Chapter 18

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Battle preparations

「Good morning, Haruto… what happened here?」

About thirty minutes after Yoko signed the one-way master-slave contract with me, Luke came into the classroom.

At that time, I had Yoko on my lap and was stroking her head, so Luke was understandably surprised.

As for Yoko, she was squinting her eyes and appeared comfortable. Because of the contract that makes me feel protective towards Yoko, I somehow felt the need to stroke her head and gave her a pat on the head.

「Luke, good morning.」

「Are you guys going to stay like that?」

「Well, that’s right. Yoko, it’s about time for everyone to come back.」

「Nu, I don’t mind going on like this. But if the Lord says so, I shall return.」

Saying that, Yoko moved to the seat behind me.

「Lord…what kind of relationship do you have with her? Ah? Also, I didn’t see Yoko’s magic yesterday.」

I remembered that Luke hadn’t seen Yoko’s magic.

「She says she has a great ability to hide her presence. So yesterday we all almost forgot about Yoko’s presence too.」

「Ooh, that’s an unusual ability. Speaking of unusual, isn’t your magic too strong? What’s with that power? I’m in no position to be the grandson of a sage if you’re like that.」

Luke speaks to me, not sarcastically or anything, but in a somewhat satirical way.

「No, your ultimate magic was strong too. Besides, I heard you were the grandson of the headmaster here? I didn’t know about that.」

「Ha-ha, I didn’t say that.」

Despite having power, Luke didn’t like to brag about it, even when he had it. I was starting to like him more and more.

After a while, Rifa came in, then Luna, Merdi, Ryushin and Ryuka, as well as Mai and Mei walked into the classroom.

Each of them checked with Yoko to see if she was at the training center yesterday, and every time they did, I explained to them. She was. Maybe it was because of my contract with Yoko, but I naturally wanted to start explaining things.

As I was doing this, Tina came into the classroom.

「Good morning, everyone.」

「Good morning.」

「I apologize for not being able to do most of the work yesterday. I’m glad to see that the training center has already been fixed and we will resume regular classes today.」

Tina didn’t mention Yoko.

Tina seemed to have an excellent magic sensing ability, so maybe she had noticed that Yoko was using magic to eliminate her presence.

Today started off with a classroom lesson.

As Tina read the textbook, she supplemented the knowledge that wasn’t in it, and also asked us questions.

The questions were quite difficult to answer.

Being a sage and having been taught by Tina, I knew all the answers, but they weren’t questions that an ordinary first-year magic school student could answer.

In fact, Ryushin and Merdi had a hard time answering the questions. And yet Luna, Luke, and Rifa answer smoothly.

I began to notice the oddities of this class.

First of all, the teacher is Tina-Haribel, who is known as a legend.

Luke, who has a sage as his grandfather and can also use extreme magic.

Luna, who can use all kinds of auxiliary magic, and can smoothly solve problems that are difficult to answer even for the senior students of this school.

Rifa, who used wind magic, which is supposed to be fast but low-powered, to half-pierce a target made of mahonome skin that is highly resistant to magic.

Merdi, a beastly girl with an unusual skill that incorporates magic into martial arts.

A rare race of dragonoids, Ryushin has a high-powered attack magic. Ryuka can use recovery magic that can heal anything as long as there is magic power passing through it.

Yoko is a humanized demon, and when she grows up, she has the power to be called a disaster.

Mai and Mei have the ability to fuse two spells that are essentially opposites and sublimate them into high-powered magic.

No matter how you look at it, a unique group of students in the school are gathered in this class. I have a feeling it’s not a coincidence.

Could Tina have adjusted it?

I looked at Tina for some reason and she smiled at me.

Let’s stop thinking about it and take Tina’s class seriously now. I thought to myself.

After that, only Luna and I managed to answer all of Tina’s questions correctly, and Rifa looked frustrated. I was a sage after all, and it’s no surprise that Luna is also awesome.

Considering the fact that she saw through the strength of the stone statue guarding the entrance to this classroom, Luna has quite a bit of knowledge about magic.


After the classroom class was over, I had lunch with the class and moved to the training center.

We were going to have a real battle drill in the afternoon.

「I have to inform you all. The match with the seventh year class will take place three days from now.」

Tina told us as we arrived at the training center, as I remembered it.


「Three days later?」

「Isn’t that too soon?」

「Seventh years, that’s the senior-most class!」

Everyone in the class expressed surprise.

Speaking of the seventh year students of this school, most of them are proficient in intermediate magic, and there are a few students who can use advanced magic.

Once they graduate and register with the guild, they will have the ability to become D-ranked or even C-ranked! (Sighs) We’re going to have to fight them in three days.

I’m so worried.

「Don’t worry, even though it’s the seventh year, it’s a class whose classroom is outside the second wall.」

This school is surrounded by five circular walls around the central street. Each wall is called the Ichino wall, Nino wall, Sanno wall, Yono wall, and Gono wall in order from the inside.

Our classroom is on the outside of the first wall.

The opposing class seems to be in a classroom outside the second wall, so they were not that strong among the seventh years.

「Besides, everyone should have checked their peers’ abilities yesterday. All of you were able to use high level magic. It’s unlikely that we would fall behind in a simple individual battle.」

With Tina’s words, I could see the anxiety gradually disappear from my classmates.

「As for the method of competition, it’s a one-on-one winner-take-all match, with five members.」

Not all students can use magic that is suitable for combat. There are many students like Luna who are good at auxiliary magic.

So it’s rare that the whole class will fight together.

This time, five students will fight as class representatives.

「The five who will be asked to fight are Rifa-san, Ryushin-san, Merdi-san, Luke-san, and Haruto-san. The order of battle is exactly as I just called your names.」

「Tina seems to have already chosen the members to fight. Doesn’t it matter what we want?」

「We understand, Sensei.」

「Yosh! I’m going to beat them up.」

「We’ll do it too!」

「With all these people, it’s going to be over before we get to Haruto.」

Everyone in the group seemed to be willing to do it, except me.

And no one got into the fact that my honorific title was in the air.

「Then let’s start training against each other for the matchup, shall we?」

Saying that, Tina tapped the floor with her staff and a stone statue similar to the one that was standing at the entrance of this classroom appeared from a short distance away.

「This stone statue is a man-made demon specially made by me based on the concept of being fast, hard and strong. Its movements are very close to those of a human, and if you can defeat it, you won’t lose in a match.」

「Sensei, can we start in the same order for the match.」

「Yes, Rifa-san, please do.」

「Okay, I’m next」.

「As for me, I’ll do it after Ryushin!」

We spent the next three days fighting against Tina’s special stone statue.

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