Chapter 10

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Luke and Luna


「Yes, friends. I’m the Earl of Silverlay’s third son, Haruto. Will you become friends with me?」

「No, um, saying I’m going to become friends with a noble sounds a little…」

「Well, I guess I have no choice but to report the “idiot” incident to my father.」

「Don’t do that! Wait a minute, don’t blackmail someone you want to become friends with! I’m sorry!」

「Oh, then it’s okay to be friends, right? This is the way you talk, right? No need for formalities. Because we’re FRIENDS, right?」

「Argh, jeez… I get it. My name’s Luke, nice to meet you.」

「Yep, nice to meet you too.」

As I reach my hand out, Luke quickly wipes his hand on his robe before grabbing my hand.

I wonder what it is. The way he’s always paying attention to the little details, he seems like a good guy.

「Umm….. I would also like to get along with you two.」

The very shy female student, who I previously helped out, spoke out to me.

Obviously, there was no reason to refuse.

「You’re also going to be friends with us, right. My name’s Haruto, the person next to me is my best friend Luke. 」

「Why the hell are you the one to introduce me!? Wait, best friend??」

Even though I just learned Luke’s name a second ago, for some reason I called him my best friend. Probably because talking back and forth with Luke like this is just too amusing.

Luke seemed a bit embarrassed after I called him my best friend, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it so there’s no problem.

「My name is Luna. Nice to meet both of you.」

「Yep, likewise.」
「You too.」

With this, I now made two new friends. I’m sure Tina will be extremely happy once I let her know. This is because Tina was worried if I was going to be able to make friends at the academy.

With that in mind, I made my way to the academy’s entrance ceremony, located at the assembly hall, with Luke and Luna.


The entrance ceremony ended relatively early.

Now I’m taking Luke and Luna to my house, which was built on the academy grounds. I wanted to introduce them to Tina as fast as possible, so I was walking a little faster than usual.

「Wow, the Earl’s family is amazing isn’t it. Who would have imagined building a house on the academy grounds.」

「Furthermore, there’s a maid also, right? If I’m correct, normally only the students are allowed entrance to the academy grounds, not even family members are able to enter….」

「Hehe, it’s amazing, right.」

I tried to brag a little, but my mind was still flustered. I can’t seem to find my house. According to the map Tina gave me, it should be around here….

「Hey Haruto, I’m just assuming here, but is that your house…?」


In the direction of which Luke pointed his finger, there was a mansion that was large enough to accommodate dozens of students. It was around one-fifth the size of the Silverlay residence back home, but this mansion had a garden, which exceedingly stood out as it looked nothing like anything you would normally see on the academy grounds.

The word “Silverlay” could be seen engraved on the front gate.


I thought I was going to be given a small house like one I had in my previous world, even if it was going to be on the larger side, maybe a house with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room.

「The Earl sure is amazing.」

Luna stares at the mansion, dumbfounded.
I’m surprised myself.

There was no point in us standing outside, so I took Luke and Luna with me as we headed towards the mansion. I rang the doorbell attached to the front gate, and soon enough, Tina appeared from the inside.

「Welcome back, Haruto-sama.」
「Thank you, Tina.」

「Haruto-sama, who are these people?」

「I’ll introduce them to you, they’re my friends I made today. This one’s Luke, and this girl is Luna.」

「I’m Luke. Please take care of me.」
「Nice to meet you. My name is Luna.」

「Wow! Haruto-sama, you made friends already, congratulations.」

「Yeah, thanks. Also, since they’re here, I’d like to eat a meal with them, is that fine? 」

「Of course. I’ll get it ready right away. Everyone, please relax in the living room.」

「OK, thanks.」

After Tina left to go to the kitchen, we realized that we had no idea where the living room was, and walked all around the mansion, opening door after door. We finally found the living room and were about to sit down when Tina suddenly called to us.

The mansion is too large.

There will of course be some rooms Tina and I never use, so I was thinking of suggesting that Luke and Luna live here as well.

The dinner Tina made was delicious as usual.
Luke and Luna seemed happy also.

After eating, Luke and Luna told me that they would return to their dormitories. Before leaving, we made a promise to all walk to class together tomorrow. A lot happened, but it was a satisfying first day at the magic academy. Starting from tomorrow, magic classes begin.

I’m looking forward to it.

However, there is an event before classes start, a class announcement stating which classes everyone will be assigned to. If possible, I hope I’m in the same class as Luke and Luna. I talked to Tina about this, and she immediately disappeared somewhere.


An hour later she returned, smiling happily, but no matter how much I asked about where she went off to, I got no answer.


The next morning, I headed to the place I agreed to meet up with Luke and Luna, they were already waiting.

「Sorry, I’m late.」

「No, you’re right on time.」
「Right? I also just got here myself.」

「If that’s the case I’m glad. I hope we get to be in the same class together.」

「All three of us in the same class might be rough. There’s like 30 classes altogether.」

There are 300 students entering this year. And since there are ten students in each class, there are thirty classes. The chances of all three of us being in the same class was almost 0.

「If it’s Haruto, couldn’t you use the Earl’s power to make something happen?」

「No, this would probably be impossible. I mean, I became friends with the two of you yesterday. so I wouldn’t have enough time to make arrangements.」

「That’s true.」
「Yeah… good point.」

If my father was generous enough to build me a mansion on the academy grounds, he might be able to make changes to the class lists if I ask.

But, yes, saying anything now would be fairly pointless. Thinking so, we head to the bulletin board where the class lists were posted.


I’ll start from the conclusion.
The three of us were in the same class.

It looks like some of the names written down got erased and someone wrote our names in instead. I could still make out the names written earlier.

One of the erased names looked like Nard, the son of the Baron Zordi, who was involved with Luna yesterday…

Well, who cares about the details.

I should be pleased that I’m in the same class as Luke and Luna now.

「All three of us in the same… as expected, you used the Earl’s power to do something, right?」

「I told you I didn’t do anything. Anyways, why is our class the only one without a homeroom teacher’s name.」

The teacher’s name in our class also seemed to have been written down, but it was also erased.

I feel like something is going on.
But there’s no use thinking about it now.

At the beginning of the class, we’ll at least be able to figure out who our homeroom teacher is. Together with Luke and Luna, I head towards the classroom.

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