Chapter 13

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The Group’s Abilities (pt.2)

Ryushin moved to the front of the target while rolling the sleeves on his right arm up.


With a roar, ebony scales start to manifest on his right hand and begin to cover his whole arm. It only took a few seconds for it to turn to a complete dragon arm.

He raised his right hand in an instant──

「Dragon Crow!」

A slash flew from his claws in a diagonal movement.

The attack sliced through the target with trivial ease, continuing in its path until it caused a large gash in the wall behind the target.

「Impressive, not only did you slice through the target, but you also damaged the wall which is ten times stronger than the target itself. As expected of a dragonoid.」

Ryushin was a bit satisfied with himself after he had used dragonization. In contrast, Rifa seemed to be frustrated that he easily tore through a target that she couldn’t penetrate whatsoever.

「Sensei, that target…」

「Yes, I’m using the same materials as you imagined, Ryuka.」

「Then I’d like to go next.」

「Go ahead.」

Ryuka walks up to the side of the target.

Is she going to use melee attack magic?

As I was thinking about this, Ryuka’s body began to glow.


Unlike Ryushin, the white scales on Ryuka’s entire body gradually increased in size.

At the same time, the total amount of magic power Ryuka had skyrocketed.


─ ─ ─?

The target that was shot by Rifa with an arrow, torn to shreds by Mai and Mei, and torn apart by Ryushin as if it were nothing, started returning to its original shape.

After about thirty seconds, the target had returned to the state it was in before Rifa attacked it.

「Is this the Dragon Maiden’s resurrection magic?」

「…So you knew about it, didn’t you, Tina-sensei?」

「Tiina-sensei, how did the target come back to life? Doesn’t Resurrection only work by resurrecting the dead?」

Rifa asked Tina a question.

「Indeed, Resurrection is a magic that brings back the lives of those who have died. There are only a couple of individuals who can use this magic itself, but Ryuka-san is even more special than them, as she can restore anything as long as it has magic power passing through it.」

Normally, resurrection was only effective within an hour after the target had died to be resurrected.

However, in this world, both human and monster corpses leave magic power in their bodies for a day after their death, so a corpse who would normally have to be revived in time within an hour could be resurrected if they were brought to Ryuka within the day of their death.


「The target is made from the skin of a monster called a mahonome, which has very high magic resistance. By processing this skin and retaining a certain amount of magic power inside it, you can give the target a magic resistance on par with that of a mahonome.」

In other words, even if the target is not alive, as long as the object had magic power passing through it, it could be restored to its original state. With it, she could probably heal broken magic tools and the like as well.

Isn’t that already a cheat-level ability?

「The target has been restored, so let’s move on.」

「We’ll get the next one!」

Merdi from the Beast Race raised her hand.

「Can I do this with Merdi-san as support?」

Luna also raised her hand.

Luna told me during yesterday’s meal that she could use magic to improve the status of her allies. She said that she can use most auxiliary magic spells, but in exchange, her individual combat ability is retained at a low level.

「That’s finet. Out of the rest of you, the two of you fit best for each other. Merdi-san is fine with it too, right?」

「It’s fine. It’s good to meet you, Luna.」

「Yes, I will do my best to support you!」

Luna and Merdi stand in front of the target, which was now in its original form.

「Then let’s go.」

Luna breathes in while formign her magic.

And then…

「Magic up! Overmagic! Max Magic! Physical up! Power up! Speed up! Concentrate up!!」

「Eh──!? Oh!」

Various colored auras had covered Merdi’s body.

Merdi was puzzled at first, but she soon realized that her own status had been significantly enhanced.

「This is awesome!」

Half-heartedly turning towards the target, Merdi positioned her fist in front of its body, increasing the concentration of her magic power.

「Flying Fist!」

Almost as soon as Merdi shouted, the target instantly disappeared.

It was blown off the pedestal that was supposed to be firmly fixed and smashed into the wall behind him, shattering.

Merdi was frozen in a fist-pumping pose.

「Oh my god, that was way too much power.」

「That, that’s amazing.」

Both Meldi and Luna were surprised, they were definitely not expecting it to be this powerful.

「Seriously, I lost…」

Ryushin, who was only able to cut the target in half, looked at the remaining pieces of target and appeared frustrated.

「It looks like the two of you were perfect for each other after all!」

Tina had seemed satisfied with it. She then clapped her hands and the shattered target disappeared, with a new one emerging from under the floor once again.

「Now only the two of you are next. Which one of you will go?」

She just moved on without saying anything about what happened.

Something about Tina’s words made me feel uncomfortable but…

It was probably just my imagination.

Only Luke and I were left.

I didn’t want to be last…

「I’ll go!」

But Luke beat me to it.

「Haruto was taught by Tina-sensei about magic right? So he’s definitely really powerful! That’s why I’m going to go ahead first, is that alright?」

「Well, no, I’m-」

I wanted to say that I’m a level 1 – but he probably wouldn’t believe me.

「Then, Luke-kun is next. Please go ahead.」


Prompted by Tina, Luke stood in front of the newly prepared target.

「Then I’ll go…」

Immense amounts of magic power gathered around Luke’s body.

He began to chant.

「Its Desire is destruction, its origin is lightning, sacrifice is my power. Given to me by his contract to be my servant, whose power I shall now unleash…」

「Oh, that’s dangerous! This magic is──!?」

Glancing at Tina, she seemed to have noticed it, and proceeded to immediately strengthen the defensive magic strung around us.

「Ultima Thunder!」

A pillar of lightning several meters wide fell from the sky and…

Completely annihilated the target.

A storm blew inside the training center.

It was only thanks to Tina’s enhanced defensive magic that there had been no damage done to us.

The dust that had risen up cleared and we were able to see what happened to the target.

It seems like it wasn’t only the target, but the pedestal as well part of the floor that held it in place had practically been erased.

「Tina-sensei… what Luke just did was ultimate magic, wasn’t it?」

「Yes. His name is Luke-Vel-Iflus, the grandson of a sage, Luano-Vel-Iflus, the head of this Iflus magical school. Like Headmaster Luano, he’s one of the few mages who can use ultimate magic.」

It seems like my best friend was an extraordinary mage who could use ultimate magic, and was also the grandson of the headmaster of this magic school.

…I was going to use magic after this?

Now I was extremely nervous.

After all, I can only use the lowest-grade of magic.

I couldn’t replicate anything like the shot that had the penetrating power Rifa had, or the destructive power and flair of Ryushin or Luke.

I may have a few auxiliary magic, but I couldn’t use the high-level’s such as Max Magic like Luna can.

I was desperately trying to figure out how to deceive them, when something unexpected happened.

「The last one is Haruto-kun. Um, Haruto-kun, please don’t go all out. I only need about thirty percent of your strength.」


Tina started to say something I didn’t understand.

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