Chapter 20

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After The Match


After the match was over, we were at a restaurant on Central Avenue to eat lunch.

Of course, since we couldn’t drink alcohol yet, we all toasted with juice instead.

「Thank you all for your hard work.」

「I’m not really tired since I only had to use one magic spell.」

「Same for me.」

「That’s true for me, too. Anyway, it was a successful defense of our classroom.」


「Because we’re top-ranked students and were up against a class that was weak, we were able to win with overwhelming ease. But next time however, there may be a stronger class that would want to compete with us.」

「That’s right. We can’t let our guard down just because we easily won this time. We have to compete against each other every month, after all.」

「And a lot of students and teachers were also watching us play against each other. In the future, it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll be able to defeat all of them together in one hit like we did this time.」

「Also the fact that next time it may not be a one-on-one matchup. It might be an endurance game or a superiority contest based on the effects of auxiliary magic, so please don’t just be satisfied with today’s victory, but also try to learn well in class tomorrow to become even stronger.」


After that, we ate and drank to our heart’s content until the party was dismissed.


「I’m sorry I couldn’t make a showcase for you, Haruto-sama.」

On the way back to our compound, Tina apologized to me.

「I don’t mind it. Winning is more important after all.」

「That’s true, but there’s also a reason why I wanted to see Haruto-sama fighting.」

「Right, well, I’ll do my best to show you in our next matchup.」

「Fufufu, I’m counting on it. By the way…」

「Ah, did Tina also notice?」

「Yes, Yoko, you’re in there, right? Please come out.」

Tina turned around and called out to what should have been empty space.

「Hmm, that’s impressive of you, Tina-Halibel, to sense my presence even when you’re not my master.」

A girl in a kimono, Yoko, appeared at the place.

「Thank you for the compliment. That said, why did you follow us? Also, what’s this contract about?」

「Yeah, I’ll explain it to you.」

This morning, I explained to Tina that Yohko had signed a master-servant contract with me and that Yoko was of the demon race and had originally planned to rule this school.

「I see, then you’re a demon owned by Haruto-sama.」

Tina was angry for some reason.

Suddenly she gathered her magic power in her right hand and prepared to unleash high-level magic on Yoko.

「Wait, please wait! I’m absolutely obedient to my Lord, so if my Lord doesn’t want me to, I will never try to conquer this school, so please forgive me!」

The magic power Tina was giving off was so enormous that Yoko started to tremble.

「Tina, wait. I’m not going to let Yoko do anything bad. So can’t you let her stay in the school as a student?」

「Haruto-sama only wants to protect this vixen because of the contract. It’s a method demons often use. You don’t have to worry, I’ll take her down.」

「Uh, my Lord.」

Yoko was lying down, looking at me with a tearful expression on her face.

Because I didn’t want to lose a Kimono-wearing beautiful girl who was obedient to me, nor did I want to see my exclusive maid killing someone, I stood in front of Yoko to protect her.

「Tina, calm down. I’m not under the influence of any contract.」


Tina and Yoko both responded in a dumbfounded voice.

Actually, I checked the status board after Yoko signed the contract with me, but…

State: Curse (Fixed)

It was as if the contract with Yoko had never been made.

Is it because the curse of the evil god has taken effect?

Despite that, the mark indicating the master-slave contract was still firmly in place on Yoko’s right hand, but the one on my right hand disappeared before I even knew it.

I feel like I can feel a little bit of protection for Yoko, but it’s at a level that I can ignore if I wanted to.

In other words, I still have the master-slave contract with Yoko to obey me, but I no longer have the effect of wanting to protect her.

Essentially I can now do whatever I want with the demon girl without any repercussions. Although even if she’s a demon, Yoko still looked like a human being, and moreover, she’s quite cute.

Thus it would be outrageous to have Yoko killed.

「Yoko, get up!」

「Yes, Master.」

Yoko stands up at my command.

「Turn once and squeal.」

「Ni, Squee~.」

Yoko spun around on the spot and then squealed with great embarrassment.

「See? She will absolutely obey my orders to the letter.」

「That’s right, my Lord.」

It was the first time the master-servant contract had been used to order her, so Yoko seemed a bit confused by the fact that her body had moved on its own regardless of her own will.

「She may obey Haruto-sama, but this person can still brainwash or attack anyone that isn’t you.」

「Then Yoko is not allowed to maliciously attack a human unless I give her permission to do so.」

I commanded while fingering the master-slave contract magic circle on Yoko’s right hand.

「Oh, now I understand!」

「There’s no problem now, is there? And since Yoko doesn’t need to do anything, I can always have her be by my side and keep an eye on her.」

「But it’s still dangerous to have a demon at Haruto-sama’s side! Besides, if you were to stay with her all the time, Yoko-san is a beautiful girl, and Haruto-sama’s chastity might…」

I couldn’t quite hear what Tina was saying in the second half, her voice suddenly became so quiet I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

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