Chapter 21

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A Growing Family

I came back to the mansion, with Yoko following me. Her reasoning was that she wanted to stay with me.

Yoko was afraid that Tina would do something to her when I wasn’t looking so I said I would keep an eye on her and there’s no problem with that but…

「Why is Yoko-san in bed with Haruto-sama?」

「This is the safest place for me to be in. Besides, why are you in your pajamas as if you plan to sleep with the Lord?」

After being done with dinner and bathing, I was lying in bed when Yoko, wearing her pajamas, snuck in. After Tina had finished cleaning up and other house work, she also came to my room in her pajamas.

「Can’t I?」

「You are the Lord’s attendant, aren’t you? And aren’t you a teacher for the school?」

「That’s not a reason why I can’t sleep with Haruto-sama.」

Sparks were flying between Tina and Yoko. Still, I was thinking that it’s not so bad to sleep between a beautiful woman and a beautiful girl.

「Let’s go to bed. Come on, Tina.」

I lifted the empty left side of the futon and called for Tina.


Tina jumped in, her ears turning red.


Tina was giggling as she hugged me.

Something soft hit my left arm.

I’m a little happy.

「Do you guys always do that?」

「Yeah. You can do it with your right hand too, Yoko.」

I tried to tease her because she was embarrassed with a bright red face.

I thought I was teasing her, but…

「Damn, that’s an order. Muh, excuse me.」

Yoko also hugged me from the right side.

It wasn’t much compared to Tina’s, but it definitely felt soft as well.

By the way I didn’t use the master-slave contract to command Yoko at all.

It smelled good from both sides.

I gradually let go of my consciousness.


When I woke up the next morning, I was alone in bed.

I was hungry so I headed to the dining room for something to eat.

Then I saw that Tina was in the kitchen teaching Yoko how to cook.

「Since you’re going to be staying at Haruto-sama’s house, I’ll have you do at least some of the housework for me.」

「Yes, I know. Don’t talk to me now.」

Yoko was trying to turn the egg roll over.

Ah, it was a bit misshapen.

「Muh, it’s not easy.」

Tina expertly prepared the breakfast while Yoko struggled next to her.

I decided to take my place at the table and wait for the food to come out.

「I’m glad you’re awake, Haruto-sama. Good morning.」

「Good morning, my Lord」

A little later, Tina and Yoko came out of the kitchen.

「Good morning. I was teaching Yoko how to cook.」

「Yeah, I wouldn’t let you sleep around for free and do nothing after all.」

「My Lord, I have done my best, isn’t that enough?」

「It’s not quite there yet, though.」

Tina laid out the dishes.

Some of the plates with egg rolls on them were well shaped and some were misshapen and some were partially burnt.

Yoko looked at the plate with the egg rolls on it and where my fork was.

I took the misshapen egg roll and ate it.

It’s a little burnt, but it tastes good.

「Tasty. Did Yoko make this?」

「Yes! Is it delicious? If so, I will continue to cook my dishes for the Lord.」

Yoko was smiling.

「Just learn from Tina properly. Also be careful with the knives.」

「I understand!」

If Tina can teach her, Yoko should be able to handle all the household chores in time.

Somehow, this is how I got a new resident in my house.

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