Chapter 14

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Strongest Level 1

「Do you mind? It’s only about 30 percent. By the way, please don’t ever go serious at using your magic. Otherwise, the training center might be destroyed.」 Tina reminded me.

I always used magic in my training center at home, but my magic never broke down the walls or anything like that.

「You told us to give it our all…is Haruto’s magic really that powerful?」

「Even an ultimate magic shot with full force is really powerful, but the fact that Tina-sensei stopped it means Haruto’s magic might even be more powerful than that.」

Ryushin and Luke just looked at me with astonished faces.

No, the magic I’m about to unleash is just a fire lance, though.

Here, I realized.

I’m sure Tina will be able to make a target for me that has low magic resistance and can be easily destroyed, while still looking just the same as the previous targets.

Tina knew that I can only use the lowest level of magic for now after all.

After it became clear that my classmates have ridiculously powerful magic and cheat-like abilities, she might be worried that I’ve lost my confidence.

Here, if I destroy the weak target that Tina has prepared for me, my classmates will think:

「We needed all our might to destroy it, but Haruto only needs to use 30% of his strength to do the same, wow!」

Furthermore, because the power of my magic is so bad, I would make the people around me aware that I could only use the lowest level of magic.

In other words, I needed to do my best and break the target as flashily as possible.

「Tina-sensei, I understand. I can’t make too many adjustments, but I’ll do it with about 30 percent of my power.」

「Please do.」

Tina increased her defensive magic for students other than me.

It was a good trick. By further strengthening the defensive magic that was able to endure Luke’s ultimate magic, she’s giving me the illusion that my magic is really that powerful.

Alright, I’ll do it.

I can’t let Tina’s dedication go to waste.

I turned to face the target that Tina had prepared for me.

It was probably a fragile target, soI decided to trust her.

「Here I go!」

First, I raised my right hand to the sky and released a mass of magic power. Ordinarily, this spell would be given the attribute of fire, and after transforming its shape, if released, it would become a magic spell called a fire lance.

But that wasn’t flashy enough for me.

So I released more chunks of magical power.

My status still didn’t change due to the curse of the Evil God, with my magic power always being 10/10 fixed.

I release more and more chunks of magic as my magic consumption drops below 10.

That number is about 100,000.

In the past, it took a long time to release even a small amount of magic power, but now, a hundred thousand or so units of magic power can be released in under five seconds.

As I did so, from behind me──

「Ha, Haruto-kun, it’s only 30 percent. That’s fine, right?」

Tina’s voice could be heard.

Rifa, Ryushin, Luke and the others around him buzzed at the way Tina was getting impatient.

Tina definitely does a good job of acting.

I gave the magic power held in the air the attribute of fire.

A hundred thousand lumps of magic power proceeded to turn into flames. The shape was then transformed into the shape of a spear.

A huge partisan, three meters thick and twenty meters long, appeared.

I could throw this as it is, but it would probably only end up penetrating the target, so it’s a bit less flashy.

Speaking of making it flashy, I altered the spell so that it would explode upon impact.

I had coated the tip of the partisan with two high-powered attribute magic, the powerful magic of darkness and the explosive nature of lightning.

Of course, this explosive spell also had low consumption, so the power of a single shot was really low.

That’s why I covered it with about a thousand layers.

This will allow the spear to pierce the target after the flashily exploding.

I’m ready.

Now all I have to do is release it with all my might!

「Fire Lance!」

When I brought my hand down towards the target, the spear above my head flew towards the target at high speed──

A huge explosion occurred.

The thousand layers of dark and lightning explosive magic I casted had set off a chain of explosions, causing a blast to blow around the area.

It’s pretty flashy, but I don’t think it’s that powerful. Now if I can just penetrate the target, it should be a success….

The blast stopped.


The scene in front of me made me stop thinking.

The entire base of the target had disappeared.

Furthermore, a huge hole had been made in the wall behind it, revealing the protective wall of the Central City on the other side of the training center.

In front of that protective wall, Tina, who was behind me a moment ago, was standing with her hands out in front of me.

What in the world was going on? When did Tina move in!

As I was thinking about that, Tina came inside through a large hole in the wall of the training center.

「Haruto-sama… you said you would only use thirty percent, right?」

Tina was on the verge of tears, and her voice was trembling.

She’s calling me by my honorific title. She got so scared that she forgot her role of being a teacher.

「Tina, are you okay? Hey, what’s going on?」

「I deflected Haruto-sama’s magic! If I didn’t, a great deal of damage would have been done to Central City!」

「What? I’m always doing the same kind of magic at home though…」

「Don’t lump this place with the training center at the Count’s mansion! I’ve taken the time to put up several layers of wards in there, which is the only reason it was able to withstand Haruto-sama’s magic!」

Apparently, the magic I unleashed annihilated the target, destroyed the wall, and still headed towards the Central City with its power still undiminished.

A few seconds before I fired my magic, Tina had moved fast to go between the training center and the Central City’s protective wall in case I made a mistake in adjusting my magic power, and had put up a defensive spell.

Thanks to that, the damage to the Central City was prevented, but because my magic was more powerful than expected, even Tina could only pass it off into the sky instead of catching it.

「I can’t believe it. Haruto was this much of a monster?」

「What kind of monster can penetrate a wall that’s ten times stronger than the target?」

「I can’t believe it, to think even a hero like Tina-Haribel-sama could barely deflect the magic spell…」

「That level of that power isn’t normal without auxiliary magic.」

My classmates had taken a step back to distance themselves from me.

「We need to deal with the aftermath of this today, so that’s it for the class. I’ll be in touch with you later on about the future, so can you all go back to your dorms?」

「Yes, we understand, Sensei.」

Rifa was dragging everyone out of the camp.

I turned to follow her.

「Please stay here, Haruto-kun.」



Tina and I had arrived at the break room located by the training center.

「Tina, I’m really, really sorry」

「I’ve been reminding you that you don’t need to do your best, haven’t I?」

Yes, that’s right.

I wanted to say that I didn’t know how powerful my magic was, but Tina didn’t let me do that.

「I thought I was going to die.」


「I mean, I’d probably be dead if it wasn’t for this.」

Tina takes out a golden pendant from her chest.

The red gemstone set in the middle was shattered.

「Is that a magic tool?」

「Yes, when the owner is in danger, an absolute defense spell that can only be used once by an otherworldly hero will be triggered. It’s that kind of magic tool.」

Tina’s eyes welled up with tears as she looked at the broken pendant.

「This was given to me by someone very dear to me.」

I’ve never seen Tina cry before.

It was my fault for getting it wrong, my fault for not understanding exactly what I was capable of.

「I’m sorry. I don’t know what I can do for you, but I’ll do anything I can. So don’t cry.」



「Then please…」


「Mu, just like in the past. Please sleep with me again!」

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