Chapter 23

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Fire Knight

「Why don’t we form teams and compete with each other?」

Ryushin suggested that we should compete in the number of demons we defeat. A class exercise in hunting the demons in the Steel Forest. It seems like all of my classmates already had some experience in fighting demons before this.

It made sense, still, otherwise there would be no explanation for why everyone was at such a high level. Besides,the demons inhabiting this forest were only C-rank or lower. Even if we don’t have to fight them all together, we can still win with more room to spare.

「Sounds interesting. Let’s do it.」

「I won’t lose!」

Rifa and Meldi joined the competition with that proposal.

「How shall we team up?」

Luna looked a little worried as she said that. Even though she’s beyond the proper level, the forest of steel was still too tough for an auxiliary mage to fight on her own.

「Luna-chan, you should team up with me.」

「Yes, thank you!」

It seems like Luke is going to team up with Luna.

「I’ll team up with Ryuka.」

「Well would you like to partner with me, Merdi-san?」

「Yeah, yoo-hoo let’s go!」

「We’ll go together.」

We’ve roughly formed into pairs.

Luke and Luna.

Ryushin and Ryuka.

Rifa and Merdi.

Mai and Mei.

Then the rest was──

「I will of course work with my Lord.」

「Yeah. Nice to work with you too.」

It was Yoko and I.

「I’m sure you all would be fine, but please take care of yourself and be careful about being injured」

I wanted to compete on my own, but Tina stopped me.

「When the time comes, please blow this whistle.」

With that, Tina handed everyone a whistle and bracelet. The whistle is probably a magic tool that conveys to Tina what was blown and where it was blown.

「What are these bracelets for?」

「It is a magic tool that keeps track of the number and the rank of monsters you defeated.」

Defeating the demons in this forest wouldn’t raise anyone’s level. If that’s the case, then I think it would be better to have everyone compete with each other and practice how to defeat the demon more efficiently.

From the fact that Tina had already prepared the magic tools, she probably would have decided to have us compete even if Ryushin hadn’t suggested it.

「The time limit ends at noon. Now get started!」

At Tina’s signal, the five groups began to run in different directions.


「My Lord, how shall we defeat the demons efficiently? I’m sorry about this, but I can’t use my brainwashing magic if a demon doesn’t have a certain amount of intelligence.」

When we were well away from the starting position and Tina was out of sight, Yoko spoke to me.

「Hmm, we could look for intelligent demons and have Yoko use them, but it doesn’t sound very efficient.」

「What shall I do then?」

「I’ll do something this time.」

Raising my hand, I released multiple chunks of magic power, then gave the magic power the attribute of fire.

About twenty fireballs were now floating in the air.

Then, using the fireballs as the nucleus, I applied an exterior to each of them.

Gradually, a knight of flames, a fiery human riding a horse, began to appear.

At the end, I gave them spears coated with lightning magic and wind magic to increase their attack and penetration power.

The 20 or so Fire Knights I specially created by gathering chunks of magic consumption of 10 or less were now complete.

「Fire Lance!」

As soon as the magic was activated, each of the Fire Knights ran out into the forest.

「Ah, my Lord, what was that?」

「Hmm, isn’t it Fire Lance?」

「No, that’s different! It’s definitely different! If it’s the magic spell as I know it, it’s the Fire Knight, the High Magic! I mean, two dozen of them…」

「I made a spear of fire, so Fire Lance is fine.」

「Yes… no, that’s not important… Is your magic power okay? Isn’t it a bad idea to use so many high-level magic like that? Do you want to breathe in a little of my magic?」

Yoko seems to be worried about whether my magic power will run out. However, my status didn’t change due to the curse of the Evil God.

Naturally, with Fire Lance, I’ve just created about twenty Fire Knights that Yoko says I have. But my magic power remained the same at 10.

「Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine.」

「Muh, I guess it’s okay if the Lord says so.」

「By the way, can you manifest your tail, Yoko?」

I had something I wanted to do.

「Manifestation? I could do it but … here?」

「Yeah, do it if you can.」

「I understand.」

Nine tails appeared behind Yoko.

They were big, bushy and soft.

I picked up one of the tails and stroked it.


Yoko made a noise.

Apparently her tail was quite sensitive.

「Ah, my Lord! You need to tell me if you’re going to touch it! I was really surprised.」

「I’m sorry, so can I touch it if I tell you?」

「…If my Lord insists.」

「I had to, please understand. The magic I just did is easy to activate, but it’s a bit mentally exhausting since it’s remotely controlled. That’s why I need to fluff Yoko’s tail to be relieved.」

「Well, if that’s the way it is, I understand.」

With that said, Yoko went to the side of a large tree that was nearby and sat down, resting her back against the trunk.

「Come on. I’ll let you enjoy the exquisite softness of my tail. I’m certain it will ease your mind.」

Next to Yoko, her tail was shaped like a seat.

「Can I sit there?」

I nervously approached Yoko.

「Take it slow when you sit down.」


I slowly leaned back against Yoko’s tail.

It’s soft.


A cheerful voice leaked out of Yoko.

「You okay? Was it heavy?」

「It’s okay. But my lord, you know, your finger.」

As I sat down, my fingers buried in Yoko’s tail moved involuntarily.

「I’m sorry, it’s just so soft and comfortable.」

「It’s alright, it’s alright. As long as the Lord uses magic to do his best, I can endure it. Now, let’s enjoy my tail without worry.」

Yoko’s tail wraps around me.

It feels so good….

While I was sitting here, the Fire Knight was searching for demons to destroy automatically.

Even if they can’t win with just one unit, they can call on their fellow Fire Knights to work together to defeat the enemy. So there’s really no need for me to control them remotely.

I feel bad for deceiving Yoko, but I’ve decided to focus all my attention on enjoying Yoko’s tail.


Even though she made strange noises, I didn’t care as I continued to touch Yoko’s tail with all my might.

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