Level 1 Strongest Sage

Author: 書籍化 Kizuka Maya

Original Web Novel: レベル1の最強賢者 ~ 呪いで最下級魔法しか使えないけど、神の勘違いで無限の魔力を手に入れて最強に ~

Haruto Saijo was one day forced into reincarnation and cursed by an evil god in another world. He was reincarnated into a world of swords and magic.

In this world, you can get stronger by raising the level of your combat profession, but Haruto cannot raise his level because of the curse.

Haruto was in despair.

However, due to the miscalculation of the evil god, Haruto had an inexhaustible amount of magical power.

This is a story of a cursed sage whose status is “fixed”, and on the contrary becomes the strongest due to the effect of the curse.

Table of Contents


Section 2: Academy of Magic
Section 3: Elven Kingdom (1/24)


  1. So, inoveltranslation.com has been translating this since July, and are still pretty active. Has there been any communication with them regarding a translation here?

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