Chapter 11

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My Homeroom Teacher is a Former Legend

We are moving to the classroom listed on the bulletin board. At Ifrus Magic Academy, even if you’re in the same grade as fellow students, the classrooms are far apart from one another.

One teacher and ten students are grouped together to be called one class.

During class, students may be called upon to use high-grade magic, so as a countermeasure to accidental outbursts classes are spread throughout the entire academy.

At this academy, the more important facilities are located at the center. The closer you get to the center, the more convenient your life will be, due to the higher quality libraries and training facilities accessible to the students.

In addition, classes that achieve excellent grades in tests and practical skills will be moved to a classroom near the center of the academy. Of course, the opposite is also possible.

After graduation, when you are looking for a job, your status is linked to how close you got your class to the center of the academy.

Until graduation, all the students will work with their class as well as compete with other classes in hopes to get their classroom to advance to the middle of the academy.

For that reason, the freshman classroom, which has no proven track record, is usually placed furthest away from the center of the school. However, the location of our classroom, according to the bulletin board, was right next to the center of the school.

「Say, are you sure you aren’t using the power of the Earl’s family? We’re almost near the very center here.」

「Everyone around us look like they’re senior year students or researchers.」

Luke and Luna seem to be worried whether or not they’re at the right location. Well, it’s as Luke says, everyone around us is either an upper-year student or a dignified magician.

The robes that all freshmen were required to wear stood out like a sore thumb amid these people. However, according to the information board that we ran across coming here, our classroom was apparently the beautiful building in front of us that seems to have just been built recently.

「I told you already, I didn’t do anything. Maybe our homeroom teacher is just an amazing magician or something.」

Even though classrooms are moved according to the student’s grades, it’s also possible for the homeroom teacher to produce good results and move because of that.

In other words, if a prominent magician were to take charge of the homeroom, he or she can move closer to the center of the school. However, it seems that such a famous magician is rarely a homeroom teacher for new students.

「Anyways, let’s head in.」

「You’re right.」

「I guess.」

With me in the lead, we head towards the building. At the front entrance of the building, a stone statue of a knight could be seen on the left and right sides.

「Halt, only qualified personnel may enter this facility.」


As I was about to touch the door, the two stone statues immediately moved to stop us from entering. These statues are probably similar to the gargoyles used to guard a witch’s mansion.

However, I was surprised by the fact that the statues could move so smoothly, and speak so fluently. Luke and Luna both seemed to be surprised also.

「What are the qualifications? It was written that our classroom was supposed to be here.」

「If that is true, then reveal your name.」

「My name? It’s Haruto.」

「Mhm, and the two behind you?」

「I’m Luke.」
「L-Luna is my name.」

「I have confirmed everyone’s voiceprint. You are all eligible to enter. Go on, you may now pass.」

As the stone statues move out of the way, the door automatically opens. The statues then ceased to move.

「We can go in, right? What the hell was that?」

Luke is poking the stone statue with his finger.

「Don’t touch it too much and make it angry. If this statue fought it would be pretty strong.」

「That’s what I think too. Unless you’re a high-leveled magician I’d doubt you’d be able to win.」

「How do Haruto and Luna know about these things?」

「First of all, it was a stone statue, but its movement was really smooth. Probably a special type of magic circle using earth magic and water magic is used on the joints. Gargoyles and other stone statue-type artificial monsters often have a similar weakness where they can’t move smoothly, however, this doesn’t seem to be the case for these. 」

「I think a lot of advanced magic circles are used as Haruto-san says. But for some reason, I can hardly feel the magical power of the magic circles. In other words, these statues are probably made up of an ore called Magic Canceller.」

「Your right. It depends on the quality of the Magic Canceller, but it should be able to make intermediate level magic ineffective.」

「Isn’t this thing cool?」

「Ah, that’s why we should probably get going before Luke starts prodding it even more and makes it angry.」
「I agree.」

「Ah, wait a minute!」

Luna and I immediately enter the building. Luke also follows in a hurry. I was looking forward to seeing what kind of classes would be held in a building that’s being protected by advanced artificial monsters.

