Chapter 15

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Tina’s thoughts

The day after I was reincarnated, I stopped sleeping with Tina.

If I was a five-year-old boy, it wouldn’t be a problem to have her sleep with me, but before I was reincarnated, I was a seventeen-year-old boy, so it would definitely be a problem if I did.

Well, there was no way I could do anything with my body anyways since I was only five years old.

So when I told Tina on the night of my reincarnation that I was going to sleep alone from then on, I remembered that she looked very sad.

「But I told you though.」

「Uh, yeah, but is that really what you want to do?」

「Yes! If possible, I’d be happy to have the right to hug Haruto-sama as well.」

「…It’s no problem.」

「Thank you!」

Tina suddenly hugged me.

Right now!?

I tried to shove her, but I noticed that Tina’s body was trembling, so I stopped.

「You scared me.」

「I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.」

I stroked her head, hoping that Tina would calm down. Tina’s body stopped shaking a little.

After a while, Tina pulled away from me.

「Phew, Haruto-sama’s wrongdoings have been forgiven.」

「Yeah, that’s good.」

「We’ll do it again tonight, okay?」


「Yes. Not just tonight, but for the rest of the year!」


「…I almost died from Haruto-sama’s magic, and you also destroyed my only treasure.」

「Alright, alright! I’m going to bed! I’ll sleep with you and you can cuddle with me.」

「Thank you. Fufufu.」

I think I may have never seen Tina this happy before.

What was so good about sleeping with me?

Is it that comfortable to sleep with me in a cuddly way like a pillow?

Well, as long as Tina’s feeling better, that’s all that matters.

「Tina, about the incident, I’ll apologize to my father directly about it.」

「Yes. I would be very grateful if you did. Of course, I will accompany you to the Count.」

「Please do.」


After that, I finished my report to the school, left the school and returned to the Count’s mansion where my father stayed.

Since there were no casualties and I was the son of the Count, I didn’t receive any punishment from the academy.

However, since I was requested to take measures in the future and repair the training center that was destroyed, I was required to report to my father and apologize.

I didn’t expect to go home on the second day of school.


I met with my father, told him what had happened, and bowed. He was quick to forgive me.

In fact, he praised me for growing up.

But he warned me to be more careful in the future, to use my powers carefully and not to harm my friends or those around me.

Then my father bowed to Tina.

He apologized that I, his son, had put Tina in danger, and he also wanted to offer her a reward for saving the Central City from my magic.

Tina refused to accept the offer, saying she’s already received her reward. She glanced at me as she said that.

I know. I nodded as if to say so, and Tina smiled with satisfaction.


Tina and I returned to my mansion from the Ifrus Magic Academy.

Normally, the Count’s mansion and the Magic Academy were about three hours distant one way by carriage, but since we flew there using Tina’s flying magic, the round trip took less than two hours, even with the time it took to visit my father.

The training center had been destroyed, but my father said he would take care of it.

He also told me to stay the night for today, but Tina said she had something to do at the academy, so that’s why I came back like this.

「What was that thing you wanted to do?」

「Of course, I wanted to sleep with Haruto. But since there are other maids in the Count’s house, I can’t just spend time alone with Haruto right now.」

Later I took a bath and got ready for bed, and now I’m lying in bed with Tina.

「Why do you like me so much?」

I asked her something that had been bothering me for a long time. Based on Tina’s ability, it wouldn’t be strange for her to serve the kingdom.

My father had a certain amount of wealth and power, but he didn’t have the stature to hire Tina. In fact, I’ve heard that the state is pressuring Tina to serve her country, but she just refused.

In this time when there are no heroes who have been transferred from another world, not even the state can free Tina, who has power equal to that of a hero.

So why was Tina so devoted to me?

I thought it was because she was doing a favor for me.

「Why do I like Haruto-sama? Trying to talk about it is going to make me sleep a little late, is that okay?

「Yes, thank you… I like Tina as well.」

My face heats up at Tina’s unexpected words.

「Fufufu, thank you.」

「So, if you want to stay up late, I’d like to hear what you have to say.」

「I understand. You already know the story of how I defeated the Demon King long ago with the heroes who had transmigrated from another world. Right?」

「Yeah, I read about it in a book, and I heard a bit about it from Rifa.」

「 I was a little embarrassed when Rifa-san was talking to Haruto-san about my monster subjugation record, but what she told wasn’t very accurate」


That’s true.

It’s not as if it’s possible to defeat the Flame Dragon with only body-enhancing magic because there were no weapons around, right?

「Oh, by the way, the only thing that Rifa-san was talking about that’s actually true is the story about defeating the Flame Dragon.」

「Oh, really?」

Was it really true!?

「It’s as expected, even I can’t blow up the Ghost King with air pressure alone.」

「If you could do that, you’re already a complete monster.」

「Now, back to the story, there was actually one person among the heroes who I admired and respected.」

In the last summoning of the heroes, five otherworldly people came as heroes to save our world.

It seems that Tina had fallen in love with one of them.

「That person wasn’t the central figure of the heroes, but he was always the first one to rush to us when he heard that the city and village were being attacked by demons and monsters.」

The transferred heroes can return to their original world if they managed to defeat the Demon King.

In this world, it seems that the God of Creation often summons a hero with such a contract.

Despite being a hero, there was no need to save the country or the city.

From their point of view, they can ignore how much damage the otherworldly people were suffering and return to their original world as long as they defeated the Demon King.

「He was the only one to encourage us to confront the hordes of demons. He may have not beaten the Demon King, but I think he’s a true hero.」

In the picture books I used to read, the hero who defeated the Demon King was indeed depicted to be incredibly strong.

However, the hero hardly appeared in the story unless the enemy was really strong and the fellow heroes were in a pinch.

A different person was drawn for the hero who saved the town and village and was appreciated by the people.

Most likely, that was the hero Tina was referring to.

「That hero and I spent a lot of time together, and at some point, I came to adore him.」

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