Chapter 12

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The Group’s Abilities (pt 1)

My exclusive baby-faced maid was one of the heroes who defeated the Demon King a hundred years ago?

「How old are you, Tina…..」

「It’s Tina-SENSEI. And regarding that question: Haruto-kun, you’re never supposed to ask how old a lady is.」

「Sensei, I have a question!」

Rifa raises her hand vigorously.

「Rifa-san, right, what is it?」

「Tina-Haribel is a legendary hero among us elves, together with the hero from another world and his party, they defeated the Demon King. However, afterward, her whereabouts were unknown. Sensei, do you have any proof that you truly are Tina-Haribel?」

「It would be quick if you had a look at my Status Board.」

Tina says this as she opens up her Status Board so everyone in the class could see.

「It’s real…..」
「Level 250!?」
「Wow, Tina is this strong??」

Everyone is in shock, including Luke and Luna. They could have never imagined that the baby-faced maid who made them a delicious dinner yesterday had such a monstrous status.

「I also have a question I wish to ask you, is that fine?」

「Yes, Yoko-san, go ahead.」

「Why did a high-level person like yourself decide to become a teacher for inexperienced people like ourselves? There is no merit you could gain from this.」

「Hmm, I don’t have a big reason or anything, but if I had to give one, it’s because house-sitting left me with too much free time, I guess.」


It seemed that Yoko didn’t understand.

Most likely, Tina decided to become a teacher because she was bored being alone at the mansion while I was out taking classes.

But, is it really that easy to become a teacher at a magic academy? As I was pondering over this, Tina’s “question time” came to an end.

「Now, I think that everyone was able to understand by looking at my Status Board that as a teacher I am not lacking in strength. It may be sudden, but we will be immediately heading to the training center to begin our first class.」


Following Tina, the 10 of us arrived at an outdoor training facility that was connected to our classroom. As expected, because the training center is close to the middle of the academy, the quality of the facility is top-notch.

Also, severe defensive magic is applied to the training center itself. It seems that even if you use high-powered magic inside, the facility prevents it from leaking to the outside.

「Everyone will now be participating in a friendly competition against students of the same grade, as well as upper-year students. Because this classroom is near the center of the academy, lots of classes will be challenging us for the chance to take our classroom’s location. 」

Ifrus Magic Academy has an inter-class battle system. Before the battle, both classes will decide on the rules and rewards that are in place, as they look to compete in both magic battles and races.

Classrooms can also be replaced, depending on the outcome of the match. Classes near the center of the academy also have a fixed period where they are required to have a match against another class.

This rule was in place to prevent the upper classes from refusing to accept any battles just so that they could stay near the center of the academy.

「The competition quota for this classroom is once a month. There are delicious cake shops and bakeries near this area, as well as the academy’s largest library. So by all means, please try your hardest in these battles so you can keep this wonderful classroom. 」

Tina seems to take light of this, but the quota for the monthly match seems to be tough. Luke also realizes this, as he opens his mouth to speak.

「If multiple classes apply to challenge the same class, the higher class will certainly take precedence, right?」

「That is correct, Luke.」

「This class is most likely going to be a target for many of the upper-year students, so we may have to fight senior students every month.」

「Well, I guess that’s expected.」

「…..Isn’t it too hard for us new students to keep a class like this?」

「Even if you lose, it’s not like you’re going to die, so I wouldn’t worry about it that much. Also, I will be teaching this class, so I doubt you will lose that much.」

Where does Tina’s confidence come from?

「By the way, have you all introduced yourselves to one another before I came to the classroom?」

「We did, Sensei.」

Rifa answered her questions as the representative. If we were to decide on a class representative in the future, it would probably end up being Rifa. From the looks of it, she likes taking the initiative and would do a good job of organizing the class.

「I see. Then I will now have you all introduce your magic to one-another.」

As Tina was saying that, she tapped the floor with the cane that she held in her hand, as a magic training target that I was familiar with appeared in the back of the training center.

「I will now have each of you hit that target with your strongest magical attack.」

「Are you sure our full strength is fine?」

Ryushin asks.

「Yes, full-strength please. From now on, everyone in the class will work together to battle the other classes that come challenging us, but if you do not cooperate with each other and do the best to make use of each other’s strengths as well as cover for the weaknesses, you will not be able to beat the senior students. Knowing each other’s abilities is the first step in gaining a deeper understanding of your peers.」

「Understood. Would it be fine if I were to go first?」

Rifa raised her hand and asked.

「Thank you for offering. Then could Rifa-san please stand right over here. Everyone else come stand behind me.」

Standing behind Tina as instructed, a transparent magical film surrounded us. This is Tina’s defensive magic.

「Rifa-san, whenever you’re ready you may begin.」


Rifa crouches down towards the ground and pushes her left hand forward. An emerald-green bow appears. As she pulls on the bowstring, a clump of magic manifests around her bow, forming a single arrow.

The arrow has already formed into a perfect shape, but Rifa doesn’t seem to want to shoot it yet. The magical power gathered from the space surrounding the bow steadily accumulates into the arrow.

An enormous amount of magic is concentrated in the area, and the surrounding space begins to fluctuate.

「Wind Arrow!」

Rifa fires the arrow.

An arrow coated in wind flies towards the target at an ultrasonic velocity.



No one could believe that the sound of an arrow making an impact on a target could make such a noise.

Even though it didn’t fully penetrate, the arrow was stuck halfway into the target. The same target that should easily be able to withstand intermediate magic.

「Even though your magic only focuses on a single point, to be able to penetrate your arrow halfway through the target is spectacular. Thank you for showing it to us today!」

「Thank you very much.」

A characteristic of Elven magic is that they can collect the magical power that floats in the space. Among them, Rifa seems to be able to collect more than usual.

「Who would like to go next?」

『We will do it!』

Mai and Mei raise their hands together.

「Mai-san and Mei-san was it. Well then please begin.」

Together, Mai and Mei go towards the spot that Rifa was standing.

「Do those two use magic together?」

「Well, those two are a little special, so we’ll ask them to do it at the same time.」

Tina answered Yoko’s question.
Tina seems to be aware of the circumstances of all the students.

As I look at Mai and Mei, they hold one another’s hand, and at the same time push their free hand out towards the target.

Hot air begins flowing out of Mai, and cold air begins flowing out of Mei.

『Unison Ray!』

A flaming ball of ice shoots out of their hand towards the target.



The moment it hit the target, it caused a huge explosion and a cloud of white smoke. The ice was instantly heated up, causing a steam explosion.

「To be able to combine opposite attributes of magic to such a degree. I have to say I’m impressed.」

Similar to when Rifa showed her magic, Tina praises the two student’s magic. It certainly has great power. The target managed to keep its shape, but the surface was tattered.

「Now then, next up is…」

「Let me go next!」

Ryushin stepped forward.

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