Chapter 26

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The Spirit and the Fire Knight

Side: Mei

「Is there something wrong, Mei?」

We had been defeating the demons that we’ve been encountering while aiming for the western edge of the Steel Forest, but for a while something seemed off.

「Yeah, kind of.」

Saying that, Mai looked around.

What is going on?

「Do you feel anything, Mei?」

「What is it? Is there a sign of a demon or something?」

「It’s different. …It’s like some kind of sign of Efreet-sama.」

What in the world is she talking about?

There is no way Efreet-sama would be here.

「But still, the presence I can feel is stronger than that of Lord Efreet. Not just that, but there are several signs of it.」


My sister seems to have finally gone crazy.

There was something stronger than one of the four great Spirit Kings, Efreet-sama?
And there are several signs of it?
It’s not possible.


「Oh, come over here!」

When Mai said that, I noticed that there was some huge mass of magical power coming towards us!

The depths of the dim forest gradually became brighter.

A mass of fire appeared between the trees.
That flame took the form of a knight.

「Su, what a great and pure flame.」

Mai is fawning over it.
I think I understand.

I’m a water spirit, so I’m not really interested in fire magic and the like, but there was something that attracted me to the Knight of Fire, which was a mass of pure magical power.

The Knight of Fire looked at us for a moment, then turned away and left deeper into the forest.

「Hey, what was that about?」

「Is it a Demon? Or is it someone else’s magic? Either way, it was amazing,」

「Yeah. If it’s magic, it’s definitely Haruto’s!」

Mai has come to call her classmate, Haruto-san, “Haruto-sama” since the wall penetration incident at the training center the other day.

Of course, we’ve never called him like that, so I don’t think anyone’s noticed yet, because we don’t talk so close to everyone in the class.

At that time, Mai seemed to have fallen in love with the magic that Haruto-san used.

「The knight just now was amazing, but after all, that spear of Haruto-sama’s was exceptional!」

As a water spirit, I could only think of it as a ridiculously powerful magic. But for a fire spirit like Mai, it was a magic that seemed to destroy her sense of value.

「Haruto-sama, would he be willing to use me as well?」
「Like Yoko?」

Yoko-san who was in our class was part of the demon race. She was a nine-tailed fox, which is said to be a disaster-class demon. Haruto-san said that he was using Yoko-san under a subordination contract.

「Since he can create such pure fire, if I sign the contract, I’m sure I’ll be able to become a high-level spirit too.」

We, the spirit race, are usually in a place called the spirit world. We make a contract with a human and are given power by the human to manifest in the material world. And in return, we lend our power to humans.

The greater the power given to us by human beings, and the more pure the magical power, the greater the power we can produce.

For some reason, we can manifest ourselves in the material world all the time without making a contract with a human being.

However, there is a limit to what we can do.

「At first you said you wanted to be used by Luke, but…」

One of the purposes of coming to this school was to find someone to contract with us in this world.

「Yes, but right now, I’m choosing Haruto-sama! Oh, of course I won’t force Mei to do it. If you’re good, Luke, I’ll support you.」

Luke, the grandson of a wise man and the grandson of a sage, who could use ultimate magic at that young an age, was the best candidate for a contractor. But after seeing Haruto-san’s magic, Mai was completely captivated by him.

「For the time being, there are no more demons around here, so let’s get back.」

「Yes. When you get back, do you want to ask Haruto-san about that knight you saw earlier?」

「Yeah, if it’s really Haruto-sama’s magic, I’ll ask him to make a contract with me!」

I’m very enthusiastic.

Mai is a siscon and was always happy with me.

I guess I’ve forgotten that when I was leaving the spirit world, I was talking about how I wanted to be used by the people I was with, etc. What?

It’s a little sad, but I’ll be happy that my sister was able to separate herself from me.

However, if Haruto-san can handle water-attribute magic as well as fire-attribute magic, it’s a different story.

If that’s the case, I’d like him to take care of me along with Mai.

Well, I don’t think it’s possible for him to be able to use two attributes of magic at that level, but…….

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