Chapter 19

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First Match

It was the day of the match against the seventh year.
We were in the arena in the school.

Rifa, who was the first one to compete for us, was cringing in the arena.

It was no surprise.

Because in a one-on-one battle, we defeated all five opponents in the seventh year with one hit.

How did this happen?

Back in time, before the start of the match, we got tangled up with the seventh years.

「Why do the freshmen have a classroom on the first wall?」

「You’re probably connected to your parents, so surrender quietly before you get hurt.」

「Isn’t this girl pretty cute? I’ll play with you and you don’t have to surrender.」

「That’s right, I’ll play with her. Fuhihihihi.」

Since I can see someone’s magic power, I checked how much they had, but they all didn’t seem to have that much magic power at all.

Even Luna who had the least amount of magic power in our class had twice as much magic power as all of the seventh years combined.

To be honest, I really didn’t think we were going to lose.

After ignoring the seventh years, we headed to the waiting room in the arena. It might have looked to them as if we had freaked out and run away however as I could hear them laughing from behind me.

But no one here paid any attention to that. As everyone had realized that there was not a single opponent here more of a threat than the stone statue made by Tina, which we had beaten to a pulp yesterday──

「I think we can do it.」

「Yeah, I was worried because she said we were dealing with the senior students, but after dealing with Tina-sensei’s stone statue, I can’t see any reason why we can’t win.」

That’s the current topic that Ryushin and Merdi were talking about.

「But let’s still not let our guard down. The opponents are seventh year students, meaning they might have special magic or something like that.」

「Yes. Let’s be on our guard, as Haruto-san says. I’ll take one of them down first!」

「Yeah, Rifa. Good luck.」

—I miss the time I called out to Rifa like that.

The fight was set as Rifa went up to the arena.

「Oh lucky! You’re the first one. I’ll love taking care of you.」.

The other seventh year student was looking at Rifa with a grin.

When the referee signaled, the fight began.

Immediately, Rifa manifested a bow with magic and held it at the ready, but her opponent didn’t move an inch.

「Shoot. I’ll let you know it’s useless.」

He licked his lips as he said this to his underclassman, he was going to give Rifa the lead. Originally, it would take time to gather magical power from the surroundings while avoiding the attack of the opponent.

However, the other party wasn’t really doing anything.

Rifa was fortunate that she was able to accumulate magic power into arrows.

「Huh? Wait, what’s with that magic power!?」

The magic power concentrated in a single point, so concentrated that even students other than I could see it, and made the air around Rifa tremble violently.

Those on the other side of Rifa’s opponent also noticed it and began to panic.

In order to stop Rifa from activating her magic, he pressed on the arena with his hand and pointed his earth spear at Rifa. He let go.

But it was too late.

「Wind Arrow!」

When Rifa released her fingers from the string of the magic bow, an arrow of wind was released at high speed.


The arrow of wind obliterated the earth magic that was coming towards Rifa, and with the same momentum, the other students were also blown away.

To prevent the attack from killing the opponent, Rifa changed the tip of the wind arrow in such a way that it would not have very high penetrating power, but one that caused a shockwave after hitting the target.

The wind arrow didn’t disappear just because it blew away Rifa’s opponents.

The translucent defensive magic wall that was stretched around the arena to prevent the magic from flying to the audience had also exploded.

The five men who were near the wall had also been blown away and slammed into the walls of the arena, unable to get up. Their limbs were twitching, so it didn’t seem like they were dead.


A long silence filled the arena.

Since the first-year students who got the classroom on the wall of Ichinohwa and the highest-grade students were playing against each other, many students and teachers had come to visit and watch.Thus they were all surprised when a magic spell had enough power to destroy the magic wall and blow away five people grouped together at the same time.

Rifa only tried to accumulate a little more magic power, but Rifa herself was surprised that even the defensive magic wall had been penetrated. I cringed in the arena.

「When they were fighting the stone statue, I was doing my best to put up a defensive wall. I hope you don’t think that the magic walls put up by those teachers can stop my students’ magic.」

Tina said somewhat proudly.

「Mu, I can’t accept that! Attacking outside the arena is a foul!」

A teacher who looked to be in his fifties with light hair came up to Tina. He was the homeroom teacher of the other seventh year class.

「There may be a rule that says magic attacks from outside the arena to the inside are a foul, but it doesn’t apply the other way around. First of all, we didn’t expect our magic walls to be breached by personal magic in the first place.」

The teacher who was refereeing came to stop the thin-haired teacher.

「Anyway, what do you want to do? If no one is available to fight, Tina’s class will win.」

The other students who had fallen were carried away on a stretcher. They might recover with healing magic after a while, but it would take some time.

「Wel,l referees, about those students who fell earlier who were just over there cheering. They’re not players!」

「What? No, but…」

The referees checked the roster of opponents.

Everyone who was just brought in was registered as players. In spite of that…

「Edgar, come on!」

A well-built student, called Edgar, came to the side of the sleepy, thin-haired teacher.

「What is it? Didn’t you say I wasn’t going to come out?」

「Change of plans. Kick ’em in the teeth with everything you’ve got.」

「No, Edgar, you’re not a player…」

「My class is fine. Let’s continue.」

The referee tried to stop him, but Tina insisted on continuing.

「I don’t know what you’re trying to do here, but you’ll regret it.」

With that said, the thin-haired teacher returned to his own camp with Edgar in tow.

「Rifa-san doesn’t seem to be a good match for Edgar-kun, so can you ask her to abstain from the next contest?」

「Yes, Sensei.」

Rifa listened to Tina.

She felt a little remorseful that she had overdone it.

「Good job, Rifa-san. That was great magic.」

「Oh, thank you!」

Rifa was very happy to be praised by Tina, who was called a hero among her own kind. …

「Next, Ryushin, please take care of them.」

「Understood! Can I do my best too?」

「Of course. Please blow that teacher away.」

Tina was acting even more extreme than ever. Maybe she was annoyed with that thin-haired teacher.

Ryushin went up to the arena.

Edgar lazily comes up to the arena, too.

Behind Edgar, the four remaining members of the other class begin to chant some kind of magic, and Edgar’s body begins to be enveloped in an aura.

They were using auxiliary magic to strengthen Edgar from outside the arena. When I looked closely at the flow of magic, I saw that the light-haired teacher was also using auxiliary magic in a manner such that the people around him wouldn’t find out.

…Is that allowed?

「You can’t attack from outside the arena, but it seems like you can assist.」

「Hmm, but Sensei, isn’t that bad?」

「You’re right, Haruto-sama. That indeed should not be overlooked.」

「Should we cancel the contest?」

「No, we’ll do the same thing. Luna.」


「Please give Ryushin-kun the most powerful auxiliary magic you can.」

「I understand!」

—Let’s just say, in conclusion, we won.

We’d won an overwhelming victory.

Ryushin, who received the full power of Luna’s auxiliary magic, Dragonized his arm, and the pressure wave generated by his fist strike blew away Edgar, easily bringing down the recast magic wall.

Furthermore, the four students and the thin-haired teacher behind Edgar were also blown away.

Of course, they were blown away and didn’t get up, and were taken to the medical office.

Thus, our class won the first match and successfully defended the classroom.

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