Chapter 17

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Master-slave contract

The next morning, I was worried about the condition of the training center that I had destroyed, so I came to the classroom quite early.

To my surprise, the walls and floor of the training center had already been repaired.

From the conversations of the women who seemed to be the school’s clerks who happened to be passing by, the construction work had been done at a rapid pace since last night. It seems that the repairs were completed in a matter of hours.

It seems that dozens of witches who were able to repair buildings and dwarves who were good at construction gathered and fixed them in an instant.

Most likely it was my father who gave the instructions.

Once again, I was reminded of the power of the nobility in this world.

After confirming the state of the training center, Tina went into the center of the school as she had a meeting with the teachers. So I came to class alone.

「You were extraordinary yesterday. I was really surprised, too.」


I was in a daze in my seat when I was suddenly surprised to hear a voice from behind me.

「Yoko…how long have you been here? I didn’t notice you were there at all.」

The one who approached me was a dark-haired girl wearing a kimono. It was my classmate, Yoko.

「I’ve been here since long before you came.」


I should have been alone in the classroom.

No, I had something else on my mind before that.

「Were you at the training center yesterday?」

「Of course.」

「But we didn’t see your magic, did we? I don’t remember if you were even there in the first place…」

It was this that made me feel uncomfortable when, in turn, everyone used magic and Tina said that Luke and I were the rest.

We had all completely forgotten about Yoko at that time. And it’s not just her that we had forgotten.

Despite having a conversation with Yoko just before this, I feel that her presence had vanished from my mind at that time.

「You have already seen my magic.」

「What do you mean?」

「I can dilute my presence. That is my magic. That’s why they didn’t recognize me in the training center, just like you. Just like now.」

「What kind of magic allows you to make yourself that difficult to detect?」

「It’s a higher level of magic. It also has the added benefit of making you less vulnerable to physical attacks because you are less likely to be noticed.」

「Is, Is there really magic like that?」

「It’s no exaggeration to say that this is my own special kind of magic. I am the only one in the world who can use it.」

Yoko says that what she’s good at is magic that dilutes her presence, but I have a feeling that’s not the only thing she’s good at.

「Hmm, then, is the magical power accumulated in that tail also another magic?」


Yoko hides the magical tail that was visible from her back.

「Did you see it?」


「Damn, I didn’t expect him to see the tail. I’ll have to turn it off. No, this one is out of my league, , and even if I do my best I can’t win…」

Yoko was noisily muttering something.

「Hey, stop it. We’re on the same side, okay? If you don’t want anyone to know, I’m not going to talk.」

「…It can’t be helped」

Yoko came up to me with a look of resignation on her face.

Then she took my right hand and kissed the back of it.

「What are you doing!?」

「It’s a contract.」

An unfamiliar magic symbol emerged on the back of my right hand. The same magic symbol also appears on the back of Yoko’s right hand.

I’ve seen a similar magic circle in a book I read a long time ago. I’m sure that was a type of master-slave contract magic circle used in the eastern island countries.

While I was thinking about this, information about Yohko started flowing into my head.

Before I knew it, there was a master-slave contract between me and Yoko, and the effect of the contract was that I, the master, was able to know the identity of Yoko.

Yoko is a demon called a nine-tailed fox and has the ability to humanize. She can also grow by collecting magic power in her tail.

A fully grown nine-tailed fox is feared in this world as a type of natural disaster. Yoko has come to this school in the form of a human in order to gather magic power efficiently.

Once the magical power is gathered, she can control the teachers and students with compulsory magic and brainwashing spells to control the school!


「Fukyu! Wha, what are you doing!」

I was stunned by what Yoko was about to do and unintentionally dropped my sword on Yoko’s head.

It’s a bit cute to see Yohko holding her head in pain.

「What are you going to do is my line. You were going to attempt to rule this academy, weren’t you?」

「This school is just the beginning. Eventually, I plan to bring this country under my control. Now, my Lord, let’s take the high road together!


「Fukyu! No, stop!」

「For the time being, stop planning anything dangerous for now.」

「Oh, my lord, you have so much power, yet you have no interest in power? If you cooperate with me, you will eventually have this country for yourself, wouldn’t you?」

「No, I’m not interested in stealing a country.」

「What do you mean?」

Yoko looks astonished.

「If you were aware of my tail, wouldn’t you have thought to use my accumulated magic to your advantage? Isn’t that why you didn’t tell the teacher?」

「No, I just thought you were hiding something, so I didn’t tell on you.」

「Do you realize, my lord, that the nine-tailed fox is a type of natural disaster in this world? If you’re aware of the presence of the nine-tailed fox, you can either eliminate it immediately or have it in your hands while its power is still in its infancy. You’re the ones who are trying to make ends meet!」

「Is that so?」

「That’s right, my Lord…」

「Anyway, I wasn’t thinking of using Yoko’s magic to do anything bad, and I don’t want anyone to think that Yoko is anyone bad. I told you earlier that I wouldn’t even tell the teachers.」

「Oh, so that’s what I signed up for.」

「Isn’t that a waste of time? Even if there’s no contract, I wouldn’t hurt Yoko. We’re classmates. You can cancel the contract, okay?」

「I can’t…」


「I made a bond with the Lord using the magic power of one tail in order to be under the protection of the Lord, who is a higher rank than me. The bond is too strong to be released by me.」

「Isn’t it possible for me to cancel it?」

「The last thing I want is for you to break your contract and harm me. So please don’t do that.」

「Don’t you think you’re giving too much for a one-sided contract?」

As soon as I thought about what kind of contract it was, the details of the contract flowed into my head.

As long as it was not an action that risked taking Yohko’s life, Yohko would follow my orders, no matter what the order was. She would obey them.

In return, I can’t break the contract, and I will have to protect Yoko. When Yoko saw me pondering, she seemed to realize that I knew the details of the contract.

「….Do you understand now? I have given you everything except for my life.」

It seems that I have gained the obedience of a demon who has the power to be a natural disaster.

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