Chapter 2

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Status Verification

Before I even realized it, I was lying on the ground.

For some reason, my body feels heavy.
The surroundings are dark, and I can’t see anything.

I can tell something soft is surrounding my body and wrapping it up.

I’ll try moving my hands.

── it worked.

But for some reason, the range of movement feels cramped.

Afterward, I try to move my body, but it just doesn’t move the way I want it to. Because I can’t move too much, I decided to work my brain instead.

I am Saijo Haruto. I was 17 years old. I still remember my previous life when I was alive.

I also remember the incident regarding the Evil God. In the end, I couldn’t even get him to tell me the reason he had me reincarnated. Did I truly get reincarnated?

Furthermore, it seems that I’m cursed…..but there’s no way for me to really check this.

Why would you put a curse on me?
Is there even a meaning for this?

If my status is permanently fixed, I won’t be able to level up and become an unparalleled being. Staying at level 1 means that it’s possible that I lose to some run-of-the-mill small fry.

Hey, at least I have my memories from my past life, which can count as a knowledge cheat I guess. With this knowledge, I could even hope to surpass an ordinary person.

…….please tell me I can.

In a web novel I read, the protagonist had a weak skill, but due to his knowledge, he was able to invent mayonnaise or something and get rich. Then the protagonist created a harem of beautiful girls and lived a happy life.

I’m sure that will be me!

Either way, I should probably confirm my situation first. It’s hard to move, but my body does still move. I stretched my hand out with all my might.


Something extremely soft came in contact with my hand. At the same time, a sexy moan from a woman was heard from above his head.

Huh? What is this!?

Suddenly, the surroundings became bright, and the soft thing wrapped around me began to move. Due to my eyes adapting to the darkness, the sudden burst of light blinded me.

Because nothing was holding my upper body together anymore, I held my hands in front of my eyes to block the incoming light, faintly able to see that there was a person with me.

「Please forgive me Haruto-sama. Did you suffer?」

A black-haired beauty with short hair looks at my face worriedly, as she peeks down at me.
A childish face with disproportionately large breasts that droop down in front of me made the girl seem extremely erotic.

The girl is Tina.
My personal maid.

Tina is part of a race called half-elves, which have sharp ears slightly visible through their short hair.

It’s as if I understand everything about her as if I’ve known her for years.

….no, I do know her.

After all, she’s the maid that’s been taking care of me in this world for 5 years.

The memories are coming back to me.

It might be strange to say that my memories are coming back. But the current me, has the memories of the time I’ve been living in this world also.

If I had to guess, just a while ago, I reincarnated into the body of this 5-year-old kid called Haruto.

My memories of living as Saijo Haruto in my previous life, as well as talking with the Evil God both seem like it was a dream.

Even though it felt like a dream, I still firmly remember all the knowledge I gained from my past life.

Haruto-Vei-Silverlay, that is my current name.

Silverlay is an earl’s family in the Kingdom of Glendale, where I live. I’ll be the third son of the earl’s family. I had a birthday 2 days ago and had just turned 5 years old.

Tina was my caretaker, and for lonely me’s sake, slept with me every day to keep me company. It seems that when I stretched out my hand with all my strength, I hit Tina’s breast, causing her to wake up.

「…..sorry, I feel like I had a slightly unpleasant dream.」

「Is that so…..then, If I do this, will it make you calm down?」

Tina embraced me head-on.
I was engulfed by a gentle scent.

And also soft things…..

「I will always be right by your side Haruto-sama.」

「I know.」

I feel extremely calm.

Held on tightly by Tina, in a blink of eye, the 5 year old me fell asleep.

 ── ** ──

The next morning, I finish eating the breakfast that Tina prepares for me and go outside of the mansion to the courtyard. Tina is cleaning up the breakfast.

First of all, I need to figure out everything there is to know about the Evil God’s curse.


「Status open.」

I shout those words and thrust my hand in front of me. All of a sudden, a semi-transparent board emerged out of nowhere. The people living in this world can all check their status.

I remember Tina teaching me how to do this, and knew the correct procedure to bring out my Status Board. Now time to look at the contents of my Status Board


Name: Haruto-Vei-Silverlay
Race: Human
Blessing: None. 〘Fixed〙
Occupation: Sage (level 1) 〘Fixed〙

Physical Power: 30/30 〘Fixed〙
Magic Power: 10/10 〘Fixed〙
Physical Attack Power: 10 〘Fixed〙
Magic Attack Power: 10 〘Fixed〙
Defense Power: 10 〘Fixed〙
Agility: 10 〘Fixed〙
Dexterity: 10 〘Fixed〙

Skill: None. 〘Fixed〙
State: Curse (fixed status) 〘Fixed〙


── this is what it looked like.

「You have to be kidding me……..」

Without a doubt, there was a curse cast on me.

Even the “status fixed” curse itself is fixed!

Well, my race isn’t fixed, so I guess that means I can become something other than a human.

Wait, if I quit being a human, what would I even become!?
In the first place, is it even possible to change something like your race?

Since Blessing is also fixed at “none”, it seems like getting a blessing from other gods is going to be difficult.

Not just my level, but even physical power, magic power, physical attack power, magic attack power, defense power are all fixed!

It’s hopeless to even think about getting strong in this world.

Not even given the reason as to why he was reincarnated and on top of that getting cursed, Haruto had a murderous impulse towards the Evil God.

Incidentally, he knew about another matter that was also hopeless.

In this world, mayonnaise exists.

The breakfast that Tina prepared for him had mayonnaise in the salad. The items and knowledge that heroes from my previous world would have when transporting to a new world had mostly existed in this world.

Approximately 100 years before I was born, there was a Demon King who threatened the world. The ones who defeated this Demon King were the 5 heroes that came from a parallel world.

One of them introduced mayonnaise to this world. In addition to mayonnaise, he also created various things that didn’t exist in this world one after another with his mysterious ability, and enriched the life of this world.

When I learned about this fact, my plan to make a fortune with my other-worldly knowledge collapsed.


  1. hold up. if his stamina is fixed then can’t he also run forever?
    and what about his health? is that fixed too?
    it’d be interesting to see if that gets explored. His status of being healthy and not sick should be fixed too so that getting explored/used later would also be interesting.

  2. everything is fixed ? trully god mode ~ 1 dmg indefinitely lmao

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