find a suitable replacement for her in time, and I have no idea what are we going to do if we lose her.」

All those words made Izayoi look at the youth with even more suspicions written all over his face. That smile and face of his looked hellishly unreliable, but there was a certain power that could be felt from his words, so it was probably not an accident or overestimation on 『Avatara』 side that he was the one who was sent in order to retrieve Parashurama.

But even with all those things being pretty evident, Izayoi could not make sense from more than half of the thing that he was saying, despite him having a pretty smart head on his shoulders. Apparently there are still some pieces of the puzzle missing, and they are the ones that would give him the full view of what was going on here and what to make of this situation.

「Astra」. . .  that was the word that Parashurama has used earlier. . .  but was that really the missing piece that Izayoi was looking for?」

「「Astra」, huh? Depending on the language it is used in, it may have many varying meanings. When used in Latin it means 「stars」 and 「novas」, while in Sanskrit it is used to describe divine weaponry. So, which one of those two meaning were you thinking of when you said that Parashurama’s host’s body is compatible with them?」

「In this particular case I was talking about the Divine Arms, Sakamaki Izayoi. Since it has been a few years since you have been first summoned to Little Garden, then perhaps you had your fair share of chances to catch a glimpse of what those 「Astra’s」 are. . . ah, but, wait, no, of course! Since you are a member of the 『No Name』 Community, then surely you must have seen Kuro-chan’s spear and how she uses it, right?! Or rather, it would have been strange if you had not seen her wielding it at least once.


That was the first thing that popped into Izayoi’s head. Hearing this guy calling Kuro Usagi 「Kuro-chan」 was already quite a shocker, but what his him completely out of left field was the fact that he knew about the Divine Arm that belonged to her: The Spear of Indra that Kuro Usagi entrusted to him because she believed that it might prove useful in accomplishing his task. . .  『Pseudo Divinity: Brahmastra Replica』, and that it was somehow involved with all of this. Of course, Izayoi was aware that this weapon had the word 「Astra」 in its name, but he never put too much thought into it, thinking that it bore no particular significance, but apparently he was mistaken in assuming as such.

「Even though Brahmastra can be treated as its own proper name used to describe the name of Indra’s spear, the word Brahmastra itself is actually a compound of two separate words: 「Brahm」, which means 「Cosmic Truth」and 「Astra」which means 「Divine Arm」or 「Divine Weapon」. In that sense, this word, 『The Divine Arm of the Cosmic Truth』 describes the prototype of the ultimate Divine Weapon that would later be passed down from master to student, from one generation to another as they would hone it to perfection. That is also why the Indian heroes who wielded that prototype Divine Arm were always required to chant the word 「Astra」whenever they intended to release 『Brahmastra’s』 power in its entirety, since it was serving as the kind of catalyst and the declaration of the intention to utterly and completely crush those who would dare to stand before them.」

According to the legends from Indian mythology, Parashurama was supposed to have been the first human ever to achieve the monumental task of completely mastering every martial art known to mankind. . .  a feat that earned her the name of 「The Ancestor of All Martial Arts」.

She was supposed to have been given her weapon: 『The Divine Spear Brahmastra』 by the Chief God of Indian mythology Indra himself, and after she started accepting disciples of her own, she was passing the spear down to those that she deemed worthy of inheriting it so that they could continue to improve and evolve it with their own martial prowess, which allowed the spear to continue changing as it gained power from passing from one disciple to the next throughout the ages. As unbelievable as that may sound, this phenomenon actually has a name: Martial Arts Communication, and it can be said that it is the ideal form of keeping the martial arts tradition alive while simoultaneously adding new things to it so that it could constantly improve and adapt to the changing times.

That is probably why Parashurama was able to release such a tremendous amount of raw energy when she chanted the name 『Brahmastra Origin』 during her battle with Izayoi in the slums of Rio. As the very first one to obtain the spear from Indra himself, she intended to use all of its power accumulated over the years by all of the spear’s previous owners in order to wipe Izayoi out of the face of the earth, only to have things not go the way she planned them to go.

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