Chapter 16

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Goals for this world

「When the heroes defeat the Demon King, they will immediately return to their home world. Because of that, I thought that he wouldn’t be interested in someone from this world, but he still responded to my wishes.」

Tina’s face faltered as she remembered her past.

「You mean you became a lover of that hero?」

「Yes, I managed to fall in love with him, and the days of adventure I spent with him from then on are still some of the best memories I have. However, all those good times ended when his companion, a hero, defeated the Demon King.」

Tina’s voice darkened.

「…Transmigrated heroes can’t choose to stay in this world.」

「He did a lot of things for me, but there was nothing he could do about that.」

It seems that the transmigrated heroes are forcibly sent back to their original world the moment they defeat the Demon King.

Tina removed the pendant from her neck and placed it on the table.

「This was made by him with special magic so that he could protect me. When the Demon King was defeated, he disappeared from our world, and this is the only treasure he left behind at the end of his life.」

It was the magic tool which contained the spell to protect its owner no matter what happened to them once. That pendant was given by her hero.

Now I felt guilty for wasting such a valuable and memorable magic tool for Tina.

「Now, that’s why I love Haruto. I believe Haruto-sama is the reincarnation of that hero.」


That wasn’t true.

That’s because Haruto is the reincarnation of Saijo Haruto, and Haruto had no experience of coming to this world as a hero.

「One day ten years ago, I felt that a child with the same magic power as his was born in this world.」

「Is it me?」

「Yes, I’m still a person with excellent magic detection skills, and there’s no way I could be mistaken about his magic power. So I tracked down the baby and made a deal with your parents, the Count, to become Haruto-sama’s squire.」

I wondered if I should confide in Tina that I’m a different person. But I feel like I have to tell her now.

「Tina, I’m sorry, but I-」

「You’re not that hero, aren’t you?」

「…You knew?」

「Yes, five years ago, I vaguely realized that someone else had been reincarnated in Haruto-sama’s body. I had hoped it was that person but you’re someone else, aren’t you?」

「Yes, I’m definitely a reincarnator. But I don’t remember ever coming to this world or having an adventure with Tina.」

「Well, yes, that’s right. Because if he did, he’d have something to say about it when he reincarnated.」


「You don’t need to apologize, Haruto-sama. To tell the truth, I was disappointed at first, too. There were times when I wondered why it wasn’t him. But then I saw Haruto-sama working so hard every day in his magical training, and I knew that you were doing everything you could to become stronger. It made me start putting a lot of similarities on top of each other.」

Tina hugs me.

She smelled very good.

「I’ve been watching Haruto-sama for a long time. Before, I wished you were his reincarnation. But now I’m only looking at Haruto-sama.」

「…Is it really okay?」

「Haruto-sama is good enough for me」.

With those words, I made up my mind.

「Tina, I’m going to be strong. I’m going to be stronger than that hero. I will protect you and this world. Your pendant may have broken, but instead I will become an unbreakable shield for you and the world. I’ll protect you.」


「So will you continue to be by my side?」

「Yes! I’ll be with you forever.」

I’ve decided my goals for this world.

I will grow stronger.

Stronger than the heroes with cheat abilities.

Strong enough to protect Tina and the world, like the hero Tina loved.

I can’t raise my level because of the Evil God’s curse, but there are still many things I can do.

I will gain strength and be recognized by the world as a sage.

To become the strongest level 1 sage in the world.

And then I’ll be a hero for Tina.


When I woke up the next morning, Tina was gone.

「Good morning. Haruto-sama」

Then, I opened the door and Tina came into the bedroom.

「Breakfast is ready.」

「Yeah, I’m coming.」

「Haruto-san, do you have a minute?」


Tina moved her face closer to mine.

I felt something awfully soft against my lips.


When I look at Tina, her cheeks are flushed.

「I’m an unbound person, but I look forward to working with you. My hero.」

With that, Tina left the room.

I shared a kiss. With Tina.

Her lips were so soft.

Up close, Tina’s face was really beautiful.

She looked a little embarrassed, but she was still cute too.

I made up my mind once again to be a hero who could protect Tina.

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