To be honest, because my personal maid Tina was such an excellent teacher, I thought that there wouldn’t be much for me to learn in one of the world’s most advanced magic academies. Being taught by Tina will definitely make me stronger than coming to a magic school.

However, in the future, even if you get a stable job, whether you join the guild or have a party and become an adventurer, the status that one gets from graduating from Ifrus Magic Academy will be very useful.

So even if classes were to be boring, I would have come anyways. But now, I’m thinking that these classes may be fun.


We arrived in the classroom.

Inside, seven students were sitting in their respective seats.

「With you guys joining, we now have everyone. My name is Rifa, I hope to have a good year with everyone.」

A beautiful blonde-eyed girl, who seems to be an elf, stood up and invited us into the classroom.

「I’m Haruto. Regards.」
「I’m Luna. Please take care of me.」
「My name is Luke, nice to meet you all.」

「My name is Meldi, let’s get along.」

Beast ears could be seen coming out from her orange hair, as the girl sitting at the window seat waves at us.

She is probably part of the beast race. People from the beast race, half-human half-beast, are known for their high physical capabilities, as most of them are suitable for warrior jobs. Meldi, who is a part of the beast race, being at an academy for magic was a rare sight to see.


「I’m Ryushin, and this one is Ryuka.」

An existence even rarer than the beast race appeared. Ryushin and Ryuka have dragon scales on their arms and forehead. They are a part of the dragon race, also known as Dragonoid.

Dragonoids are said to have the blood of the dragon god flowing in their veins. Ryuka seems to be shy as she hides behind Ryushin.


「I am called Yoko, please take care of me.」

The girl named Yoko was wearing a kimono instead of a traditional school uniform. And although the magical powers of others could be vaguely visible to my eyes, I could clearly see nine clumps of magical blocks behind Yoko.

Since Luke and Luna are looking at Yoko and are only commenting on her beautiful garments, it may be that I’m the only one who notices her tail. In other words, Yoko doesn’t want others to notice her tail, so I’ll pretend I didn’t see it.


『Mai and Mei here! Please take care of us!』

The two girls introduced themselves while being completely synchronized. I can’t tell which one of them is Mai and which is Mei.

Anyways, these two girls will also be our classmates.

「Excuse me, Haruto-sama? I assume that you are the Earl’s family’s son….」

The frank attitude by Rifa who invited us to the class earlier suddenly changed as she started talking to me more cautiously. It seems that she’s noticed the lines on my robe which indicate that I’m a part of the Earl’s family.

「Yes, I’m the third son of the Silverlay family, Haruto-Vei-Silverlay. But in this class, I’m just Haruto, don’t worry about it.」

「That will save some trouble. Once again, I hope to have a pleasant year with you.」

After all the introductions finished, Luke, Luna, and I found our seats in the empty front row.

「Since you are in this class, why were we able to come to a class with such favorable treatment?」

The second row from the front, the girl sitting in the seat behind me, Yoko, spoke to me.

「Hmm, I haven’t done anything personally for this to happen. But there is a chance my father pulled some strings.」

As one would expect, even I started thinking about these things. Otherwise, new students, such as myself, would never be able to come to a classroom at the center of the academy so soon.

Then that means, the homeroom teacher will also be a famous magician. I wonder who it will be? As I started thinking about that, the door to the classroom opened.



The one who came through the opened door was my personal maid, Tina. Unlike the usual maid clothes she usually wears, she actually looks like a school teacher.

「Please address me as Tina-sensei Haruto-kun.」


「Everyone, it is nice to meet you all. My name is Tina-Haribel. I will be in charge of taking care of this class from today. Thank you.」

「Did she say Tina-Haribel? She has the same name as the one who guided the hero a hundred years ago, and helped defeat the Demon King.」

「Oh, that’s me.」



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