Chapter 22

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A week after playing against a class of seventh-years, our class came to the Steel Forest managed by Ifluus Magic Academy.

This forest is inhabited by C-rank (level 30-50) demons, and is mainly used to raise the level of senior students by training.

Normally, first-year students were not allowed to enter the Steel Forest, but since we defeated the seventh years in a match, and all the members of the class other than me were over the proper level, the Headmaster gave us permission to enter.

The day before I came to the Steel Forest, my classmates and I shared our levels and professions with each other, and it went something like this.

Name: Luke
Race: Human
Profession: Sage Apprentice (level 125)

Name: Luna
Race: Human
Profession: Support (Level 52)

Name: Rifa
Race: High Elf
Profession: Magic Archer (Level 80)

Name: Merdi
Race: Beastmen
Profession: Magic Warrior (Level 60)

Name: Ryushin
Race: Dragonoid
Profession: Magic Warrior (Level 105)

Name: Ryuka
Race: Dragonoid
Profession: Priest (Level 62)

Name: Yoko
Race: Demon tribe Nine-tailed fox (Level 99)
State: Subordinate

Name: Mai
Race: Spirit race (Level 60)

Name: Mei
Race: Spirit race (Level 60)

…Yeah, a lot of things were different from what I was expecting.

First of all, Luke was a ‘Sage apprentice’ with over 120 levels.

Well, I guess that’s a good thing. Since Luke is said to be the grandson of a Sage, and is able to use ultimate magic, I wasn’t really that surprised.

Secondly, Luna had a secondary profession: a conjurer.

On the day of the Entrance ceremony, Luna was entangled with a nobleman called Nard, but it seems like I didn’t have to help in that situation, did I?

Luna’s level would have allowed her to just beat him off.

Rifa, Meldi and Ryuka were also over level 60. As for Ryushin, he was level 105…

Then, the class also found out that Yoko is part of the demon race. I told them that she was currently in a master-slave contract with me to show everyone that she wouldn’t harm them.

This was discussed in advance with Tina and Yoko.

However, this was the first time I knew that she was level 99. I heard that Yoko’s brainwashing technique is effective on those below her level, so Yoko’s brainwashing might work in our class., with only Tina, Luke and Ryushin being able to resist it.

Maybe it was a good thing that Yoko was able to make the contract before she started her plans.

The last thing that surprised me was that Mai and Mei were spirits. The spirit race are humanoids that try to enter the human world, and are even rarer than a Dragonoid.

Mai is a spirit that governs fire, and Mei is a spirit that governs water. As a side note, the spirit race do not have professions, as they only become stronger by levelling up as a race.

Basically everyone except me was over level 50.

Only I’m level 1…

Although I went to defeat the monster with Tina, my curse still capped my level.

I’m really embarrassed, but I think it’s not fair that I’m the only one who wouldn’t want to tell them when everyone else is disclosing their levels and professions.

I haven’t even told Tina, but I finally chose to come out to the class about my level.

I’ll explain to Tina later, including the curse, and apologize for not telling her. With that, I planned to tell everyone my status by showing my board…

「Oh, I don’t think I need to see Haruto’s status. I mean, I don’t want to see it.」


Suddenly Luke said he wasn’t interested in my level.

「Honestly, I thought I was the strongest in this school, except for Grandpa. But if I was convinced that Tina-sensei, who was stronger than Ji-chan, was weaker than Haruto, I’m going to have to refuse. Because If I do, my confidence will be torn to shreds.」

He’s not interested in my status.

But he was mistaken, I’m just a level 1.

「I don’t want to know about Haruto-kun’s status either. I can’t believe that a non-sage is stronger than Tina-sama, who I respected as a hero…」

Rifa said so, but because I came to this world by being reincarnated, I’m now treated as a sage.

「I don’t need to see it either. I came to this academy to become strong, but they say that goals that are too high will destroy you. I’ll follow Luke and the teacher as my goals for a while.」

Ryushin says he doesn’t look at my status either. Everyone else seems to agree with him.

Even though he’s told me so much, if I try to show him the status board, he’ll think I’m a guy who wants to show off.

I quietly closed the status board.

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